Monday January 25th

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Obama’s Second Coming

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) popped a surprise on the Republican Conference in their January 20 meeting. President Obama had accepted his invitation to appear at their Baltimore retreat scheduled for January 29, two days after the State of the Union speech. According to several dismayed conservative members that attended the meeting and sought me out in the two days that followed, North Carolina Rep. Virginia Foxx asked Boehner whose idea it was and was told it was “the leadership.” When Foxx pressed him on precisely who among the leadership came up with the idea, Boehner demurred. So what is the point to the invitation? [WHAT IN THE HELL are the Republicans thinking with this stupid move? You have the most radical whackjob this country has probably ever seen occupying our Oval Office on the ropes after serious ass kickings in big blue New Jersey, Obama supporting Virginia and the most leftist state in the union Massachusetts and you invite him to appear at your “retreat?” Time for some new leadership in the GOP, like yesterday!…ed]

White House to take new shot at health care reform despite Massachusetts setback, aide says

The White House isn’t about to pull the plug on heath care reform, aides said Sunday, although they acknowledged their job now is determining “the art of the possible.” “It’s very clear, people don’t want us to walk away from health care,” David Axelrod, a senior Obama adviser, told ABC News’ “This Week.” “They want us to address their concerns with the program.” [WOW, just wow! Talk about not getting the message! “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”-Albert Einstein…ed]

Damned If They Do .  .  .

In the wake of the stunning debacle (in their view) in the Bay State last Tuesday, Democrats find themselves with two thrilling alternatives: They can drop their unread and unreadable 2,200-page monstrosity of a health care reform bill and be labeled as wimps, jerks, and hapless losers who wasted a year and couldn’t deliver. Or, they can try to ram the Senate bill through the House (which hates most of it) in order to pass a bill that two-thirds of the country now loathes with a passion. They can either jump off the ship or stay on and sink with it. Either way, they end up in the drink. There’s an interesting split among Democrats as to which courses to take. Those edging their way toward the lifeboats are those members of the House and Senate who sooner or later have to be in touch with the voters. [The far left fringe that has a lock on the White House and leadership positions within Congress have been slapped down and since they are insane they WILL NOT give up this fight under any circumstances. FTA: “They see Scott Brown’s win solely in the context of breaking the Senate supermajority, of being a technical glitch that requires a slight recalibration, not as the eruption of a national grassroots rebellion that has been brewing for months.” They don’t and won’t ever “get it”…ed]

Democrats’ Bush-bashing strategy goes bust

After three consecutive losses in statewide races, some top Democrats are questioning a tactic aimed at boosting the party’s candidates in each of those contests: Bush-bashing. Running as much against the Bush White House as he was running against Sen. John McCain, Barack Obama easily carried Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts in 2008. Yet when Democratic nominees for governor in Virginia and New Jersey and for Senate in Massachusetts sought to tie their GOP opponents to the still-unpopular former president, the strategy didn’t resonate. Voters were more focused on the current administration or local political issues — and the onetime Democratic magic formula seemed yesterday’s news. [Most of the people who have had their homes foreclosed on and are now unemployed were doing just fine when Bush was president. The wheels didn’t really start falling off the damn bus until this Obama crew came along to “fundamentally transform this nation as we know it”…ed]

Democrats exiting the sinking ship? Part 19: Delaware

Beau Biden has decided to run for reelection as attorney general of Delaware rather than run for the remainder of the term of the Senate seat that was held by his father Vice President Joe Biden for 36 years. Republican Congressman-at-Large Mike Castle, who has declared for the seat and who has held statewide office for 30 years, is now the heavy favorite to win the seat in a state the Obama-Biden ticket carried by a 62%-37% margin. [President Obama’s former Senate seat has a good chance of going to the GOP as does vice president Biden’s and Senate Leader Harry Reid’s. But don’t worry folks, the Democrats will tell you it’s because Americans are still pissed off at George W. Bush and this has nothing to do with their and Obama’s lousy performance in office…ed]

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Pelosi Says Jobs ‘Permeated’ Congressional Actions in Year of 10 Percent Unemployment

