Tuesday January 5th

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State Department Using ‘Diversity Visas’ to Encourage Immigration to U.S. from Terror-Ridden Yemen

The State Department has awarded 1,011 special “diversity visas” allowing Yemeni nationals to immigrate to the United States since 2000, the year 17 U.S. sailors were killed when the USS Cole was attacked by terrorists in the Yemeni port of Aden. The “diversity visas” are designed to encourage immigration from countries that do not otherwise send significant numbers of immigrants to the United States. [Say WHAT?? Since WHEN does this country need to import people from all over the world, including places full of people who have been taught to hate the U.S. from birth?…ed]

HIV positive Dutchmen to arrive in New York, definitively ending U.S.’s HIV travel, immigration ban

America’s ban of incoming travelers with HIV ends definitively today with the arrival of the country’s first two international visitors with HIV. Clemens Ruland and Hugo Bausch are able to travel from The Netherlands to New York for the first time since the ban went into effect in 1987, The Huffington Post reports. The HIV Travel and Immigration Ban was created during a time when HIV, the disease that causes AIDS, was thought to be either airborne or transmittable by physical contact. It restricted infected foreigners from travelling to the U.S. and from living in the country. [I suppose this would be Obama’s way of assuaging the homosexual lobby hoping to be able to pull them to the polls come November. What other reason could this insidious man have for signing an executive order barring HIV positive foreigners from entering our country with it’s horrible, expensive healthcare system?…ed]

DeMint: Unions are already hurting Border Patrol — TSA next?

Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., makes the case on Redstate that unionization of Transportation Security Administration employees would be damaging to national security. He answers with some detail the counterargument that unionization has worked fine for Customs and Border Protection, so why not the TSA as well? DeMint writes: [DeMint is spot on. There is absolutely no reason for government workers to be unionized. We all know that unions are very good at protecting useless employees and the last place we need dead wood are government agencies who’s responsibilities involve the safety of Americans…ed]

CAIR Condemns U.S. Airport Anti-terrorism Measures

The Council on American Islamic Relations, the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy group, began 2010 by complaining about new security measures being enforced at U.S. airports by Transportation Security Administration security officers. The CAIR leadership released a statement that claims the TSA’s airport security directives amount to the profiling of Muslims. Washington-based CAIR officials claim that the new guidelines, under which anyone traveling from or through 13 Muslim-majority nations will be required to go through enhanced screening techniques before boarding flights, will disproportionately target American Muslims who have family or spiritual ties to the Islamic world and therefore amount to religious and ethnic profiling.
“Under these new guidelines, almost every American Muslim who travels to see family or friends or goes on pilgrimage to Mecca will automatically be singled out for special security checks—that’s profiling,” said CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad. [These idiots go on to say that increased scrutiny of the ONE group of people responsible for the VAST amount of terrorist bombings, murders and mayhem for decades, muslims, will do nothing to improve airline security. Sure stupid…ed]

Obama sends reinforcements to al Qaeda

It’s beginning to look like Yemen is the new Afghanistan – a failed Muslim state turned into an al Qaeda safe haven. The Christmas Day bombing plot was hatched there. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton declared yesterday that instability in Yemen poses a “global threat.” The United States is conducting air strikes against jihadist militants. In a recent Fox News online poll, 60 percent of respondents agreed that this country should “organize an offensive in Yemen in response to Al Qaeda threats.” Help is on the way from America, but unfortunately they are terrorist reinforcements. [More insanity direct from your terrorist friendly Obama administration…ed]

Freed Guantánamo inmates are heading for Yemen to join al-Qaeda fight

At least a dozen former Guantánamo Bay inmates have rejoined al-Qaeda to fight in Yemen, The Times has learnt, amid growing concern over the ability of the country’s Government to accept almost 100 more former inmates from the detention centre. The Obama Administration promised to close the Guantánamo facility by January 22, a deadline that it will be unable to meet. The 91 Yemeni prisoners in Guantánamo make up the largest national contingent among the 198 being held. Six prisoners were returned to Yemen last month. After the Christmas Day bomb plot in Detroit, US officials are increasingly concerned that the country is becoming a hot-bed of terrorism. Eleven of the former inmates known to have rejoined al-Qaeda in Yemen were born in Saudi Arabia. The organisation merged its Saudi and Yemeni offshoots last year. [Does anyone out there really believe the Obama administration gives a rat’s ass about the safety and security of the American people?…ed]

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Who Is the Enemy?

I don’t think anyone knows quite what this administration’s anti-terrorism policy is. Last August, Obama’s counterterrorism chief, John Brennan, lambasted the Bush administration, citing “the inflammatory rhetoric, hyperbole and intellectual narrowness that has often characterized the debate over the president’s national security policies” and criticizing the conduct of counterterrorism during the eight years following 9/11. But more than one-third of all terrorist plots since 9/11 transpired in 2009 — despite loud chest-thumping about rejecting the idea of a war on terror, reaching out to the Muslim world, and apologizing for purported American sins. A non-impoverished Major Hasan or Mr. Mutallab (or Mr. Atta or KSM) does not fit with the notion that our enemies act out of poverty or oppression or want. In fact, what we are witnessing is a strange mishmash. On the one hand, after repeatedly trashing the Bush protocols in 2007–08, Obama has quietly adopted most of them — keeping the Patriot Act, intercepts, wiretaps, renditions, the concept of tribunals, Predator attacks, forward offensive strategies in Afghanistan, and the Bush-Petraeus timetable in Iraq. [Who is the enemy? Why that would be Obama, most of his administration, most of Congress and of course the dominant left wing media. Oh, and the Islamic terrorists…ed]

