Friday July 24th

Obama walks back on his stupid and uninformed words concerning Cambridge police, Harvard professor incident.

US President Barack Obama has told reporters he should not have described the arrest of a black Harvard professor as “stupid”. Mr Obama has faced criticism for wading into the controversy during a televised news conference on Wednesday. Professor Gates was apprehended at his own home after a witness saw him apparently trying to force his way in. He was held for disorderly conduct after allegedly accusing the arresting officer, Sgt James Crowley, of racism.

In a case that should make CIA personnel grin Blue Dog Democrats say House leaders have been lying to them all along, storm out of healthcare meeting.

House healthcare negotiations dissolved in acrimony on Friday, with Blue Dog Democrats saying they were “lied” to by their Democratic leaders. In advance of a subsequent press conference called by House leadership, Blue Dog liaison Rep. Dennis Cardoza (D-Calif.) said the healthcare bill should be staying in committee. “I expect the committee process to proceed,” Cardoza said.

So was it really Ed Rendell, the governor of Pennsylvania, who was pokin’ that hooker? If so will anybody be calling for his fat ass to resign?

Man, Ed Rendell is so screwed — literally. I don’t normally listen to Opie & Anthony looking for breaking news, but astonishingly that’s what I just got. A few minutes ago, the cast of the show on Sirius XM radio were interviewing Kristin Davis — not the one from Sex and the City, the former Manhattan Madam who spent four months in Rikers in connection with the Eliot Spitzer hooker scandal from last year.

What the old farts in America can look forward to if Obamacare comes on down the pike.

An 83-year-old woman from Östergötland in southern Sweden was forced to pay for back surgery out of her own pocket after doctors at her local public hospital told her she was too old for the treatment. “Without the operation, I might have lived another five years in incredible pain. But what kind of life is that?” Marianne Skogh told the Östgöta Correspondenten newspaper. Skogh has suffered from pain and numbness in her legs since 2004. After waiting for more than a year to see a specialist in the public health system, Skogh was finally told that the pain was likely to do problems in her back.

Oh thank goodness!! Maybe now they will all come on up and visit our country! Or start doing the jobs us Americans are too lazy to do.

The image of the United States in the minds of Mexican citizens has skyrocketed in the past year — rebounding to positive levels not seen since the American invasion of Iraq. According to the Pew Global Attitudes Project’s newly released survey on international attitudes toward the U.S., the favorable image of the United States has soared in Mexico from 47 percent to 69 percent since Barack Obama replaced George W. Bush as president.

Governor Rick Perry showing some stones or blowing some of that famous south Texas hot air?

Gov. Rick Perry, raising the specter of a showdown with the Obama administration, suggested Thursday that he would consider invoking states’ rights protections under the 10th Amendment to resist the president’s healthcare plan, which he said would be “disastrous” for Texas. Interviewed by conservative talk show host Mark Davis of Dallas’ WBAP/820 AM, Perry said his first hope is that Congress will defeat the plan, which both Perry and Davis described as “Obama Care.” But should it pass, Perry predicted that Texas and a “number” of states might resist the federal health mandate. [Keep in mind he is up for reelection and is known to have attended at least one Bilderberger meeting…ed]

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I cannot for the life of me understand what Jews were thinking with their rabid support of Obama during the election. Oh well, there seems to be plenty of room left under the bus.

A huge crack has surfaced in Obama’s Jewish base in the person of Alan Solow, one of the president’s closest Chicago friends and long-time supporters. Solow, who was named chairman of the Conference of President of Major Jewish Organizations last December, just released a highly critical statement on behalf of the 52-member group, in which he thoroughly disagrees with Obama’s demand that Israel halt all construction of Jewish housing in East Jerusalem, including the Old City — the holiest place in Judaism.

Feds say every youngster over six months should get flu shot. Glad I’m all grown up.

All U.S. children aged 6 months to 18 years should get a seasonal influenza vaccine every year, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Friday. The CDC’s Dr. Anne Schuchat said the agency was strengthening recommendations for children to get the vaccination against seasonal influenza, especially with fears that the new H1N1 virus will be added to the already expected burden of seasonal flu.

CA families abandon their dead relatives in morgues to avoid high cost of burying or cremating them.

Bodies left unclaimed, cadavers stacked high in morgues and burial rates tumbling as loved ones cut funeral costs: the crippling recession is even haunting the dead across the United States. In Los Angeles, the local coroner’s office has witnessed an unprecedented spike in the number of corpses unclaimed by families who cannot afford the costs of a burial or cremation. “The reason we are hearing from the families is the economic downturn,” Los Angeles County Coroner’s chief investigator Craig Harvey told AFP. “They tell us they don’t have the means to afford funerals.”

More enviroweenie idiocy rears its ugly “head.”

The Department of Environmental Conservation’s effort to maintain eco-friendly bathrooms at its downtown headquarters has made quite a splash but not in the way the state intended. DEC has been getting complaints by state workers that waterless urinals at their building have created a fetid mess complete with “splash back,” “puddles (of urine) on the floor,” and “unpleasant odor.” Those using the restrooms at DEC’s 625 Broadway headquarters grew so disgusted that in April they filed a union grievance alleging a health hazard and a violation of work rules protecting employees from “elements, such as filth or pathogens,” according to records obtained by the Times Union. The grievance was dismissed by DEC, then taken to the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations earlier this month where it also was dismissed.

Police officer who had been in coma since on duty car wreck seven years ago, passes away.

A Modesto police officer has died, seven years after he fell into a coma when an assault suspect broadsided his car during a chase. Police officials say Sgt. Steve May’s death Thursday makes him the second officer to die in the line of duty in the department’s 118-year history. Both officers died in vehicle chases.

Money relieves pain but didn’t we all know that already?

Money dulls physical pain and eases the sting of social rejection, new research shows. Through six experiments, psychologists and a marketing professor probed the power of money as a proxy for social acceptance. Among their results, they found that merely touching bills or thinking about expenses paid affected the participants both physically and emotionally. Because it affects pain, money may be a clue to how the brain evolved to process social interactions, the researchers wrote in a paper published in the June edition of the journal Psychological Science.

Muslims to get their own police force in England. Like we didn’t see this nonsense coming.

Muslim crime victims could gain the right to have their cases overseen by police from their own religion, it emerged last night. Police in London already give victims the right to ask for a Sikh officer to be involved in an investigation but the scheme could be introduced for other religions elsewhere. Chief Supt Joanna Young, from the Met’s Criminal Justice Policy Unit, said: “If it’s a success, I would encourage the other (police) associations to do likewise.”

Police officer arrested for theft in North Las Vegas. Oh yeah, he had been driving around on an expired license for the last two years too.

New details emerged Thursday from an arrest report of 39-year-old Benjamin Miles Cordova, a North Las Vegas police officer who was arrested Tuesday on fraud charges for allegedly purchasing fuel for his personal vehicle on a department credit card. Cordova had been videotaped three separate times fueling his blue Chevrolet Colorado four-door pickup truck using another officer’s credit card at two gas stations in Henderson and North Las Vegas, the arrest report indicated.

Quote of the day.

Let me tell you something. I’m from Chicago. I don’t break.

-Barack Obama on whether the government healthcare takeover will be his undoing.

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