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said that the issue of job creation has “permeated” the efforts of congressional Democrats over the past year. Pelosi’s statement stands in stark contrast to a bleak jobs year that saw unemployment rise to over 10 percent.
“The jobs issue has permeated everything, [every] major initiative that we have,” Pelosi said at her weekly press briefing Thursday. The speaker outlined the various proposals that she said had pulled the economy “back from the brink” over the past year. “With the recovery package, we not only created jobs – about 2 million saved or created with more being rolled out – but pulled us back from the brink of even deeper recession. In his [President Obama’s] budget, which we passed one hundred days after his swearing-in, he had a blueprint for how we go into the future, create jobs, stabilize the economy [and] do so as we reduce the deficit – [it’s] very central to everything we do – reduce the deficit.” [After reading this it’s difficult to conclude if this woman is merely a blithering idiot or if she has passed over into certifiable insanity. One thing for certain, she can stand there and lie her scrawny ass off and the lamestream media will NEVER challenger her on the blatant lies dripping from her 70 year old botox injected lips…ed]

Berry: Obama said “big difference” between ’10 and ’94 is “me”

Rep. Marion Berry’s parting shot, published in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette [no link, subscription only] offers a warning to moderate Democrats and border state moderates — warning of a midterm bloodbath comparable to the 54-seat D-to-R swing in 1994. But the jaw-dropper is Berry’s claim that President Obama personally dismissed any comparison between Democrats now and under Bill Clinton 16 years ago — by saying his personal popularity would bail everybody out. The retiring Berry, who doesn’t say when the remarks were made, now scoffs at Obama’s 50-or-below approval rating: [Yeah, Mr. Narcissist’s “personal popularity” sure worked out in New Jersey, Virginia and the most left leaning state in the nation, Massachusetts pretty well didn’t it?…ed]

Nelson: Obama must scale back agenda

President Barack Obama will have to scale back his domestic agenda after finishing work on healthcare, one Democratic senator said Monday. Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) said that Obama would need to ramp down some of his plans in the months ahead if some of the most vulnerable Democrats are to go on to win this fall. “I think the president is going to have to scale back his agenda after we pass healthcare reform,” Nelson said during an appearance on “Good Morning America.” “Then I think some of those folks we think are in danger, like Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada, I think you’ll see they’re going to win,” Nelson added, making reference to the Senate majority leader, whose poll numbers have shown a tough reelection battle looms this fall. [Wait, WHAT? After Obama “finishes” working on a healthcare scam that 66% of the American people don’t want, THEN stop the insanity? WTF kind of delusional schizophrenic nutjob is this guy? That said, even Democrats know damn well the fringe leftists are running the agenda and consequently this country straight into the ground and it’s killing their chances of staying on board the Congressional gravy train come November…ed]

Obama Administration Steers Lucrative No-Bid Contract for Afghan Work to Dem Donor

Despite President Obama’s long history of criticizing the Bush administration for “sweetheart deals” with favored contractors, the Obama administration this month awarded a $25 million federal contract for work in Afghanistan to a company owned by a Democratic campaign contributor without entertaining competitive bids, Fox News has learned. The contract, awarded on Jan. 4 to Checchi & Company Consulting, Inc., a Washington-based firm owned by economist and Democratic donor Vincent V. Checchi, will pay the firm $24,673,427 to provide “rule of law stabilization services” in war-torn Afghanistan. [Another in a long line of reasons why you don’t listen to what the charlatan says, you watch what he actually does…ed]

White House brass split on stimulus stats

White House advisers appearing on the Sunday talk shows gave three different estimates of how many jobs could be credited to President Obama’s Recovery Act. The discrepancy was pointed out by a Republican official in an email to reporters noting that “Three presidential advisers on three different programs [gave] three different descriptions of the trillion-dollar stimulus bill.” [They gave three different stories because this whole jobs saved or created crock was nothing but a bunch of ridiculous nonsense from the beginning and everyone knows it but we can’t skip past the fact that these three are nothing more than a bunch of lying leftists and we are all aware of that too…ed]

