Saturday October 10th

The Nobel Peace Prize Is Over

The Nobel committee has handed out some puzzling peace prizes over the years—Henry Kissinger and Yasir Arafat come to mind—but even given a few scratches and dings, the Nobel retained its luster as the most prestigious award of any kind in the world. Long after the “red carpet” pretty much destroyed the idea of prizes in general, the Nobel Peace Prize was still seen as rare and precious. (SNIP) That’s all over now. The Nobel Peace Prize is finished. It’s just another “prize,” like a Teen Choice Award for old people. No matter what you think of Obama, the man has done nothing, at all, to deserve it. [Good Lord even NewsWEAK is starting to get what an absolute nothing Obama is!!…ed]

Pointless Nobel prize reveals how President Obama is lost in his own mystique

Scrap the Nobel Peace Prize. It’s an embarrassment and even an impediment to peace. President Obama, in letting the committee award it to him, has made himself look vain, a fool and dangerously lost in his own mystique. Where do you start, in the daftness of it? Anointing a leader whose character the panel admires, but who is only a fifth of the way through his term of office and has not yet clinched any peace? The fey, fanciful lack of criteria, which does no favours to the rigorous awards in science that, unfortunately, share the same brand name? [The British press chimes in on the bogus Nobel Peace prize awarded to the “accomplished nothing” Barack Obama…ed]

Pelosi’s Sinking In the Swamp

When she became Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi assured Americans she would “drain the swamp” and clean up ethics violations. To this day, she still boasts about that notion as an accomplishment. Sadly, the swamp is winning. In perhaps the most appalling display of “cronyism,” — a word Pelosi herself used almost incessantly when Republicans were in power, — she has allowed her good friend and political ally, Rep. Charlie Rangel to retain his powerful post as Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. This, despite calls for him to step down from both sides of the aisle and a litany of unethical transgressions, including the following: [I wonder just how many criminal charges this woman would be facing in the real world for her actions since becoming Speaker?…ed]

Frank says D.C. gay rights march misses mark

Rep. Barney Frank, the first openly gay member of Congress, says he’d rather see gay rights supporters lobbying their elected officials than marching in Washington this weekend, calling the demonstration “a waste of time at best.” Frank , in an interview with The Associated Press, said he considers such demonstrations to be “an emotional release” that does little to pressure Congress. “The only thing they’re going to be putting pressure on is the grass,” the Massachusetts Democrat said Friday. [What’s old “Bendover Barney” worried about? That a bunch of radical flaming fruitcakes will show up and give many folks a rather uncomfortable impression of homosexuals?…ed]

Golfer Loses Arm in Alligator Attack

Officials say an alligator bit off part of a golfer’s arm as he leaned over to pick up his ball at a private South Carolina course. The man, who is in his 70s, was retrieving his ball from a pond when the 10-foot alligator bit him at Ocean Creek Golf Course in Beaufort County. [Poor man was at the wrong place at the wrong time doing the wrong thing…ed]

Fla. man kills fiancee on eve of wedding

A man who thought there was an intruder in his house shot and killed his fiancee the day before they were to be married, police said Friday. “Right now everything points to a tragic accident,” Police Chief Kevin Brunelle told The Associated Press, adding investigators were awaiting forensic results. John Tabutt, 62, told investigators he got his gun when he thought he heard an intruder, then fired at a figure in the hallway, according to Brunelle. It was Tabutt’s live-in fiancee, 62-year-old Nancy Dinsmore, who family members say he was going to marry Saturday. Tabutt told authorities he thought she was next to him in bed the whole time. [First rule before firing your weapon, identify and verify your target before sending rounds downrange…ed]

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Limiting medical lawsuits could save $41B

Limits on medical malpractice lawsuits would lead doctors to order up fewer unneeded tests and save taxpayers billions more than previously thought, budget umpires for Congress said Friday in a reversal that puts the issue back in the middle of the health care debate. The latest analysis from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates that government health care programs could save $41 billion over ten years if nationwide limits on jury awards for pain and suffering and other similar curbs were enacted. Those savings are nearly ten times greater than CBO estimated just last year. [Funny how none of the Democrat “healthcare” plans address this issue isn’t it? Of course they are in the pockets of the trial lawyers’ lobby so maybe that has something to do with it…ed]

Barack Obama has failed to match George W. Bush’s multiple visits

Say what you will about former President George W. Bush and his administration’s handling of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath — the man knew how to put together a post-Katrina White House visit to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. They were exhaustive, exhausting, sunup-to-sundown, sometimes multiday and multistate affairs. And there were a lot of them: 13 in all to the New Orleans area in the three years after the storm. [Shhhhh, don’t let the lamestream state run media in on this little secret!…ed]

Civil Rights Commission to Holder: Investigate ACORN now!Civil Rights Commission to Holder: Investigate ACORN now!

