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One year on, Obamamania gives way to lukewarm support

A year on from a historic election, the spirit of popular goodwill that yielded America’s first black president has retreated to tepid support for Barack Obama as he presses his change agenda. Since the November 4 poll, Obama’s visage has been everywhere, conspicuously on the streets of the nation’s capital where millions of foreign and domestic tourists have visited over the past year, many of them snatching up poignant souvenirs. A quick look around downtown Washington confirms that the Obama trinkets are still for sale, but more than one strategically placed street hawker have found little point in displaying the T-shirts, posters, and “Yes We Can” buttons bearing the new president’s image. “They stay in the truck,” grumbled a vendor who identified himself as “Dick,” as he pointed to a rusty vehicle behind him. “They don’t sell anymore.” [The helium sure leaked out of THAT balloon quickly didn’t it? And as an added bonus all of those stupid “buy this Obama crap” television commercials have finally faded into history…ed]

CIT Files Bankruptcy; U.S. Unlikely to Recoup Money

CIT Group Inc., a 101-year-old commercial lender, filed for bankruptcy to cut $10 billion in debt after the credit crunch dried up its funding and a U.S. bailout and debt exchange offer failed. CIT listed $71 billion in assets and $64.9 billion in debt in a Chapter 11 filing in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan. The U.S. Treasury Department said the government probably won’t recover much, if any, of the $2.3 billion in taxpayer money that went to CIT. [2.3 BILLION of our taxpayer dollars go poof…ed]

McDonnell Could Lead GOP ‘Landslide’ in Virginia Race

With Republican Bob McDonnell holding a wide lead over Democrat Creigh Deeds in the Virginia race for governor, the former state attorney general could be at the fore of a GOP takeover on Election Day. Virginia could be poised to swing back to Republican hands in a big way on Tuesday. The traditionally purple state has trended Democratic in recent elections. President Obama secured a victory there in last year’s presidential election and the governorship has been in Democratic hands for eight years. But with Republican Bob McDonnell holding a wide lead over Democrat Creigh Deeds, the former state attorney general could be at the fore of a GOP takeover on Election Day. Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics, told Fox News he expects McDonnell to win big — and usher other Republicans into office along the way. “McDonnell is not only going to win — he’s going to win by a landslide. He’s going to pull his entire ticket to victory,” he said, predicting GOP gains in the House of Delegates as well. “It’s a big Republican year in Virginia.” [No chance for the Democrats to pull their usual dirty tricks in Virginia as McDonnell is headed for a blowout…ed]

Hoffman Has Big Lead Over Owens in New York House Race

Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman, who was embraced by the Republican Party after state Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava dropped out, leads Democrat Bill Owens in a two-way match-up 54 percent to 38 percent with 8 percent undecided, according to a Public Policy Polling survey conducted Oct. 31-Nov. 1. PPP predicts Hoffman will win a “resounding victory.” The pollster had been in the midst of taking the pulse of the upstate New York House district where a three-way race was in progress with Republican Dede Scozzafava, Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman and Democrat Bill Owens when Scozzafava dropped out. [Hey Newt Gingrich and the NRCC, CAN YOU HEAR US CONSERVATIVES NOW?!?…ed]

Christie leads

Chris Christie leads Jon Corzine 47-41 in PPP’s final poll of the New Jersey Governor’s race, with Chris Daggett at 11%. Corzine had pulled to within a point of Christie on our poll three weeks ago after trailing by as many as 14 points over the summer, but his momentum has stalled since then and Christie’s built his lead back up to 4 points last week and now 6. Christie’s advantage is due largely to his support from independents and because he has Republicans more unified around him than the Democrats are around Corzine. Christie leads Corzine 52-29 with indies, as Daggett’s support with that group has declined to 16%. Christie is getting 82% of Republicans to Corzine’s 72% of Democrats. [The numbers show Christie should easily beat the useless big time liberal Corzine, but I guarantee you the Democrats will pull out all of the stops in order to lie cheat and steal this election…ed]

Will Corzine Allies Steal the Election in New Jersey? ACORN, Dirty Tricks and Absentee Ballot Fraud.

