Thursday October 22nd

China’s push for oil in Gulf of Mexico puts U.S. in awkward spot

A Chinese company’s gambit to drill for oil in U.S. territory demonstrates China’s determination to lock up the raw materials it needs to sustain its rapid growth, wherever those resources lie. The state-owned China National Offshore Oil Corp., or CNOOC, reportedly is negotiating the purchase of leases owned by the Norwegian StatoilHydro in U.S. waters in the Gulf of Mexico, the source of about a quarter of U.S. crude oil production. China’s push to enter U.S. turf comes four years after CNOOC’s $18.5-billion bid to buy Unocal Corp. was scuttled by Congress on national security grounds. The El Segundo oil firm eventually merged with Chevron Corp. of San Ramon. Whether CNOOC’s second attempt to lock up U.S. petroleum assets will trigger a similar political backlash remains to be seen. The sour U.S. economy and the need for Washington and Beijing to cooperate on potentially larger issues could mute any outcry. [Sure, this makes sense. Let’s let China drill for oil right off our coast but prevent American companies from doing the same. This way communist China can essentially steal one of our most precious resources from under our noses while heating oil and gas prices go through the roof in America while we remain dependent on imports. Brilliant…ed]

China Expands Cyberspying in U.S., Report Says

The Chinese government is ratcheting up its cyberspying operations against the U.S., a congressional advisory panel found, citing an example of a carefully orchestrated campaign against one U.S. company that appears to have been sponsored by Beijing. The unnamed company was just one of several successfully penetrated by a campaign of cyberespionage, according to the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission report to be released Thursday. Chinese espionage operations are “straining the U.S. capacity to respond,” the report concludes. [This would be a nice follow up to the previously posted article…ed]

Obama Meets With Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow

A day after key White House officials declared the Fox News Channel wasn’t a news organization, President Obama met with MSNBC personalities Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. Talk about your delicious hypocrisy. Fittingly, the news was broken by FNC’s Bret Baier during Tuesday’s “Special Report.” (SNIP) Hmmm. So the White House thinks Fox isn’t a news organization because it has a perspective, and specifically points fingers at Beck and Hannity. What does the Adminstration think Olbermann and Maddow have? I guess it’s not a problem for a new organization and its members to have a perspective so long as it’s one the White House shares. [What do you want to bet old Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow have been told they need not fear any IRS troubles if they “forget” to pay their taxes as long as they keep up the mad dog attacks on Fox News and conservatives in general?…ed]

The feds take a shot at guns

For a decade, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been forbidden by Congress from doing research on gun-control issues. Such piddling hurdles as federal law don’t matter to the Obama administration. With a wave of a hand, the CDC has simply redefined gun-control research so the ban no longer applies. They’re not researching guns; they’re researching alcohol sales and their impact on gun violence, or researching how teens carrying guns affect the rates of non-gun injuries. (SNIP) The CDC’s brazen end run around restrictions on gun-control research is hardly surprising given that when President Obama served on the board of the Joyce Foundation, it was the largest private funder of gun-ban research in the country. Now he has the resources of the whole federal government. First we’ll get the half-baked studies followed by fawning press coverage. Then Democratic politicians and activists will pretend the gun restrictions they’ve always wanted were spurred by the new government research. [While the Obama administration is spending lots of time throwing all kinds of distractions out there, quietly behind the scenes they are diligently searching for any and every way to try and take our guns away. This is why you can’t rest when you are dealing with these leftists, they never let up…ed]

