Monday August 3rd

What happens when the “fasten seat belt” light comes on during flight and morons ignore it. Unfortunately the idiots who blew it off and got hurt will now wind up with a pile of money.

At least 26 people were hurt this morning when Continental Airlines Flight 128 bound for Houston from Rio de Janeiro encountered severe turbulence, forcing it to be diverted to Miami. Mary Clark, a spokewoman for the Houston-based carrier, said 28 people were treated at the scene and “a number” were hospitalized in the Miami area.

Seems few people are interested in being a police officer in Massachusetts these days. Hard to imagine why.

The blood on the mannequin’s chest was fake and so was the pink money on the table. The drugs lying next to it weren’t real, either. (SNIP) “It’s pretty cool,’’ said Michaela Peterson, a 15-year-old from North Cambridge who, like the other teens, is getting paid $8 an hour for the six-week summer program. “It’s sort of like a game.’’ But Peterson, like many of her fellow investigators, has little interest in turning this game into a career, an obstacle that many police departments across the state have been facing in their quest for future officers.

Guilt trippin’ white liberals bailing out on Obama? It has to be this group they’re talking about in this article because they are the only reason he is in office.

His support among white voters fell to below 50 per cent for the first time in his presidency following his accusation the police “acted stupidly” in arresting a black Harvard professor. A Pew research poll found that 53 per cent of white voters approved of Mr Obama’s job performance before his prime-time intervention in the furore over whether Sergeant Joseph Crowley, a white officer, was right to arrest Henry Louis Gates Jr, a black studies professor.

Say, I wonder how much Obama’s mother-in-law is paying to live in our White House?

Recently, high-profile visitors to the White House, including senior corporate executives, have found themselves paying for their own meals when sitting down with President Barack Obama, something unheard of in previous White Houses, according to former aides to President George W. Bush and President Bill Clinton.

PBS (should be LBS-Liberal Broadcasting System) jazzed that Obama is going to send them hundreds of millions of our taxpayer dollars because they can’t support themselves because nobody watches them because it’s nothing but boring left wing drivel.

PBS chief Paula Kerger says budget numbers tell the tale of how public TV is faring under the Obama administration, compared to that of former president George W. Bush. Kerger said that the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s $430 million budget for this year was left intact by President Obama, in contrast to the Bush administration’s repeated bids to reduce or eliminate the federal subsidy. Kerger says Congress countered Bush’s actions.

Clunker cash stupidity. “Replacing an 18 mpg car with one that offers 22 mpg gets a subsidy. But you cannot get any subsidy if you replace a 19 mpg car with one that gets 42 mpg.”

The “cash for clunkers” program stalled less than a week after it started. The $1 billion in funding was intended to last until Nov. 1, but the money is all gone. Not only is the program broke, the fine print reveals that the real piece of junk is the law.

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Apple trying to quash news about problems with their burning and exploding iPods?

Apple attempted to silence a father and daughter with a gagging order after the child’s iPod music player exploded and the family sought a refund from the company. The Times has learnt that the company would offer the family a full refund only if they were willing to sign a settlement form.

Think you had a bad day?

It was a $500,000 answer to his prayers and it was in his back pocket. And then, suddenly, it wasn’t.

A little background on one of the idiots grabbed by Iran for “accidentally wandering” into that country while hiking. Yeah, he’s one of those wild eyed moonbat leftists.

A Cheltenham High School graduate with passionate commitment to the environment and human rights was one of three U.S citizens detained Friday in Iran by authorities. Josh Fattal, a Elkins Park native who recently resided in Oregon, and two fellow hikers crossed the border from the Kurdistan region of Iraq, according to the Kurdish regional government and Iranian media.

The British have gone completely mad.

A police exercise which saw female officers spending a day dressed in full Muslim dress has been blasted ‘a complete waste of time’. Two sergeants and a community support officer dressed in head-to-foot burkhas, jilbabs, hijabs and niqabs – with only narrow eye slits to see through as they accompanied four Muslim women.

I’m serious, the British have lost their freakin’ minds.

As an ex-Brit, I’m well aware of the authorities’ love of surveillance and snooping, but even I, a pessimistic cynic, am amazed by the governments latest plan: to install Orwell’s telescreens in 20,000 homes. £400 million ($668 million) will be spend on installing and monitoring CCTV cameras in the homes of private citizens. Why?

Congressional Democrats falling apart at the seams and it’s all Obama’s fault.

A bruising session marked by politically volatile legislation strained relations between congressional Democrats and the White House and spawned cracks in the party’s coalition. As House members headed home on their August recess Friday, President Barack Obama’s domestic agenda was increasingly at risk on Capitol Hill.

Health Care Bill Says Sebelius Must Develop ‘Measurements of Gender;’ Sebelius Says She Has ‘No Idea’ What That Means.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius says she has “no idea” about a section of the Senate health-care reform bill that requires her to “develop standards for the measurement of gender”—as opposed to simply relying on “male” and “female”—for use in a new federal database that will collect information about all beneficiaries of government-run or government-supported health care programs.

Good news. 13 year old girl pulls two year old from bottom of pool, saves the kid’s life.

A teenage girl’s quick response saved a toddler’s life. Officials said the 2-year-old girl was separated from her family for about a minute around 2:20 p.m. Sunday at the Sheraton Desert Oasis resort in Scottsdale. A 13-year-old girl, visiting from California, saw the child on the bottom of the pool and pulled her out, Scottsdale Fire Department spokesperson Lori Schmidt said.

Obama’s spokesman Mr. Family Guy lies through his teeth about raising taxes on the middle class. It’s coming and we know that they know that we know it.

President Obama is committed to making sure middle class families do not see a tax increase, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Monday, one day after two top economic officials seemed to leave the door open to a tax hike. “The president’s clear commitment is not to raise taxes on those making less than $250,000 a year,” Gibbs said, repeating Obama’s pledge from the presidential campaign. On Sunday, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner suggested that taxes increases are inevitable.

Heck we have nothing to worry about if the federal government has all of our medical information on file. Nope, no worries at all.

The names and Social Security numbers of at least 27,000 Commerce Department employees were exposed to a risk of identity theft following an inappropriate transfer of the personal information in mid-July, according to a letter sent to department employees last week. An employee with the National Finance Center mistakenly sent an Excel spreadsheet containing the employees’ personal information to a co-worker via e-mail in an unencrypted form on July 13, according to the letter.

Mexican drug thugs weapon of choice these days? Grenades, and they’re now using them here.

It was a scenario U.S. law enforcement had long feared: A fragmentation grenade from Mexico’s bloody drug war tossed into a public place. Only the grenade thrower’s bumbling prevented bloodshed in a south Texas bar – he neglected to pull a second safety clasp. But the act was proof that one of the deadliest weapons in Mexico’s drug battle is a real threat to the U.S., and investigators are stepping up efforts to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

I wonder if someone in Washington DC is leaning on the Nevada Supreme Court to release convicted felon O.J. Simpson and his cohort on bond pending his appeal?

A trio of Nevada Supreme Court justices is considering whether to let O.J. Simpson and a former golfing buddy out of prison while the full court reviews their convictions for a gunpoint hotel room heist. (SNIP) The justices won’t make an immediate decision, but it is rare for the state high court to hear oral arguments on bond and even more rare to grant release.

Quote of the day.

It’s true — we have passed more serious, substantive laws than any Congress since President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s first term. One of those is the economic recovery plan we passed in the winter. It is an aggressive program that puts people back to work, ensures middle-class families can get ahead and invests in our future.

-Harry Reid Senate Majority Leader deluding himself about what a great job Congress has done the last seven months.

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