Thursday December 31st

Rush Limbaugh Hospitalized With Chest Pains

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh was taken to a hospital after suffering chest pains and was resting comfortably Wednesday, his radio program said in a statement. “Rush was admitted to and is resting comfortably in a Honolulu hospital today after suffering chest pains,” the statement said. “Rush appreciates your prayers and well wishes and will keep you updated via and on his radio program.” Kit Carson, Limbaugh’s chief of staff, said he had no further information on Limbaugh’s condition. [Sadly for liberals all over this country Rush will be just fine and back at work soon…ed]

Oops! Wikipedia Pronounced Rush Limbaugh Dead

Looks like the folks at Wikipedia were prepared for the worst when it came to Rush Limbaugh. Actually they were a little too well prepared. Shortly after the news broke that the conservative political radio talk show host was hospitalized, Wikipedia updated his page – and pronounced him dead. Folks (like us) who happened to take a look at Limbaugh’s biography, saw this: [Much like and, wikipedia is operated and managed by left wingers trying to pretend they are a legitimate source of credible information. Yet here we have another story proving the point that the site is about as legit, credible and reliable a source of quality information as is the Sunday funny papers…ed]

Wikipedia Meets Its Own Climategate

Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, had an article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal drawing attention to the rise of “online hostility” and the “degeneration of online civility.” He (and coauthor Andrea Weckerle) suggested ways in which we can “prevent the worst among us from silencing the best among us.” I agree with just about everything that they say. But there is one problem that Mr. Wales does not go near. That is the use of Wikipedia itself to inflame the political debate by permitting activists to rewrite the contributions of others. All by itself, that surely is a contributor to online incivility. The issue that I am particularly thinking about is “climate change” — or global warming as it was once called (until the globe stopped warming, about a decade ago). Recently the Financial Post in Canada published an article by Lawrence Solomon, with this remarkable headline: [More revealing info on the trash site wikipedia…ed]

Obama’s Only Real Accomplishment

Let’s get it straight, behind all the hubbub and noise, the international trips and summits, the TV specials and constant addresses to the nation and any other nation that would let him in, the huge spending plans and the photoshoots—Barack Hussein Obama has accomplished only one thing in his first year in office. Obama’s only real accomplishment is that he took hundreds of billions of dollars in taxpayer money, and directed them to his donors on Wall Street, in the unions and the insurance industry. Barry Hussein took in nearly 15 million dollars in donations from securities and investments companies, and his first priority was to pay it back with a massive bailout that has exploded the deficit. [If this article doesn’t make you sit up and take notice of how destructive the Obama administration has been in only 11 months at the helm, nothing will…ed]

What is Barack Obama doing?

Some distressing civil liberties questions must be asked about an ever-lengthening list of decisions, proposals, and observations by President Obama. To begin, Obama is the first president to give an international law enforcement organization like Interpol free rein within the territorial confines of this nation, presumably not excluding the arrest and exportation of Americans to be charged with crimes under international law. Put simply, this means the Constitution is no longer the supreme law of the land in America. Thanks to Executive Order 12425 , which Obama signed Dec. 16 without explaining why, the supreme law of the land is now arguably whatever Interpol says it is, most likely as directed by the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands, in conjunction with the United Nations. [Would this be the Obama administration’s method of seeing to it that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are arrested for “war crimes” since they know it can’t take place under our Constitution? Who really knows what was behind this insidious decision by Barack Hussein Obama?…ed]

Judicial Watch Announces List of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” for 2009

Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, today released its 2009 list of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians.” The list, in alphabetical order, includes: [Your president made the list which happens to be legitimately dominated by Democrats!…ed]

Flight 253 passenger Kurt Haskell: ‘I was visited by the FBI’

Following up on a visit from FBI officials about an eyewitness account first described to, Michigan attorney Kurt Haskell described the visit in comment sections across MLive on Wednesday. Haskell and his wife, Lori, were aboard Flight 253 when Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab allegedly tried to destroy the plane. They say another man tried to help Abdulmutallab board the plane in Amsterdam. Haskell had two detailed posts in two different stories. [A very interesting first person account of a situation that has yet to be reported by the lamestream media concerning the attempted bombing of flight 253 on Christmas day…ed]