New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine is locked in the political fight of his life. With just hours left before voting, polls show a neck-and-neck race between Corzine and GOP candidate Chris Christie, with Independent candidate Chris Daggett pulling significant support. Obama and VP Biden are making last ditch pitches for the embattled governor. But evidence is building that Corzine’s campaign may see its only salvation is in rigging the election. The first sign is a straight-up dirty trick. Daggett’s run for office is certainly convenient for Corzine, as he will help split any anti-Corzine vote. And, as a Corzine political appointee, one wonders if his candidacy wasn’t a set up to begin with. Now, in the final days of the campaign, it appears state democrats are paying for robo calls supporting Independent Chris Daggett. First reported here, the robo calls attack Christie (but not Corzine) and promote Daggett. At the end of the call, it is mentioned that the calls are paid for by a “project of the NJSDC.” [The Democrats will stoop to any level to remain in power and it is almost a sure bet that the VERY unpopular Corzine will “miraculously” get “reelected.” Prepare for videos showing union thugs trying to intimidate voters outside of polling places just like the Pink errrr I mean BLACK Panthers in Pennsylvania during the ’08 election…ed]

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More than 3 Million Registered Voters are Dead, 12 Million More Ineligible, Analysis Finds

Regardless of how lively an election season might be, a new study shows that more 3.3 million voters on current registration rolls across the country are dead. Another 12.9 million remain on voter registration lists in an area where they no longer live. The analysis was conducted by the Aristotle International Inc., a technology company specializing in political campaigns, developing software and databases for politicians. [As though the Democrats don’t have enough avenues to pursue the theft of elections…ed]

Roll Call: 9 of 10 Vulnerable Reps are Democrats

Roll Call news service has issued a list of the 10 House members whom it considers the most likely to lose their seats next year. Nine of the 10 are Democrats. Roll Call points out that this number really isn’t surprising. In 2008 Democrats were able to gain seats in traditionally Republican areas, thanks largely to the strong unpopularity of President Bush and the strong popularity of president-to-be Obama. But now Obama has lost some of his support, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi presents a juicy target for Republicans. In addition, the party in the White House generally loses congressional seats in mid-term elections. [This is just the tip of the iceberg. A bunch of Democrats in Congress are gonna get hammered in next years’ election and Obama is gonna turn out to be a one term wonder come 2012…ed]

Guantánamo suspects want to stay, say officials

As President Barack Obama’s deadline to close Guantánamo looms, some occupants of the notorious detention centre would rather prolong their stay than be sent to maximum security prisons on the US mainland, according to camp officials. Despite its reputation, the regime at the Pentagon facility on Cuba’s southern coast offers privileges that would not be enjoyed at the federal “supermax” prison at Florence, Colorado, the likely alternative for the most dangerous al-Qaeda suspects. Sensitive to criticism that the detention centre was not meeting international standards, the Pentagon has gradually improved living conditions at Guantánamo. [The Whiskey Tango Foxtrot news of the day…ed]

Sen. Hatch Questions Constitutionality of Obamacare: If Feds Can Force Us to Buy Health Insurance ‘Then There’s Literally Nothing the Federal Government Can’t Force Us to Do’

Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, who has served in the Senate for 33 years and is a longtime member of the Judiciary Committee, told that he does not believe the Democrats’ health-care reform plan is constitutionally justifiable, noting that if the federal government can force Americans to buy health insurance “then there is literally nothing the federal government can’t force us to do.” Both the House and Senate versions of the health-care reform plan would force all individuals who are citizens or legal residents of the United States to buy health insurance. President Obama has endorsed this provision. [This president and most of the people working with him to destroy our country as we know it HATE our Constitution because they crave the power to dictate every aspect of our lives and our Constitution is the only barrier to their goals…ed]

CBO: ObamaCare will Cover Only 2% of US Citizens

You may have missed it, as the Obama State-run media sycophants have worked feverishly to suppress it. One of a handful of media outlets that did publish anything on it (AP) devoted only one paragraph to this extremely important piece of news. Said paragraph reads:
WASHINGTON (AP) — A Congressional Budget Office estimate suggests very few Americans under the age of 65 would sign up for health insurance under the much-debated public option. The CBO found that the scaled back government plan in the House version of health care legislation couldn’t overtake private insurance, with only about 2 percent of Americans under the age of 65 opting in.

