Monday August 31st

Scarborough: Obama Admin Must Have Signed Off On Lockerbie Terrorist Release

If Joe Scarborough is right, this could be a game-changing blow to Barack Obama . . .On today’s Morning Joe, Scarborough left no doubt that he believes the Obama administration acquiesced to the release by the British government of Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, the convicted Lockerbie murderer and terrorist. Scarborough was reacting to reports suggesting that, contrary to initial claims, the release was done at the behest of Gordon Brown’s British government, and was not an independent move by Scotland. [Of course Obama and Gordon Brown gave the green light for Scotland to release the murderer of 270 human beings, there’s no question about it…ed]

Lockerbie bomber in hospital

A Libyan official said the man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing has been hospitalised and television footage showed him breathing through an oxygen mask, signs his illness from cancer may be worsening shortly after his early prison release sparked international outrage. The Libyan Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Mohammed Siala, said on Monday that Abdel Baset al-Megrahi was in the hospital and described him as a “dying man”. “He is in the hospital, he is a dying man, it is normal than he came to spend his last few days in Libya,” Siala told The Associated Press. [Stay tuned for the phony obit coming along here in a few days…ed]

Iraq: suspected bomber recently released by US

The suicide truck bomber who targeted Iraq’s Foreign Ministry in one of the most deadly attacks this year had recently been freed from U.S. custody, an Iraqi investigator said Sunday, raising fresh concerns that former detainees will return to violence. The revelation came as the government added more fodder to its allegations that Syria has been used as a launching pad for violence in Iraq, broadcasting a confession from a man who said he received militant training in the neighboring country. [Gee hard to imagine releasing a terrorist from custody and he turns around and commits a terrorist act…ed]

Sarah Palin gets 1,070+ invitations

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin this week will begin accepting and rejecting the more than 1,070 invitations she has received for paid speeches and political appearances since she resigned from office, aides said. Twenty speakers’ bureaus made offers to represent her. She has signed with Washington Speakers Bureau, which represents everyone from George and Laura Bush to Bob Woodward and Katie Couric to Alan Greenspan, Colin Powell and Rudy Giuliani. More than 950 requests for speeches have poured in for Palin, and over 120 candidates for office have asked her to appear, including folks running for Senate, House and state Legislature, aides said. [Many were smart enough to see right through all of the heavily edited “interviews” Palin gave to left wing media hacks and the stupid crap offered up by Comedy Central and knew she was gonna come out of the chute kickin’ ass and takin’ names as soon as she booted that Alaska job to the curb. Palin WILL be a strong political force in the future and has proven she can take any and all of the garbage the leftists have thrown at her…ed]

Federal Government Will Borrow 40 Percent of the Money It Spends Next Year, Says White House Report

According to the Obama administration’s mid-session budget update, the federal government will have to borrow nearly 40 percent of its total expenditures in 2010. The report, “Mid-Session Review, Budget of the U.S. Government, Fiscal Year 2010,” shows that 39.9 percent of all federal income will be borrowed, making borrowing the single largest share of revenue in 2010. The next largest component of federal revenue is the personal income tax, which accounts for only 27.3 percent of federal funds. [When the government is sucking up all of the capital available for loans several things happen. There is less of this capital available to businesses and individuals, interest rates will rise due to the limited supply of said capital and taxes will have to be raised to cover the cost of the government borrowing all of this money. There’s your hope and change folks…ed]

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Experts see double-digit Dem losses

After an August recess marked by raucous town halls, troubling polling data and widespread anecdotal evidence of a volatile electorate, the small universe of political analysts who closely follow House races is predicting moderate to heavy Democratic losses in 2010. Some of the most prominent and respected handicappers can now envision an election in which Democrats suffer double-digit losses in the House — not enough to provide the 40 seats necessary to return the GOP to power but enough to put them within striking distance. [That’s if we manage to hold elections in 2010. In reality the best thing that could happen to Obama as far as a 2012 reelection bid is for the GOP to pick up huge numbers in Congress in 2010. Think back when Clinton was in office and 1994 to get some perspective…ed]

Why Democrats won’t cross trial lawyers

Howard Dean proved last week at Rep. Jim Moran’s health care town hall meeting that even a veteran Washington, D.C., politician can level with people once in a while. A former Vermont governor and Democratic presidential aspirant, Dean was a practicing physician before he entered politics, so perhaps we should not be surprised by his explanation for why medical malpractice caps (i.e., tort reform) is not in Obamacare. “The reason tort reform is not in the bill is because the people who wrote it did not want to take on the trial lawyers in addition to everybody else they were taking on,” Dean said. “And that’s the plain and simple truth.” Put otherwise, trial lawyers have effectively bought themselves veto power. [Funny how, out of over 1,000 pages in this Obamacare crap, not a single word is uttered about capping malpractice lawsuits even though these are a major reason for the high cost of healthcare…ed]