Devastating drop in job approval numbers for Obama in new Gallup survey

President Obama’s push for health care reform during the third quarter of 2009 has seriously damaged his public standing, according to new data from the Gallup Daily tracking poll. His job approval rating dropped nine points from the second to the third quarter, from 62 percent to 53 percent. The nine-point second-to-third quarter drop is the highest Gallup has ever measured for an incumbent president during his first year in office, and among the highest quarter-to-quarter drops measured for any president at any point: “Obama’s 9-point slide between quarters ranks as one of the steepest for a president at any point in his first year in office. The highest is Truman’s 19-point drop between his third and fourth quarters, followed by a 15-point drop for Gerald Ford between his first and second quarters. The largest for an elected president in his first year is Bill Clinton’s 11-point slide between his first and second quarters,” Gallup said. Gallup also noted that Obama’s average job approval rating has plummeted to among the worst since the polling organization began measuring presidential popularity and job approval. [Considering Gallup is famous for overloading their polls with Democrats and people who don’t necessarily have intentions of voting this truly is devastating news for Mr. Michelle Obama…ed]

Democrats Lose Big Test Vote on Health Legislation

Democrats lost a big test vote on health care legislation on Wednesday as the Senate blocked action on a bill to increase Medicare payments to doctors at a cost of $247 billion over 10 years. The Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, Democrat of Nevada, needed 60 votes to proceed. He won only 47. And he could not blame Republicans. A dozen Democrats and one independent crossed party lines and voted with Republicans on the 53 to 47 roll call. The Medicare bill has become a proxy for larger issues in the debate over legislation to overhaul the health care system. [Thirteen Democrats (spare me the “Independent” BS) joining all 40 Republicans in rejecting this “doc fix” scam sounds like some true BIPARTISANSHIP to me!…ed]

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Obama Nominee to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Argued ‘Gay Sex Is Morally Good’

Chai R. Feldblum, nominated by President Barack Obama to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), has argued that homosexual sex is “morally good” and that government should foster all types of domestic partnerships, including “non-sexual” ones. At a UCLA law school symposium in 2004, Feldblum said that homosexual activists need to do more than just pursue equality for same-sex relationships because advancing the homosexual agenda also “requires a statement that gay sex is morally good.” “Now, you may think that might be a little crazy to go out there and say, ‘Gay sex is good.’ But think about it for a second. Society definitely believes that heterosexual sex is good, right? Heterosexual sex within a certain framework–marriage–I mean you can’t get more dewy-eyed and romantic in this society about how wonderful that is,” Feldblum told the University of California at Los Angeles audience. [300 million people in this country and Obama continues to mine the bottom of the barrel for loons like this to join his administration…ed]

Sebelius Says U.S. Will Donate Part of H1N1 Vaccine Supply to Foreign Nations Before Meeting This Nation’s Demand

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told Wednesday that one in 10 doses of the swine-flu vaccine purchased by the U.S. will be donated to other nations before the U.S. demand for the vaccine is filled. Sebelius also told a Senate committee that vaccine production is well behind demand. “What we said is once we have 40 million doses (of the vaccine), the donation can start,” Sebelius told “There’s an agreement (of) 10 percent donation that 11 nations have made,” she said. [How about these other countries buy their own damn vaccines instead of the American taxpayers doing it for them?…ed]

Senate Judiciary Chairman Unable to Say Where Constitution Authorizes Congress to Order Americans to Buy Health Insurance

Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) would not say what part of the Constitution grants Congress the power to force every American to buy health insurance–as all of the health care overhaul bills currently do. Leahy, whose committee is responsible for vetting Supreme Court nominees, was asked by where in the Constitution Congress is specifically granted the authority to require that every American purchase health insurance. Leahy answered by saying that “nobody questions” Congress’ authority for such an action. [The federal government is not authorized to mandate everyone in America purchase health insurance or pay a fine and Congress knows it, they just don’t care and think they can do whatever they want without answering to the people who put them in office…ed]

Organized crime’s new target: Medicare and Medicaid

Organized crime gangs are exploiting a new target for illegal profit: Medicare and Medicaid. Experienced in running drug, prostitution and gambling rings, crime groups of various ethnicities and nationalities are learning it’s safer and potentially more profitable to file fraudulent claims with the federal Medicare program and state-run Medicaid plans. “They’re hitting us and hitting us hard,” said Timothy Menke, head of investigations for the Office of Inspector General at the Department of Health and Human Services. “Organized crime involvement in health care fraud is widespread.” Los Angeles is among the hot spots for health care fraud, where Russian, Armenian and Nigerian gangs have been caught by federal agents. [Remember, it’s the Democrats claiming that once they are in charge of your healthcare needs they will be able to bring down the costs and save us all lots of money. Yeah sure…ed]

Do we, the people, matter when the left is so close to seizing health care?