This is important because it completely contradicts what Obama and the White House have been saying for months…and months. [This piece of garbage hasn’t been signed into law yet and there is still time to send it down in a ball of flames as long as people stay focused and not get distracted by all the nonsense the Obama administration will certainly start tossing out here real soon…ed]

Alan Grayson, the Liberals’ Problem Child

On paper, Representative Alan Grayson, a freshman Democrat from Florida, seems a bit stiff: degrees from Harvard and Harvard Law; a résumé that includes clerking for the United States Court of Appeals under Judges Antonin Scalia, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Robert Bork; an advocate for the aging. But in recent weeks, Mr. Grayson has catapulted himself to national renown for outlandish rhetoric and a pugilistic political style that makes him seem less staid lawmaker than a character on the lam from one of his Orlando district’s theme parks. [Remember all the talk from Democrats about “civility” and how people attending townhall meetings were shrill, shouting and saying mean things? Then there’s this idiot…ed]

Obama Funder Jodie Evans Calls for Kidnapping of George and Laura Bush

One of President Barack Obama’s top funders, Code Pink’s Jodie Evans, is encouraging the kidnapping of former President George W. Bush and his wife Laura, according to new statements issued this week by Jodie Evans and Code Pink. While it might be tempting to look at this latest effort by Code Pink as an innocuous publicity campaign, Code Pink’s history of working with state sponsors of terrorism and supporting violent protest against President Bush–and their near successful arrest of then-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales–is cause for concern. Two weeks after meeting Obama at a high dollar fundraiser in San Francisco, Jodie Evans and Code Pink issued a call to action urging vigilantism against President Bush: [More left wing lunacy and extremism on display….ed]

Bad news for Democrats in revelation of ethics probes

After years of criticism that congressional lawmakers were reluctant to investigate their colleagues, the disclosure in recent days of a sensitive document from the House ethics committee offers the contradictory portrait of a panel actively pursuing a range of probes even as Democrats under scrutiny remain in positions of power. The 22-page document revealed that the ethics committee, as of late July, was looking into the activities of at least 19 lawmakers, including reviews of home mortgages and interviews about corporate-backed trips for members of Congress to Caribbean resorts. Combined with the inquiries being conducted by a new ethics office, the document showed a far more robust set of investigations than previously revealed. But the document also brings potential political peril for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), whose party claimed the majority in November 2006 after she promised to “drain the swamp” of corruption on Capitol Hill. Two and a half years into Pelosi’s reign, more than 25 Democrats have been targeted for ethics reviews by the two ethics bodies, while just seven Republicans appeared to be under scrutiny, according to the document. [At LEAST 25 Democrats under ethics investigation after the biggest slimeball of them all claims she was going to “drain the swamp” and have the most ethical House in history. I have a feeling the voters in this country will pull the plug on that Pelosi led sewer in a big way come 2010…ed]

Climate bill faces hurdles in Senate. DEMOCRATS DEEPLY SPLIT

The climate-change bill that has been moving slowly through the Senate will face a stark political reality when it emerges for committee debate on Tuesday: With Democrats deeply divided on the issue, unless some Republican lawmakers risk the backlash for signing on to the legislation, there is almost no hope for passage. Like the measure adopted by the House, the legislation favors a cap-and-trade system that would issue permits for greenhouse gas emissions, gradually lower the amount of emissions allowed, and let companies buy and sell permits to meet their needs — all without adding to the federal deficit, according to projections. But key Republicans are making their opposition clear, even as Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) has enlisted Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (S.C.) as his most visible GOP ally in gathering support for the bill. Sen. George V. Voinovich (Ohio), a member of the Environment and Public Works Committee who was initially seen as one of the few Republicans who might consider backing the majority, is helping lead the opposition. “Why are we trying to jam down this legislation now?” he asked during a hearing last week. “Wouldn’t it be smarter to take our time and do it right?” [Liberal lawmakers are desperate to slam this huge taxing scheme onto the backs of all Americans before they get their clocks cleaned in 2010. The Republicans and some common sense Democrats in Congress must do whatever they can to stop this Obamaination from arriving on the president’s desk…ed]

The Worst Bill Ever. Epic new spending and taxes, pricier insurance, rationed care, dishonest accounting: The Pelosi health bill has it all.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has reportedly told fellow Democrats that she’s prepared to lose seats in 2010 if that’s what it takes to pass ObamaCare, and little wonder. The health bill she unwrapped last Thursday, which President Obama hailed as a “critical milestone,” may well be the worst piece of post-New Deal legislation ever introduced. In a rational political world, this 1,990-page runaway train would have been derailed months ago. With spending and debt already at record peacetime levels, the bill creates a new and probably unrepealable middle-class entitlement that is designed to expand over time. Taxes will need to rise precipitously, even as ObamaCare so dramatically expands government control of health care that eventually all medicine will be rationed via politics. Yet at this point, Democrats have dumped any pretense of genuine bipartisan “reform” and moved into the realm of pure power politics as they race against the unpopularity of their own agenda. The goal is to ram through whatever income-redistribution scheme they can claim to be “universal coverage.” The result will be destructive on every level—for the health-care system, for the country’s fiscal condition, and ultimately for American freedom and prosperity. [This is the main piece of left wing insanity that needs to be stopped, right now!…ed]