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Napolitano needs to go

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano needs to go. Immediately. For the safety and security of the nation. It’s not personal, it’s just that, well, Americans would prefer not to risk getting blown to smithereens just to spare President Obama the “embarrassment” of having to fire one of his Cabinet members and to spare Napolitano some hurt feelings. Especially after both urged Americans to give them the benefit of the doubt after the Fort Hood massacre. Unlike the economy’s ups and downs, a terrorist attack or attempted attack cannot be spun by the spinmeisters. At least not successfully and certainly not with any moral fiber. It is what it is. And the failure of Obama to keep the nation safe after former President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney managed to do so after 9/11 is, interestingly, talked about very little in the mainstream media. I guess they are too busy wiping all of that egg off their faces. [Janet Incompetano is an absolute disgrace as DHS Secretary. Why in the world can’t they drop the damn politics and put someone in this position who can actually perform at the high level the American people deserve?…ed]

Rasmussen: Obamacare Disapproval at New High

Rasmussen’s health-care polling results since Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid orchestrated the Christmas Eve vote are full of undeniably bad news for Democrats. In roughly ascending order of bad news (if one is a Democrat)…Likely voters oppose Obamacare by more than the (18-point) margin by which Ronald Reagan beat Walter Mondale: 58 percent to 39 percent. There are far more likely voters who “strongly” oppose Obamacare (46 percent) than there are likely voters who support it even “somewhat” (39 percent). Only 24 percent of likely voters think that the quality of health care would get better under Obamacare, while 54 percent think it would get worse — a gap of 30 percent. Only 13 percent of likely voters think that the cost of health would go down under Obamacare, while 63 percent think it would rise — a gap of 50 percent. Seniors oppose Obamacare by more than 2 to 1: 63 percent to 31 percent. And the worst news of all for Democrats…[Obama and the Dems know this legislation is political suicide for their party so why are they pushing so hard for it anyway? What is in the works that we don’t know about? What manufactured “man-made disaster” will occur before the next election causing it to be suspended?…ed]

Obama nominee, under fire, withdraws for ‘personal reasons’

A controversial Obama administration nominee has withdrawn his candidacy for “personal reasons,” White House spokesman Tommy Vietor confirmed. Jide Zeitlin, a former Goldman Sachs banker who was to be America’s financial point man at the United Nations, faced character questions amid allegations of identity fraud and improper business practices. One of his India-based firms is being sued in a New Dehli court for failing to pay $2.4 million to a client, The Washington Post reported in November. [300 million people in this country and the only ones Obama seems to want to surround himself with in his administration are the tax cheats, liars, thieves and incompetent idiots…ed]

White House takes four days to respond to terror attack, but responds to Cheney criticism in matter of hours?

David’s post below on the White House’s decision to accuse of all people, Dick Cheney, of being insufficiently critical of al Qaeda beggars belief. As Jim Geraghty quipped, “He’s beyond condemning [bomber Abdulmutallab]; he wants to waterboard him until his lungs qualify for a federal wetlands status.” We all agree al Qaeda’s attempts to blow up airplanes are bad — the question is what is the current occupant of the White House going to do about it? But what I can’t wrap my head around is that it took the President four days to acknowledge what he termed a “catastrophic” national security failure, but Cheney criticizes the administration’s handling of the war on terror and they have a rapid response on the White House blog in a matter of hours? Priorities! [This administration’s priority is protecting the carefully crafted media image of what millions suspect is a closet muslim living in our White House, not the safety and security of this country or the American people…ed]

Rep. Massa challenges Cheney to debate

Rep. Eric Massa (D-N.Y.) is challenging former Vice President Dick Cheney to a debate about his most recent security criticisms of the Obama administration. Appearing on MSNBC’s “Ed Show” Wednesday night, Massa said he’s had enough of former Vice President Cheney “kicking us in the shins.” “I don’t want the president being diverted from his mission on this, having to deal with Dick Cheney. I want Dick Cheney debate me, anywhere, anytime, anyhow. And let’s see how he stands up to the truth,” Massa said. After host Ed Schultz suggested that Cheney would only appear on Fox News, Massa said that wasn’t a problem. “Then Ed, here’s a proposition — I’ll go on Fox and I’ll debate Dick Cheney on his home territory, because he’s standing on quicksand on this issue,” Massa said. [Mental midget Massa, a Democrat hack nobody has heard of appears on a left wing lunatic’s show nobody pays any attention to. It looks like the Obama administration has begun sending out suicide bumblers to try and cover for their colossal screwups. Cheney will verbally and intellectually murder this buffoon in any debate anywhere anytime…ed]