A newly released battery of polls confirms the worst fears of the White House and the Democratic leaders in Congress. What? That the stimulus is turning out to be a monumental failure in the present and is consigning future generations to an economy crushed by government debt? No, that’s future generations’ problem. (SNIP) Their worst fear is that Americans will figure out that health care “reform” – the House version, the Senate version, the White House version, they all lead to the same government control – is a scam. Brand-new polling shows that Americans are catching on. [SOME are just now catching on, the rest of us were onto this scam from the moment the Democrats hatched it…ed]

Key [Democrat] senators may rebuff Obama on health care

The Democrats’ control of a hefty majority in the Senate – plus the House – would suggest that President Barack Obama is within reach of overhauling the nation’s health care system this fall. But the numbers mask a more complicated reality: Obama and Democratic leaders have modest leverage over several pivotal Senate Democrats who are more concerned about their next election or feel they have little to lose by opposing their party’s hierarchy. One is still smarting from being forced to abandon next year’s election. Another had to leave the Democratic Party to stay in office. And some are from states that Obama lost badly last year. These factors will limit the president’s ability to play his strongest card – an appeal for party loyalty and Democratic achievement – in trying to muster the 60 votes his allies will need this fall to overcome a Republican filibuster in the 100-member Senate. [While Obama and his Chicago street thugs continue to go in front of TV cameras and blame Republicans for his problems ramming government run healthcare down the throats of an unwilling American public, the fact of the matter is the GOP can’t stop ANY LEGISLATION from winding up on Obama’s desk. The Won’s problems lie squarely within his own party and an election coming along in 2010 certainly isn’t helping his agenda any…ed]

Police: Dad ran over ‘Westernized’ daughter.

Police in a Phoenix suburb are looking for a man suspected of running down his daughter because she was becoming too “Westernized” and was not living according to their traditional Iraqi values. Police say 48-year-old Faleh Hassan Almaleki of Glendale allegedly ran his daughter down Tuesday at a parking lot in Peoria. The victim, 20-year-old Noor Faleh Almaleki of Surprise, remains hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. [We let this guy and his family into our country and give them the opportunity to live like Americans and he runs over his daughter trying to kill her because he thinks she is becoming too much like us? Nice…ed]

On Being Liked . . .

In one sense, we should all be happy that Obama — it is undeniable — has improved America’s standing in the polls taken abroad. But what might account for such a radical turn-about in America’s image in such a short time, other than the fact that a young, charismatic, and eloquent African-American is now the titular head of the U.S. instead of an older, white, Christian guy with a Texas accent who says “nuclar”? Not being George Bush helped, but there is clearly something more going on to account for such markedly improved attitudes about America. I think the answer is pretty clear: The world likes us when we admit that it was a mistake to take out Saddam Hussein; it likes us when confess to two centuries of systematic sinning and agree that we are no longer all that exceptional; it likes us when we at least verbally agree to sign on to the mass transfers of wealth in cap-and-trade European-style environmentalism; it likes us when we talk up the U.N. and rejoin the Human Rights Commission; it likes us when we distance ourselves from the hated Zionist entity; the world also likes us when we reach out to Ahmadinejad, Assad, the Castros, Chavez, Putin, and other dictators and totalitarians that are the norms in much of the world; and it likes us when it feels that we are adopting more statist policies akin to many states abroad. In other words, the more we resemble at least some of the popular attitudes of those in Asia, Africa, South America, and in Europe, the more we are liked. [We should care a hell of a lot less about being liked and a hell of a lot more about being RESPECTED…ed]