Gerald A. Reynolds, chairman of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, sent a letter today asking Attorney General Eric Holder to launch a “full-fledged, nationwide investigation of ACORN…with all deliberate speed.” The Oct. 9 letter, also signed by four other commissioners, notes that ACORN is now “the subject of vote fraud investigation in some 15 states.” The letter cites an internal report in which ACORN itself raised “serious questions about the relationships between its nearly 175 affiliates and possible violations of federal law” – including money transfers, possible conflicts of interest of employees working for more than one affiliate, and widespread evidence of ACORN’s role in fostering vote fraud. [Eric Holder investigate ACORN??? Yeah, when the NHL starts playing games in hell…ed]

Game 3 of Phillies-Rockies series postponed by snow

With a light snow coating the downtown streets, Major League Baseball has postponed tonight’s scheduled Game 3 of the National League Division Series between the Phillies and the Colorado Rockies. Game 3 will be played Sunday night at 10:07 p.m. Game 4 will be moved to Monday night, and Game 5, if necessary, will be played Tuesday night at Citizens Bank Park. The best-of-five series is tied at 1-1. [How’s that global warming “crisis” workin’ for ya these days Al Gore?…ed]

Global warming hooey

It’s truly extraordinary how every left-of-centre journalist in the country has managed to become an instant expert on the arcane subjects of global warming and the science of climate change. Imagine, for example, if some average Canadian hack who had never studied the Middle East suddenly announced that he was an authority on Israel-Palestine, knew which side was right and knew how to solve all of the associated problems. This, however, is what we are told every day when it comes to the fashion of sounding green. The more sympathy we can exhibit for Al Gore’s polar bear or David Suzuki’s whining, the more trendy and acceptable we become. [This global warming/climate change fraud continues to get torn to shreds as more and more scientists show the courage to come forward and debunk this leftist garbage…ed]

Is Columbus Day Sailing Off the Calendar?

Arrivederci, Columbus Day. The tradition of honoring Christopher Columbus for sailing the ocean blue in 1492 is facing rougher seas than the Niña, Pinta and Santa Maria. Philadelphia’s annual Columbus Day parade has been canceled. Brown University this year renamed the holiday “Fall Weekend” following a campaign by a Native American student group opposed to celebrating an explorer who helped enslave some of the people he “discovered.” [it won’t be long and every holiday honoring a Caucasian will be considered politically incorrect and they too wil go the direction of Columbus day…ed]

Apartment bans U.S. flags

Jim Clausen was shocked when the new on-site manager of the Oaks Apartments in Albany told him he could face eviction if he did not remove the American flags that fly from his Jeep and motorcycle in the parking lot. Clausen learned on Wednesday that American flags and others such as Mexican flags and college team flags were no longer allowed on vehicles parked at the complex. He was told the rule applies to flag decals as well. [So who the hell would want to live in this apartment complex besides Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan?…ed]

Arizona Sheriff Vows to Enforce Immigration Law Whether ‘Feds’ Like It or Not

Calling himself “the poster boy” for those who support the enforcement of federal immigration laws, Sheriff Joe Arpaio said he will continue to arrest individuals who are in the country illegally, even if Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) does not renew the 287(g) agreement that the Maricopa County (Ariz.) Sheriff’s Office has operated under for the past two years. [The federal government does not have the legal ability to tell county sheriffs how they can do their jobs and Arpaio knows it. Good for you big Joe and keep up the great work…ed]

Overseas Airports May Screen For H1N1 Symptoms

With the holiday season just a few weeks away, there are fears that the swine flu will pick up right along with air travel. Now, officials in other countries may screen those traveling internationally from the United States as a precaution. The Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration say, however, that such screenings are not taking place at travel hubs within America. [Heads up for those traveling this holiday season…ed]

Sick Iraq war veteran dies after being given smoker’s cancerous lungs in transplant

An Iraq war veteran died after a hospital transplant gave him a pair of cancerous lungs donated by a smoker. Matthew Millington, 31, a corporal in the Queen’s Royal Lancers, had the operation to save him from an incurable lung condition. But the donated organs – from someone who smoked 30 to 50 roll-up cigarettes a day – gave him cancer. [For God’s sake what the hell were these doctors thinking?…ed]

Captured Insurgent in Iraq: I Will Fight Again

He told his family he was going on a pilgrimage to Mecca. Instead, the second-year college student packed a vinyl travel bag and left home in Saudi Arabia for a trip that would take him on a smuggling route across the Syrian border and into the heart of the Sunni insurgency in Iraq. So began the underground life of safe houses, aliases and hit-and-run attacks of another Islamic foot soldier recruited to battle the U.S. military and its Iraqi allies. [Well of course these guys are going to come back and get in the fight as soon as they are released! Who wouldn’t expect that except for the Obama administration of course…ed]

Quote of the day.

If the American people really tire of democracy and want to make a trial of Fascism, I shall be the last person to object. But if that is their mood, then they had better proceed toward their aim by changing the Constitution and not by forgetting it.

-H.L. Mencken

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