Thursday January 28th

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State of the Union: A Feisty Obama, a Frosty GOP

Stand-up comics call it a “tough crowd,” but then tough crowds are part of their business. It’s a whole other matter to be met with cold stares when you are the President of the United States, talking in prime time before a joint session of Congress, when your party controls both chambers by historic margins. President Obama spoke the first 676 words of his State of the Union address on Wednesday night before the first hand clap. His tone was so somber, and the room’s mood so grave, that no one moved when Obama said, “We must answer history’s call.” There were no ovations when he called for “Democrats and Republicans to work through our differences, to overcome the numbing weight of our problems.” He got no love for saying, “The worst of the storm has passed.” [What has this country come to when even starts ridiculing our seriously weak ass president?…ed]

The Lesson of an Affirmative Action President

You don’t pick brain surgeons by the color of their skin. You pick them by competence only. Same thing with airplane pilots. But we have allowed the profoundly irrational liberal media to persuade the American public that we are supposed to pick a U.S. president by affirmative action. Obama was elected to universal Hosannas because he is black. It wasn’t a secret. That’s why the Left around the world went into ecstasies when Obama ran and got elected. We’ve been using affirmative action to hire and promote teachers and cops and to popularize movie stars and media heroes. (SNIP) In America today, competence is suspect, and incompetence gets all the attention. Yet competence is what keeps us alive. [Awesome piece of writing! The author takes a machete to just about every left wing sacred cow wandering towards the feed bin including their holiest of all, affirmative action. A must read indeed…ed]

The President Who Knew He Was Right

Last December, President Obama, while chatting with Oprah, conferred upon himself a “good, solid B-plus” for his first year. The self-indulgent auto-grading continued this week. Carefully seated beneath a painting of a pensive Abraham Lincoln, Obama told Diane Sawyer of ABC News that he would “rather be a really good one-term president than a mediocre two-term president.” Perhaps what’s most striking about his self-grading is that he appears to consider it modest. He could have given himself an A-plus in the Oprah interview, after all. “I don’t want to look back on my time here and say to myself all I was interested in was nurturing my own popularity,” he said to Sawyer. That’s very big of him. [Obama has no interest in considering the positions of those who disagree with him as evidenced by the fact he’s absolutely refused to meet with Republican Congressional leaders for months even though he claims he is willing to hear from all sides of any issue. He’s convinced of his righteousness and superiority over the rest of us because he has skated through life on the affirmative action, anti America far left wing ticket. Let’s keep up the pressure folks and cut this guy off at the pass every chance we have over the next three years. The party of no? We’ll be more like the party of HELL NO!…ed]

Matthews: ‘I forgot he was black tonight for an hour’

Chris Matthews has put his foot in his mouth before on live television, and after the State of the Union, he did it again. “I forgot he was black tonight for an hour,” Matthews said of President Barack Obama’s speech before a joint session of Congress and to millions of Americans. Matthews’s line about Obama’s skin color was part of a longer comment about the presidency and race that’s below. [Funny, I never concerned myself with the color of Mr. Obama’s skin (or his weird looking lips) though we do know he IS half white, a fact the “progressives” continue to ignore. My overwhelming concern is his radical left wing ideology which is in direct conflict with the vast majority of our center RIGHT country…ed]

What an absolute nonsensical race obsessed moron.

‘Obama Girl’ now falling out of love

First, Massachusetts turned on the president. Now, the bikini-clad “Obama Girl” — who fa mously cooed about her “crush” throughout the presidential campaign on YouTube videos — admits the thrill is gone. Amber Lee Ettinger — the buxom sensa tion who lip-synched about her love for then-candidate Barack Obama — said she wishes he spent his first year in office more fo cused on fixing the abysmal economy. “I think he’s doing an OK job,” said Ettinger, whose original “Crush on Obama” video, first shown in 2007, has had more than 16.5 million views on YouTube. [I’m sure few would really care what this ditz has to say but this is yet another example of how even the most mentally vacuous supporters of Barack Obama have become suddenly disenchanted with their former messiah, even if they can’t spell the word “disenchanted” to save their ass…ed]

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Record number of young Americans jobless

The U.S. economic recession has taken a particularly heavy toll on young Americans, with a record one out of five black men aged 20 to 24 neither working nor in school, according to research released on Tuesday. Teenagers have found it significantly harder to get a job since the recession began in late 2007, with black youths and young people from low-income families faring the worst, wrote Andrew Sum of Northeastern University in Boston, an employment researcher commissioned by the Chicago Urban League and the Alternative Schools Network. “Low-income and minority youth, who depended on part-time jobs as a significant stepping stone to future employment, have been forced out of the job market and economically marginalized,” Herman Brewer of the Chicago Urban League said in a statement. [These would be the very same “young Americans” who overwhelmingly voted for Barack Hussein Obama over a year ago and have fervently supported him for the last two years. Unfortunately these hopey changey kids still think their problems lie with the previous administration but they’ll wake up soon enough just like the guy did in the next article…ed]