Poll finds nearly 2 in 3 Americans are Manmade Global Warming ‘Deniers’

According to a Pew Research Poll released today, the number of Americans believing there to be “solid evidence that the earth is warming” has dropped 14% since last year. And the biggest drop – 22% — was among those identifying themselves as independents. And while 57% are still buying into the continuing warming hype, the number attributing the warming to human activity has dropped from 47% to 36%. What’s more, the number seeing global warming as a “very serious” problem is down 9 points to 35%. These latest results would suggest that messages of continued scientific debate and flat or falling temperatures in the past 11 years are indeed being heard, despite a strident media campaign to silence them. [Perhaps Americans are beginning to realize this is nothing more than an attempt by the leftists to remove a huge chunk of money from their pockets and hand it over to Al Gore, Goldman Sachs and third world dictators so they can piss it away on themselves and their cronies…ed] And Its Soviet Similarities

USSR, 1959: I am a “young pioneer” in school. History classes remind us that there is a higher authority than their parents and teachers: the leaders of the Communist Party. The story of young pioneer Pavlik Morozov is required reading. Pavlik reported his father to the secret police for disobeying government regulations. His life exemplified the duty of all good Soviet citizens to serve their government. (SNIP) USA, 2009: “Progressives” control the government. Children in some public schools sing songs about the president and study his directives. Progressives view people not as unique individuals, but as groups. They play on class envy, or divide people by ethnicity (African-American, white, Hispanic, etc.). From early childhood they remind children of their ethnic identity. The idea of a color-blind society united under the American flag is not politically correct. [2009, history repeats itself…ed]

Rich Germans ask for more tax

A group of rich Germans have launched a petition to call for a wealth tax to help the country bounce back from an economic crisis, because, as one said, he had “a lot of money I do not need”. The text, posted on the internet at, has been signed by 44 people who want to convince the government of newly re-elected Chancellor Angela Merkel to raise their taxes. None of the names are those of Germany’s richest families. But for retired doctor Dieter Kelmkuhl, 66, it is time the wealthy came to the aid of their country. [Now THERE’S a solution to some of our money problems here in the states! Let’s just force all of the wealthy people to pay a hefty tax on that wealth every year and let’s start with all those millionaires in government like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Charlie Rangel…ed]

Man with “XXXXXXX” number plate receives parking fines for every unidentified car in city

Traffic wardens in Birmingham, Alabama, enter seven letter Xs onto their forms when they issue tickets to cars without plates. Unfortunately the default code matches the vanity plate of a motorist from the nearby town of Huntsville, who has received hundreds of incorrect payment notices over the past year. Scottie Roberson, 38, chose the personalised plate as a combination of his nickname “Racer X”, and his favourite number, seven. [Sorry but this has absolutely no news value whatsoever…ed]

Woman, 70, kills intruder at motel

A 70-year-old woman who is in town for the All-American Quarter Horse Congress shot and killed a would-be robber last night at a North Side motel, police said. The shooting occurred about 9:15 p.m. at the Continent Inn, said Columbus Police Sgt. Isaac Bridges. The motel, at 6225 Zumstein Dr., is located at The Continent shopping center, off Rt. 161 near I-71. Sgt. Eric Pilya of the homicide squad said the woman was in a motel room with four or five others and they’d cracked open the door to get fresh air. Pilya said a man barged into the room, demanding money from those inside. [Good for this woman! Saved the taxpayers a load of money…ed]

Quote of the day.

I think what our advisers have simply said is that we are going to take media as it comes, and if media is operating basically as a talk radio format then that’s one thing, and if it’s operating as a news outlet that’s another but it’s not something I’m losing sleep over.

-Barack Hussein Obama, definitely losing sleep now that he has chosen to get into a no win pissy fit with the most popular cable news channel in America.

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