Monday January 4th

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Partisan Trends: Number of Democrats Falls to New Low, Down Six Points Since Election 2008

In December, the number of Americans identifying themselves as Democrats fell to the lowest level recorded in more than seven years of monthly tracking by Rasmussen Reports. Currently, 35.5% of American adults view themselves as Democrats. That’s down from 36.0 a month ago and from 37.8% in October. Prior to December, the lowest total ever recorded for Democrats was 35.9%, a figure that was reached twice in 2005. See the History of Party Trends from January 2004 to the present. The number of Republicans inched up by a point in December to 34.0%. That’s the highest total for Republicans since December 2007, just before the 2008 presidential campaign season began. [Is this because the number of illegal aliens heading back home has increased so dramatically or are people finally waking up to the fact that Democrats Obama, Pelosi and Reid are running this country into the side of a mountain at 600mph?…ed]

Romanian defector takes sides in Ohio race

A former top Romanian spy who defected to the United States in the 1970s has issued a politically charged endorsement in the closely watched race for Ohio’s 16th congressional district. Ion Pacepa (puh-CHEP-uh) said Monday that he is backing Republican Paul Schiffer in the 2010 election because he believes Democrats are turning America into a socialist dictatorship like the one he escaped. [I guess this man would know socialism and dictatorships when he sees them…ed]

Getting back to the right

Americans choose leaders to make decisions for us. But sometimes, the way to lead is by following. For conservatives to regain power in 2010, they need to do what voters want. As Ronald Reagan said, “Trust the people.” Begin with spending. According to Consumer Reports magazine, two-thirds of Americans planned to reduce their spending on holiday gifts in 2009. After all, unemployment was up and employee pay wasn’t. If only our federal government would follow suit. Instead, President Barack Obama declared in December his administration would keep trying to “spend our way out of this recession.” Mr. Obama wants to throw more federal funding at infrastructure and give new tax breaks to certain homeowners: “cash for caulkers.” [The ball is in the GOP’s court all the way up to November. Let’s see what they can do with it now that the country is seething mad at the over reaching Democrats in complete control of the federal government…ed]

With shoe on other foot, a Democrat cries foul

When Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill was trying to unseat incumbent Jim Talent in 2006, she frequently bashed President George W. Bush for being incompetent on terrorism. As she told NBC’s Tim Russert, “This is not an administration that’s ready to protect us.” McCaskill argued throughout her campaign that Bush had made the nation more vulnerable to terrorism by invading Iraq, and she harped on the devastation of Hurricane Katrina as proof that Bush had left the nation susceptible to attack. (SNIP) But that was a long time ago, politically speaking — before McCaskill became one of the first senators to endorse Barack Obama, before she voted to extend the same domestic wiretapping she once deplored, before she joined her fellow Democrats in congratulating the Iraqis on their new framework for national elections, before Obama committed 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan and before he became responsible for keeping Americans safe from terrorism. [This uber partisan hack wouldn’t be in office if it wasn’t for the city of St. Louis and ACORN. Let’s hope Missouri wakes up and makes this Obama gobbling idiot a quick one termer…ed]

Staff walks out on party-switcher Griffith

Rep. Parker Griffith’s (Ala.) staff has resigned en masse after his recent decision to switch parties and become a Republican. In a sternly worded statement, Griffith Chief of Staff Sharon Wheeler announced the exit of herself, along with legislative director Megan Swearingen, senior legislative assistant Brian Greer, legislative assistant Will Crain, press secretary Sean Magers, legislative correspondent Arinze Ifekauche, legislative correspondent Chase Chesser, staff assistant Mary Lou Hughston, congressional fellows Anjali Shah Kastorf and Leslee Oden and intern Andrew Menefee. Griffith’s political consulting team has already parted ways with him since he announced over the holiday break that he would switch parties. [Good. Saves him the trouble of firing their disloyal asses…ed]

TSA: Man who caused breach at NJ airport soon left

A man who caused a security breach at Newark Liberty International Airport, causing major delays and grounding flights for six hours, left about 20 minutes after he walked the wrong way through a security checkpoint, the Transportation Security Administration said Monday. Someone picking up a passenger told an officer guarding the exit that he thought he saw a man enter through the doors Sunday, TSA spokeswoman Ann Davis said. TSA reviewed surveillance video before sweeping the airport, she said. The video confirmed the man had entered through the exit, and officials made passengers leave the terminal and be rescreened. [Sounds like another possible “dry run” to me but why in the hell does a civilian have to point out to airport security personnel that somebody breached a restricted zone?…ed]

Nigeria slams ‘discriminatory’ flight checks

Nigeria has criticised new security measures for passengers flying to and from the United States as unfair and said they amounted to discrimination against 150 million people. The US government has announced that travellers from 14 countries, including Nigeria, are to be subjected to extra checks including body pat-downs, after a young Nigerian was accused of trying to blow up a US jet on Christmas Day. But Nigeria Information Minister Dora Akunyili said that Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, did not have a history of terrorism and such a move could not be justified. [It sure didn’t take long for those wacky Nigerians to pull a page right outta the Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, aclu “Scream Discrimination” handbook did it?…ed]

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White House: No matter what, we’re sending Gitmo prisoners back to Yemen

As Susan notes below, a bipartisan group of lawmakers is urging the Obama White House not to go forward with plans to send a number of Yemeni terrorists now being held in the Guantanamo Bay detention facility back to their home country. But the Obama White House insists it will continue to send those Gitmo inmates to Yemen — a country now recognized as a hotbed of terrorism so dangerous that the U.S. has decided to close its embassy there. On Fox News Sunday, top White House counterterrorism adviser John Brennan said the administration “absolutely” intends to keep sending Guantanamo prisoners to Yemen. [Doesn’t this Obama administration just make you feel so safe and secure knowing he is sending America hating terrorists back to the lawless country of Yemen which is already bursting at the seams with Islamic al Qaeda thugs?…ed]