Voters to president: Less talk, more action

When Al Melquist voted for Barack Obama in 2008, the unemployed software engineer was drawn to the politician’s charisma and promise of solutions for the nation’s economic woes and wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. In the time since, Melquist has given up looking for work. The house in Las Vegas where he lived sits empty and bank-owned after his landlord didn’t make mortgage payments for 13 months. (SNIP) Many have become so disillusioned with their economic situations that they are tired of all the politics and promises and want action. “He just says so many things,” the 41-year-old Melquist said of Obama. “I just don’t trust what he says is actually going to happen.” [We have become a nation full of people who respond to virtually everything based solely on emotion rather than utilizing critical thinking skills. Unfortunately for the rest of us who were not “charmed” by Obama’s “charisma,” because of these non thinking voters we are stuck with this guy’s destructive policies for another three years. Hopefully these folks have learned their lesson, elections have dire consequences…ed]

After Obama rips lobbyists, K St. insiders get private briefings

A day after bashing lobbyists, President Barack Obama’s administration has invited K Street insiders to join private briefings on a range of topics addressed in Wednesday’s State of the Union. The Treasury Department on Thursday morning invited selected individuals to “a series of conference calls with senior Obama administration officials to discuss key aspects of the State of the Union address.” The invitation, which went to a variety of stakeholders, was sent by Fred Baldassaro, a senior adviser at the Treasury Department’s Office of Business Affairs and Public Liaison. The invitation stated, “The White House is encouraging you to participate in these calls and will have a question and answer session at the end of each call. As a reminder, these calls are not intended for press purposes.” [Once again Obama says one thing and does just the opposite. Notice how the calls to the lobbyists were intended to be kept secret from the media and therefor the American people?…ed]

Senate OKs debt ceiling hike to $14.3T

Senate Democrats passed a $1.9 trillion increase in the federal debt limit Thursday, seeking to push off another politically painful debt vote until after the midterm elections. All 60 Democrats and no Republicans voted for the debt limit increase. The measure, which the House has yet to vote on, would put the debt ceiling at roughly $14.3 trillion. Sen. Paul Kirk (D-Mass.) voted for the debt increase. Sen.-elect Scott Brown (R-Mass.), his replacement, has not been seated. Democrats said the move is necessary because the debt is approaching its current ceiling of $12.4 trillion. If the debt breaches the limit, the government would lose its borrowing authority and risk default. [60 Democrats vote yes, 40 Republicans say HELL NO. Didn’t we hear just last night that Obama was going to “freeze spending?” Yeah, I knew he was lying too…ed]

Durbin: Democrats would be ‘on trial for treason’ if they adopted GOP’s tactics

Senate Democratic Whip Dick Durbin (Ill.) on Thursday admitted the “general feeling on the Democratic side” was that Republicans have so far been able to cast controversial protest votes and stall important legislation “with impunity.” He consequently seemed to suggest Republicans’ behavior in Congress over the past year as hypocritical, as Democrats could never vote against important legislation and emerge unscathed. (SNIP) But Durbin on Thursday the idea that Democrats ought to let legislation fail in order to prove that Republicans are to blame for stalled reforms. “If we don’t have 59 votes, and that is a requirement [to pass legislation], we’re not letting them fail,” Durbin said, suggesting it was not Democrats who were responsible for any delays. [These seriously delusional Democrats have had complete control over both houses of Congress for a year now. The Republicans could do NOTHING to stop them. The ONLY thing that prevented the Democrats from passing legislation was infighting within their own party. That is a fact!…ed]

Pelosi Pushes $300 Billion ‘Fix’ to Senate Health Care Bill

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is pushing a $300 billion “fix” to the Senate health care bill, saying that her chamber could approve the Senate’s package if those changes are made first. Senior Democratic aides told Fox News that Pelosi has offered up the new package of changes to Senate Democratic leaders, with the hope that they will be able to pass it using a controversial procedural maneuver known as “reconciliation.” The maneuver would allow Democrats to pass the measure with just 51 votes, without having to first overcome the normal 60-vote threshold. [The people have spoken over and over again yet this old battleaxe is relentless in her pursuit of ramming this ObamaCare crap down our throats. Fate will meet sealed come November all you Democrats…ed]

Could Nancy Pelosi Lose Control of the House?