Colombia rebels, al Qaeda in “unholy” drug alliance

Colombian guerrillas have entered into “an unholy alliance” with Islamic extremists who are helping the Marxist rebels smuggle cocaine through Africa on its way to European consumers, a U.S. official told Reuters. Interdiction efforts have made it more difficult to send cocaine straight from Colombia and other Andean producer nations to the United States and Europe. So criminal organizations including the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, are going through Africa to access the European market. And they are doing it with the help of al Qaeda and other groups branded terrorists by Washington, according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. [America’s southern border is wide open because current and past administrations refuse to do anything about it. Meanwhile the bad guys have been systematically getting their ducks in a row right in our own “backyard”…ed]

Report: Al-Qaida Targeted Obama Inauguration

A suspected al-Qaida plot to detonate a bomb during President Obama’s inauguration was taken so seriously that Defense Secretary Robert Gates — a Bush administration holdover and the only member of Obama’s Cabinet already confirmed by the U.S. Senate — was cloistered in an undisclosed, secure facility to preserve the line of succession in case an attack succeeded. The New York Times reports on the incident in an upcoming magazine article, “Inside Obama’s War on Terrorism,” by Peter Baker. A preliminary version of the article was posted Monday on the newspaper’s Web site. In the weeks leading up to the inauguration, officials worked around the clock to analyze intelligence reports that a group of Somali jihadists planned to infiltrate the United States from Canada to detonate explosives. [Golly, I thought Obama only had to worry about conservative Constitution loving white guys?…ed]

GOP’s Brown Within Nine Points In Mass. Senate Race

Here’s a poll that could shock the political world: GOP state Sen. Scott Brown trails state Attorney Martha Coakley by just nine points ahead of the Jan. 19 special election to fill the Senate seat previously held by the late Ted Kennedy. Coakley leads 50% to 41%, according to a new Rasmussen poll. Her lead falls to just two points among respondents who say they are sure to vote. A Brown upset would be seismic, because it would reduce the Senate Democratic caucus to 59 votes, 1 vote shy of the 60 needed to override a GOP filibuster. That would mean the GOP could block a final health bill if House-Senate negotiators make any changes to the Senate health bill. [Pay close attention to this one folks. The lamestream media has deliberately avoided reporting on this close race knowing just how important a GOP win would be. Scott Brown’s website can be found right here…ed]

Curt Schilling endorses Scott Brown in Mass. Senate race

Curt Schilling, the former Boston Red Sox pitcher who had toyed with running for the Senate in Massachusetts, has endorsed Republican state Sen. Scott Brown. Schilling made the announcement on his blog Monday, calling Brown “exactly what this state and this country needs right now.” “He’s for smaller government, stopping the concentration of power in one political party, a strong military and vigorous homeland defense, as well as — and probably most appropriate and meaningful right now — giving all Americans health care, but not by creating a new government insurance program,” Schilling wrote. [Ouch! Schilling offers up a little 95 mph chin music to Massachusetts Democrats. This is gonna leave a mark…ed]

Hiding health bills behind closed doors

It may be a new year, but congressional Democrats are planning the same old sorts of sleazy tactics in their bid to take over America’s health care system. Congressional Republicans, especially in the Senate, should not let them get away with it. Transparency and ethics should be Republican rallying cries, and obstruction on those grounds should be a point of pride. By now it’s almost trite to complain that President Obama repeatedly has broken his campaign pledge to “broadcast [health care] negotiations on C-SPAN so that the American people can see what the choices are.” That doesn’t make the complaint invalid. For legislation that could so profoundly and personally affect the daily lives of every American, Congress and the White House should be more transparent and more accessible than ever before. Instead, the process has been secretive and sordid throughout. [If this governmental takeover of our healthcare system was such a fabulous deal for the American people it wouldn’t have to be cobbled together behind closed doors. The mousy Republicans SHOULD be screaming from the top of their lungs over the planned secretive meetings by Democrats to ram ObamaCare down America’s throat. Unfortunately the political system in the U.S. is really just made up of one snake with two heads…ed]

C-SPAN Challenges Congress to Open Health Care Talks to TV Coverage

The head of C-SPAN has implored Congress to open up the last leg of health care reform negotiations to the public, as top Democrats lay plans to hash out the final product among themselves. C-SPAN CEO Brian Lamb wrote to leaders in the House and Senate Dec. 30 urging them to open “all important negotiations, including any conference committee meetings,” to televised coverage on his network. “The C-SPAN networks will commit the necessary resources to covering all of the sessions LIVE and in their entirety,” he wrote. [Ain’t gonna happen because if the American people were to find out what was really in this bill there just might be a Rodney King style riot situation in Washington DC. So much for “bipartisanship” “transparency” and the most “ethical” House of Representatives EVER…ed]

UPDATE: White House Spokeswoman Says Different Bertha Lewis on Visitor’s Log

UPDATE: According to Politico’s Ben Smith, the Bertha Lewis who went to the White House is not ACORN’s CEO but another woman named “Bertha Lewis.” I contacted Smith to tell him that Big Government would offer a correction if the “administration official” who offered the information went on record and told us who the “other” Bertha Lewis is and got the unnamed administration source to come out from behind the veil of anonymity and use his/her name. So far, according to unnamed White House sources, “different” people with the familiar names of Malik Shabazz, Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers were discovered on White House visitors logs. As I skeptically asked on my Twitter account, “What are the odds?” First thing Monday morning, Smith contacted the White House and White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki came from behind her anonymous veil and confirmed for Smith, “it was a different Bertha Lewis, though she declined to share details about that visitor, citing privacy reasons.”‘ [Transparency surely runneth amok with this Obama administration….don’t it folks? What would be the odds of all these known hairballs having the VERY same name as perfectly innocent visitors to the White House?…ed]

Quote of the day.

We do not create terrorism by fighting the terrorists. We invite terrorism by ignoring them.

-George W. Bush

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