Terror alert: Two men on ‘no-fly’ list stopped at Heathrow

Two men were stopped boarding US-bound planes at Heathrow days before Britain’s terror threat was raised to “severe”. News of the incidents came hours after Home Secretary Alan Johnson lifted the threat level amid fears that al-Qaeda is planning an attack. The new level, which means an attack is reckoned “highly likely”, is second only to “critical”. (SNIP) Anti-terror officials said the past week had seen an “unusually high” number of people on their no-fly list trying to board US-bound planes. [So they stop these guys from getting on an airplane then just send them home to try again some other day? WTH? If they are on a no fly list there must be a damn good reason for it so why aren’t they ARRESTED when they try and board a commercial airliner?…ed]

The administration’s unacceptable terror policies

I am reading with horror and disgust of the testimony at the hearings conducted this past week on the process that was used by the Department of Justice regarding the decision to remand the terrorist who tried to blow up Flight 253 to Detroit on Christmas Day into our criminal justice system. What is abundantly apparent to me is that the Obama administration does not place a high priority on keeping our country safe by implementation of strong measures to protect its citizens from attacks by terrorists who have vowed to kill us. I believe it to be a willful disregard for the safety and security of all Americans. There are only two possible scenarios in play here; either the Obama administration has chosen to employ a strategy which deliberately excludes those intelligence agencies which are charged with obtaining whatever useful information (i.e. intelligence) that terrorists like Abdulmutallab might possess, or the Justice Department committed an incredible and unbelievable blunder in the execution of their assignment. [Makes ya feel all safe and warm and fuzzy when you climb aboard an airplane anywhere in the United States these days doesn’t it?…ed]

Barack Obama heritage effect boosts African tourism industry

Africa bucked global trends by attracting an increase in tourists last year, attributable in part to the “Obama effect”. The election of a US president with African heritage is cited by industry experts as helping drive interest in the continent. Africa was the sole continent to record a rise in the number of international tourist arrivals in 2009, with growth of 5%. This compared with a 4% drop worldwide, blamed on the global recession and swine flu outbreak. [“African Americans” flocking to see Obama’s place of birth more likely. Well at least the guy is helping some country’s economy because he is killing ours, except for the firearm and ammunition industry of course. Perhaps he can go home and be king of Kenya after the 2012 election here?…ed]

Specter: Sorry for ‘act like a lady’ remark

Sen. Arlen Specter called Rep. Michele Bachmann (R., Minn.) yesterday to apologize for his comments during a radio interview last week, the senator’s office said, and she called back and “accepted the apology.” Specter’s office gave no further details, saying the conversation between the two had been private. On a Philadelphia talk show Wednesday, Specter admonished Bachmann to “act like a lady” during an exchange over the health-care overhaul legislation, a remark that Republicans, Specter’s Democratic primary opponent, and some pundits deemed patronizing at best and demeaning to women at worst. [Specter’s Republican opponent Pat Toomey (if the grumpy old fart even makes it past the Democrat primary) will be well served to play this recording over and over during the campaign just to show the voters what a sexist pompous arrogant jerk the 80 year old washed up politician really is…ed]

GM will repay bailout loans by end of June

General Motors will pay back its bailout funds in full to the United States government by the end of June, the Department of the Treasury announced Monday. GM will repay the $6.7 billion in loans it received in 2009 from the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) after having said late last year that it would accelerate its repayment. (SNIP) The repaid loans will hardly end the U.S. government’s involvement in the company, however. The government invested almost $50 billion in GM over the course of the last year, debt which was converted to equity in the automaker. The federal government maintains a 61 percent stake in the company. [Four million people have lost their jobs since “The Won” took office and banks aren’t lending to those who are still employed and crazy enough to attempt to take out a car loan right now so where in the hell did THIS money come from? Meanwhile the former GM bondholders, who should be first in line to be repaid with company PROFITS, wind up getting the bird from Obama…ed]

Quote of the day.

Truth be told, when it comes to political coattails, this president’s now wearing a tank top.

-Joe Fitzgerald, journalist with the Boston Herald.

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