Food Vs. Trees

Agriculture: Already buffeted by rising food prices due to biofuels, consumers face a bigger hike if climate-change legislation is passed. Farming costs will rise, and it may be more profitable to plant trees than crops. If the cap-and-trade provisions of the Waxman-Markey bill become law, you can wave goodbye to those amber waves of grain as America’s heartland falls victim to a perverse set of incentives and a process called “afforestation.” Soybeans and wheat will give way to elms and oaks. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack wants a review of what amounts to an agricultural impact study of HR 2454, which shows it would make planting trees more profitable than planting food. The study, which was released by the USDA earlier this month, reckons that as a result of cap-and-trade, farmers with energy-intensive crops would see their cost of production go up 10% over the next 50 years. Couple that with the money to be made from carbon offsets, and it may not be long before we’re unable to see the farms for the trees. [More solid proof that liberalism is a serious mental disease…ed]

No Rise of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Fraction in Past 160 Years, New Research Finds

Most of the carbon dioxide emitted by human activity does not remain in the atmosphere, but is instead absorbed by the oceans and terrestrial ecosystems. In fact, only about 45 percent of emitted carbon dioxide stays in the atmosphere. However, some studies have suggested that the ability of oceans and plants to absorb carbon dioxide recently may have begun to decline and that the airborne fraction of anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions is therefore beginning to increase. [The global warming nutjobs have little use for real facts or the true application of science when it comes to challenging their fanaticism so this little scientific nugget will mean nothing to them…ed]

Idaho barista pulls shots, packs heat, stops theft

A teen trying to rob an espresso stand in northern Idaho met his match in a gun toting barista. Police say the 17-year-old confronted Sunshine Espresso owner Michelle Cornelson with a gun Wednesday morning, demanding all her money. Cornelson has been hunting since she was a girl and says she remained calm as a customer pulled up to the other side of her kiosk in Coeur d’Alene (kohr duh-LAYN’), distracting the teen. Cornelson quickly whipped out her 9 mm Kel-Tec pistol, which was a Christmas present from her husband. That scared off the teen so Cornelson could call police. [This woman’s husband very well may have saved her life with this thoughtful terrific and timely Christmas gift!…ed]

Wife ‘broke Tiger’s cheek with 9 iron’

TWO-timing Tiger Woods needed his face rebuilding after fuming wife Elin battered him with a golf club, it was claimed yesterday. Furman Bisher, one of America’s most respected sports journalists, said the nine iron smashed the golf legend’s cheek bone – and his two front teeth were almost knocked out. Bisher – described as the country’s top golf writer – also claimed the injuries are the real reason Tiger, 33, has not been seen in public since his mysterious car smash early on November 27. The retired writer claims his information came from a trustworthy colleague of Tiger’s agent, Mark Steinberg. [So the story that his wife wasn’t exactly swinging a golf club in an effort to free Tiger from his crashed Caddie has a healthy ring of truth to it huh?…ed]

AT&T cuts connection with Woods

AT&T Inc. said Thursday it would no longer sponsor Tiger Woods, joining Accenture in dropping support for the world’s top golfer, who’s taking a break from the sport to focus on his marriage after his admitted infidelity. The phone company hasn’t used Woods’ image extensively in advertising, but its logo appeared on his golf bag. That deal had been billed as a “multiyear” agreement when it was signed early in 2009, after Buick ended its endorsement one year early because of its financial woes. Woods has also been the host of the AT&T National PGA Tour event since it started in 2007. Tour spokesman Ty Votaw said that since Woods is on indefinite leave from professional golf, he will not serve as host for the 2010 event. However, his Tiger Woods Foundation will continue to be the beneficiary of the AT&T National, under a contract that runs through 2014, Votaw said. [The billions of bucks Woods stands to lose because of his hoein’ around could probably fund a bunch of smaller countries around the planet. Hope all that nookie was worth it there Cheetah…ed]

Woman’s blood alcohol content topples state records

A Sturgis woman had a blood-alcohol level of .708 percent, possibly a state record, when she was found earlier this month behind the wheel of a stolen vehicle parked on Interstate 90, according to Meade County State’s Attorney Jesse Sondreal. A South Dakota Highway Patrol trooper discovered Marguerite Engle, 45, on Dec. 1 passed out behind the wheel of a delivery truck reported stolen in Rapid City. Her blood-alcohol level was almost nine times South Dakota’s legal limit of .08 percent. Checks with local and state labs where blood-alcohol levels are tested suggest Engle’s reading may be the highest ever recorded in South Dakota, Sondreal said. [Look ma, I finally accomplished something and set a state record!…ed]

Quote of the day.

Ok, look, you know, when I was a kid, I inhaled frequently. That was the point.

-Barack Obama. [Perhaps that would help explain much of the idiotic stuff this clown has done over the last 11 months while occupying our White House…ed]

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