Embassies shut after ‘Yemen lost track of arms trucks’

The closure of three embassies in Yemen followed local security forces losing track of six trucks full of arms and explosives, say reports from Yemen. France announced its mission in the capital Sanaa was shut on Monday, a day after the US and UK closed theirs. It comes after threats from an al-Qaeda wing linked to an alleged plot to blow up a transatlantic plane over the US. (SNIP) According to Yemeni media, it comes after six trucks full of weapons and explosives entered the capital, and the security forces lost track of the vehicles. [Yemeni “security forces” full of al Qaeda sympathizers allow trucks full of explosives and weapons to be diverted into the hands of terrorists so they can be used against western embassies and personnel. There BBC, fixed the headline for ya…ed]

Connecting the terror dots

As detailed by Dave Macy and published on Canada Free Press Friday, police in Houston responding to a domestic disturbance found something they did not expect: an AT-4 shoulder-mounted rocket launcher that can shoot a missile nearly 1,000 feet through buildings and tanks. Channel 2 in Houston also reported that police found Islamic terrorist literature at the same location. According to news reports, the items belong to Nabilaye I. YANSANE, who was charged with criminal trespassing related only to the domestic incident. No charges were filed for possession of the launcher or the literature. [Theeeeerrrreeee HEEEEERRRREEE! And ready to rock our world!…ed]

DHS Plans to Catch Only One in Four Travelers Committing ‘Major’ Criminal Violations While Entering U.S. on International Fights in 2010

Documents produced by the Department of Homeland Security indicate that in fiscal 2010 the department is planning to catch only 26 percent of travelers committing major criminal violations while seeking to enter the United States through international airports. DHS documents also indicate that the department believes it will fail to screen against law enforcement databases 15 percent of travelers entering the United States in 2010 through all official ports of entry. In fiscal 2008, according to DHS, the department caught only 25 percent of those committing “major violations” while entering the U.S. on international flights. It also planned to catch only 25% in fiscal 2009, which ended on Sept. 30. For fiscal 2010, which began on Oct. 1, In fiscal 2008, according to DHS, the department caught only 25 percent of those committing “major violations” while entering the U.S. on international flights. It also planned to catch only 25% in fiscal 2009, which ended on Sept. 30. For fiscal 2010, which began on Oct. 1, DHS set it sites slightly higher, planning to catch 26 percent of “major” violators entering the U.S. on international flights while letting 74 percent get away. [More terrific news from Janet Incompetano’s Department of Homeland Giveaway…ed]

Dems ‘Almost Certain’ to Bypass Conference

Now that both the House and Senate have passed health care reform bills, all Democrats have to do is work out a compromise between the two versions. And it appears they’re not about to let the Republicans gum up the works again. (SNIP) Yes, Republicans are sure to complain that they’re being excluded from deliberations. But given their repeated efforts to block not just reform but even mere votes on reform, it’s not clear why Democrats are obligated to include them in discussions anymore. [Typical elitist attitude from the left wing New Republic writer. Screw what the people in this country want after all the Democrats know what’s best for us even if we tell them NO!…ed]

Health Care Reform: 42% Support Health Care Plan, 52% Oppose

Forty-two percent (42%) of U.S. voters now favor the health care reform plan proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats. That’s the most positive result since mid-November, but still most voters remain opposed. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 52% of voters oppose the legislation. Opposition remains highest among middle-income Americans. Last week, 39% of voters nationwide supported the plan, and 58% opposed it. That was consistent with our weekly tracking of the issue which has found support between 38% and 41% every week from just before Thanksgiving to the end of 2009. [Like I said, the clear majority of Americans do not want this ObamaCare crap but the Democrats just don’t seem to want to listen hence the very first article posted today…ed]

Amish eye loophole in health care proposals

While selling food at an area farmer’s market Wednesday, a Valley Amish man said his community opposes the national health care bill which, if passed by Congress and signed by President Barack Obama, could mandate that all Americans have medical coverage or face a fine. “We try and not depend on the government for any type of insurance,” the Amish man said. “However, if it is going to happen, we are hoping something can be worked out for us.” (SNIP) For the Amish, however, there appears to be a loophole through which they can escape the possible mandate. “There is a religious exemption in the bill,” said Roseanne Placey, spokeswoman with the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance, “which would apply to them, since they believe the religious duty of communities is to provide for one another when they are sick.” [There’s your easy ‘out’ of ObamaCare folks!…ed]

Advocate uses texting to warn of Ariz. crime sweeps

An advocate for immigrant and civil rights has started using text messages to warn residents about crime sweeps by a high-profile Arizona sheriff. Lydia Guzman, director of the nonprofit immigrant advocacy group Respect/Respeto, is the trunk of a sophisticated texting tree designed to alert thousands of people within minutes to the details of the sweeps, which critics contend are an excuse to round up illegal immigrants, The Arizona Republic newspaper reported. Guzman said the messages are part of an effort to protect Latinos and others from becoming victims of racial profiling by sheriff’s deputies. Deputies have been accused of stopping Hispanics, including citizens and legal immigrants, for minor traffic violations to check their immigration status. [But the aclu types claim this clearly criminal action is merely “free speech.” Really? Try holding a rally against illegal immigration and see if these same anti America cretins calls THAT protected First Amendment free speech…ed]

Quote of the day.

I used to say that politics was the second-oldest profession. I have come to know that it bears a gross similarity to the first.

-Ronald Reagan

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