US ‘needs fresh Afghan strategy’

A top US general in Afghanistan has called for a revised military strategy, suggesting the current one is failing. In a strategic assessment, Gen Stanley McChrystal said that, while the Afghan situation was serious, success was still achievable. The report has not yet been published, but sources say Gen McChrystal sees protecting the Afghan people against the Taliban as the top priority. [So where is all the medias’ yelling and screaming over this cluster*&ck in Obama’s Afghanistan quagmire? Where are all of the and CodePink pukes? At least that blithering loon Cindy Sheehan meekly continues to stand by her anti-war “principles.”…ed]

The KGB, Kennedy, and Carter

Edward Moore Kennedy, whose memory was endlessly praised in the mainstream media over the weekend, conspired with our Cold War enemy, the Soviet Union, against the interests of the United States Government. The effort was to thwart the national security goals being championed by the President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, as historian Paul Kengor reviews today on AT. What is not generally known is that Kennedy collaborated with the Soviets well before Reagan was elected, and had a direct hand in crafting the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. [Ted Kennedy was a scumbag and more of this kind of information will continue to come out in the next few weeks despite the lamestream media’s effort to make this hairball look like some kind of American hero…ed]

Polly the dog swallows 1000 magnets, computer mouse and gloves

POLLY the iron-guts pooch has animal magnetism. The blue heeler swallowed 1000 magnets, weighing a kilogram, forcing life-saving emergency surgery. The blue heeler swallowed 1000 magnets, weighing a kilogram, forcing life-saving emergency surgery. (SNIP) She has wolfed down a computer mouse, gardening gloves, a large rubber band, several rolls of fax paper and handfuls of gravel in the three years she has lived with Ms James. [This is the breed of dog Obama should have gotten that way he could have simply claimed the mutt ate his birth certificate…ed]

Firefighters try to battle back Station fire from Acton, Mt. Wilson

The Station fire, which has destroyed 21 homes and killed two firefighters, was burning within a quarter of a mile of Mt. Wilson as firefighters prepared for another long, hot day. Inspector Edward Osorio of the Los Angeles County Fire Department estimated property damage from the fire at $7,671,000 and rising. The fire is expected to move in a northeasterly direction, and officials are putting significant resources on the northern edge of the fire near Acton. [Another out of control fire in southern CA claims the lives of two firefighters…ed]

Rangel should resign

Charlie Rangel always has been an entertaining congressman. And not to damn him with faint praise, an effective one, too. But the New York City representative, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, is having a problem with his numbers as they relate to the truth. He now can be neither entertaining nor effective. He needs to go. If he won’t, Speaker Nancy Pelosi needs to push him. It’s the same old story for Rangel, who last year reluctantly acknowledged what he described as an inadvertent failure to report $75,000 in rental income for a beachfront property in the Dominican Republic. [Resign my ass, this steaming pile of Congressional crap should be perp walked right into federal prison…ed]

Women and older people less likely to receive heart attack drugs

Thousands of women and older people who suffer heart attacks are dying unnecessarily because they are not being prescribed the gold standard treatment which could prevent another attack. One in five people who have had a heart attack in Britain do not receive all four drugs recommended to prevent a second, a study of 60,000 people have found. Guidelines say heart attack patients should be prescribed two blood pressure drugs, a cholesterol lowering statin and aspirin to thin the blood. [Another revealing look into the future of America with Obamacare…ed]

Bikini-clad teacher Tiffany Shepherd, aka Leah Lust, turns to porn after being fired from school

A Floridian biology teacher fired after posing for racy pictures has landed a new career – in pornography. Tiffany Shepherd, 31, made headlines in April after bikini-clad pictures of her on a fishing charter got her canned from Port St. Lucie High School. She turned to doing porn, she told a Florida news outlet, after losing custody of two of her three kids to her ex-husband and sending out 2,500 resumes – some even to prisons – without landing a new teaching job. [I’m sure her parents and kids are so proud of her new career choice. Speaking of kids, imagine the grief they will be getting from classmates now that the word is out…ed]

(Texas) New driving laws go into effect Tuesday

Starting Tuesday, using a cell phone while driving through a school-crossing zone could cost you $200. It’s one of hundreds of new laws going on the books from the Texas legislative session that ended nearly three months ago. The 81st Legislature produced 1,426 new laws, many of them dealing with driving or enhancing punishments for violations of existing statutes. [Ignorance of the law is no excuse says the judge. That’s right every one of us is expected to know and understand every single city, county, state and federal law on the books and abide by them. In reality it’s an effort by the government to keep the citizens in a perpetual state of noncompliance so we never know whether we are coming or going these days…ed]

Quote of the day.

I am working for the time when unqualified blacks, browns, and women join the unqualified men in running our government.

-Cissy Farenthold (By golly I thing think we are now officially there Cissy!)

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