Planned Parenthood Director Leaves, Has Change of Heart

Planned Parenthood has been a part of Abby Johnson’s life for the past eight years; that is until last month, when Abby resigned. Johnson said she realized she wanted to leave, after watching an ultrasound of an abortion procedure. “I just thought I can’t do this anymore, and it was just like a flash that hit me and I thought that’s it,” said Jonhson. She handed in her resignation October 6. Johnson worked as the Bryan Planned Parenthood Director for two years. According to Johnson, the non-profit was struggling under the weight of a tough economy, and changing it’s business model from one that pushed prevention, to one that focused on abortion. “It seemed like maybe that’s not what a lot of people were believing any more because that’s not where the money was. The money wasn’t in family planning, the money wasn’t in prevention, the money was in abortion and so I had a problem with that,” said Johnson. [I can see someone with a conscience having a problem with watching a live human being being killed before they had a chance to live their lives especially when she found out it was all about the money…ed]

Mssrs. Smith, Wesson for Pink Pistols

I’m putting my money on the notion that there was at least one gay-rights group that didn’t cheer when President Barack Obama signed the most recent “hate crimes” bill last week. That would be the group known as the “Pink Pistols.” They’re the one gay-rights group you can bet Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and virtually every other liberal in the country have absolutely no use for, but more about it later. (SNIP) The group’s Web site describes its purpose: “We are dedicated to the legal, safe, and responsible use of firearms for self-defense of the sexual-minority community. We no longer believe it is the right of those who hate and fear gay, lesbian, bi, trans, or polyamorous persons to use us as targets for their rage. Self-defense is our right.” [I’ve never heard of the “Pink Pistols” before but now that I know they are all for the Second Amendment, more power to em!…ed]

Auto registration checks scaring immigrants

News that the state will cancel the car registrations of possibly thousands of undocumented immigrants has caused panic and created rumors among those living in central Ohio. Before Aug. 24, a loophole in the state Bureau of Motor Vehicle’s policy allowed illegal immigrants to register cars in their names by using a power-of-attorney form, even if they didn’t have a driver’s license. The Ohio Department of Public Safety closed the loophole after delaying a crackdown on possibly fraudulent registrations for more than a year. After The Dispatch reported on the delay, the bureau sent letters at the beginning of October to more than 47,000 people statewide whose vehicle registrations didn’t list a Social Security number or Ohio driver’s license or ID number. The state gave them until Dec. 9 to prove residency at a local BMV and pay $3.50 or have their registration canceled. The change in policy was not aimed at a particular population, said BMV spokeswoman Lindsay Komlanc. “We have a responsibility to confirm that every document we use is verifiable.” [Another misleading headline by the lamestream media. Clearly it is ILLEGAL ALIENS who shouldn’t be in our country to begin with who are “scared” now that the loophole in the law has FINALLY been addressed…ed]

Public school nurses give swine flu vaccine to kids without parents’ OK, sends child to hospital

School nurses mistakenly gave the swine flu vaccine to two students who didn’t sign up for it – including a Brooklyn girl with epilepsy who wound up in the hospital. “I was outraged,” Naomi Troy, 26, told the Daily News after her 6-year-old daughter, Nikiyah Torres-Pierre, had a possible allergic reaction to the shot. (SNIP) After the mistake was discovered, officials summoned Troy to the school, she said. Troy said the nurse – a Department of Health employee – tried to get her to sign a consent form, after the fact. “I was insulted. I was really angry. ‘You just incriminated yourself even more,'” Troy recalled thinking. [I’m sure this kid will pull through this just fine but one has to wonder how in the hell something like this can happen to begin with!…ed]

CDC: Contaminated Beef May Be Linked to 2 Deaths

Two deaths and 26 other illnesses may be linked to fresh ground beef that has been recalled because it might be contaminated with E. coli bacteria, a federal health official said Monday. One of the deaths involved a New York adult with several underlying health conditions, said Lola Scott Russell, a spokeswoman for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The other is a death previously reported by New Hampshire, where state health officials said a patient died due to complications. Russell said all but three of the suspected infections are in the northeastern U.S. and 18 are in New England. [Over half a million pounds of potentially bad moo meat being recalled because it may be contaminated with the e coli bug…ed]

Quote of the day.

A fool and his money are soon elected.

-Will Rogers, who clearly had Michael Bloomberg in mind.

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