At its essential level, a political party is an extra-governmental conspiracy to control the government. Our constitutional system disperses power across three branches, two chambers of Congress, and federal, state, and local levels. The parties are centralizing forces, trying to unite all governmental power under the party banner. They accomplish this task when conspiring officials across the government coordinate their activities with others whose views are similar. (SNIP) Remember, the Democrats control the House only because they can muster the needed 218 votes to pass legislation or execute procedural maneuvers. That’s the essence of the House conspiracy. But, again, it’s an entirely voluntary one. If Blue Dogs, moderates, or at-risk members start defecting in large enough numbers, and Pelosi can’t pull in the needed half-plus-one of the chamber – she loses effective control of the legislative apparatus. [Meh, after reading this article and viewing the tables provided it’s clear to me that most Democrats who voted no on the bills did so with Pelosi’s permission so as to save face back home. That said, this woman is so far left the more moderate Dems in the House just may decide to group together and dump her wacky ass in order to hang onto their seats in Congress…ed]

Kerry: Don’t Call It Cap-And-Trade Anymore

In Wednesday’s speech on the Senate’s carbon-cutting climate change bill, Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., denied reports that supporters are giving up. In the speech, e-mailed to reporters and not currently online, Kerry said:

We are not scaling back our efforts. We have not changed our goals one bit. We are simply trying to figure out what the magic formula is to be able to get 60 votes, but our goal remains exactly what it was before: to price carbon and to create a target for the reduction of emissions that is real. That’s the goal.

Of course, that goal grew even more elusive with last week’s Massachusetts Senate election stunner by Republican Scott Brown. The most telling thing from Kerry’s speech, though, is that cap-and-trade enthusiasts have apparently decided to re-brand their agenda. They are dropping cap-and-trade. Well, the name anyway: [Remember when global warming was all the rage until record cold temperatures started enveloping the planet and these same leftists had to rename their scam “climate change?” Same thing here folks… but don’t worry Mr. Lurch, we have our eye on the ball and we will not let go of the term “cap and tax” no matter what silly name you come up with for your plan to screw the American people…ed]

U.N.’s Global Warming Report Under Fresh Attack for Rainforest Claims

A United Nations report on climate change that has been lambasted for its faulty research is under new attack for yet another instance of what its critics say is sloppy science — adding to a growing scandal that has undermined the credibility of scientists and policymakers who back the U.N.’s findings about global warming. In the Fourth Assessment Report (AR4), issued in 2007 by the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), scientists wrote that 40 percent of the Amazon rainforest in South America was endangered by global warming. But that assertion was discredited this week when it emerged that the findings were based on numbers from a study by the World Wildlife Federation that had nothing to do with the issue of global warming — and that was written by a freelance journalist and green activist. [Looky here Mr. Kerry. More of your “climate change” fraud exposed…ed]

SEIU President Calls Senators ‘Terrorists’ for Opposing the Card Check Bill

Andy Stern, president of the Service Employees International Union, took a swipe at Sens. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) and Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) Tuesday, calling the senators “terrorists” for their opposition to the card-check bill, which Democrats call the Employee Free Choice Act. “There are a lot of terrorists in the Senate who think we are supposed to negotiate with them when they have their particular needs that they want met,” Stern told Bloomberg News. His comments, which appeared in BusinessWeek magazine, apparently were prompted by the senators’ reluctance to support the union-sponsored bill. Katie Packer, executive director of the Workforce Fairness Institute, which opposes the card-check legislation, roundly criticized Stern over the comments. [Keep in mind this Stern creep is the most prolific “private citizen” visitor to the White House and if you don’t think these SEIU thugs aren’t “terrorists” in their own right, think again…ed]

Middle school investigates flu shot

The San Ysidro School District is investigating how a 13-year-old middle school student received the H1N1 flu vaccination last week over her objections and against the will of her parents. Jose Gomez, 39, said he signed a form last November stating his daughter, a student at San Ysidro Middle School, was not to get a shot and reaffirmed that position to two people last week. The school provided vaccinations on Thursday. District Nurse Anita Gillchrest said she investigated the incident and has forwarded a report to Superintendent Manuel Paul, but she said she could not reveal the details. Gomez said San Ysidro Middle School officials insisted he sign a consent form even though he did not want his daughter to receive the vaccination. He said he was instructed to write “refuse” on the form and turn it in, which he did. Nonetheless, his daughter was pulled from class to get the vaccination. [Time for some heads to roll at the school. There is NO excuse for something like this happening. If a parent does not want their child to have this shot they have EVERY right to refuse to allow it. This is an outrage!…ed]

Employer told not to post advert for ‘reliable’ workers because it discriminates against ‘unreliable’ applicants

When it comes to hiring staff, there are plenty of legal pitfalls employers need to watch out for these days. So recruitment agency boss Nicole Mamo was especially careful to ensure her advert for hospital workers did not offend on grounds of race, age or sexual orientation. However, she hadn’t reckoned on discriminating against a wholly different section of the community – the completely useless. When she ran the ad past a job centre, she was told she couldn’t ask for ‘reliable’ and ‘hard-working’ applicants because it could be offensive to unreliable people. ‘In my 15 years in recruitment I haven’t heard anything so ridiculous,’ Mrs Mamo said yesterday. ‘If the matter wasn’t so serious I would be laughing out loud. [Some really stupid news from England…ed]

Quote of the day.

Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment nothing can fail; without it nothing can succeed. He who molds public sentiment goes deeper than he who enacts statutes or decisions possible or impossible to execute.

-Abraham Lincoln. [Just a heads up to Obama and the Democrats who simply refuse to listen to the will of the American people…ed]

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