Tuesday June 9th

Knucklehead arrested for bugging people around town while wearing womens’ swim suit, with video.

Sugarcreek Township Police said a man who has been harassing people while wearing a woman’s bathing suit was arrested Monday evening. For about a week people have been calling Sugarcreek Township police to say a man in a one-piece bathing suit was harassing them along the banks of the Little Miami River and along nearby streets.

Elevator door gives way when man playfully pushes friend into it. Friend falls down shaft and is killed.

A freak accident took the life of a 19-year-old Downers Grove man over the weekend when he plunged down an elevator shaft in an apartment building near Iowa State University, police said. Robert A. Pawlak, a 2008 graduate of Hinsdale South High, was next to an elevator on the seventh floor of the Legacy Apartments when a friend pushed him, said Ames, Iowa, Police Cmdr. Mike Brennan. Pawlak hit the elevator door, the door collapsed inward and he fell down the shaft.

Celebration over new job results in Darwin moment for teenager.

A Kansas City teen has lost a fingertip in a weekend firecracker explosion. The Kansas City Star reported that the 17-year-old told police he was celebrating with friends because the mother of one of his friends had gotten a job.

Workers at restaurants rip off patrons’ credit card info and give it to other crooks who then charge over $700,000 with the info.

Eight people have pleaded guilty to stealing credit card numbers from patrons at Washington restaurants and using them to buy more than $730,000 worth of merchandise. Federal prosecutors said Monday that five former servers at M&S Grill, Clyde’s Restaurant and 701 Restaurant used hand-held skimming devices to steal credit card numbers and provide them to three Maryland men.

Fisherman snags live air to air missile in gulf of Mexico.

Bomb squad technicians are working to destroy an air-to-air guided missile a commercial fisherman hooked in the Gulf of Mexico. The fisherman brought the 8-foot live missile on shore at Madeira Beach Monday afternoon, where Pinellas County deputies and members of the MacDill Air Force Base bomb squad detonated and dismantled it, then took the pieces to the base.

Former inmate sues prison nurse over two day long woody.

Now this is hard time. An ex-con is suing an upstate prison nurse who allegedly sent him back to his cell after medication side effects gave him a painful erection that wouldn’t go away. Dawud Yaduallah says he suffered for 55 hours before finally getting hospital treatment to relieve the problem in his pants.

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Starbucks hoses people with double charges during Memorial Day weekend. Funny how we never hear about businesses undercharging us.

Starbucks acknowledges that it inadvertently double-charged a million customers for their beverage at more than 7,000 stores on Memorial Day Weekend, KING5-TV, NBC’s Seattle affiliate, reports. Many customers probably never knew they were paying double for their latte because the excess charging came at the end of the day when the stores settles their credit card transactions.

Handling firearms when you get home from the bar at 3:45 am is just a bad idea.

The thumb of a 25-year-old Clarksville woman was accidentally shot off Monday morning as she and her husband cleaned up after their dogs. According to a report, the couple returned home from a bar around 3:45 a.m. Monday and found the living room of their South Senseney Circle residence in disarray from their dogs.

Ballsy group busted for breaking into police department building and stealing stuff.

A home in Jonesboro was raided Tuesday morning in connection with a June 1 break-in at the McDonough Police Department headquarters in McDonough, Police Chief Preston Dorsey said. Three suspects were reportedly apprehended in the 8:30 a.m. raid on King Street. Police recovered items believed stolen from the McDonough police headquarters, Dorsey said.

31 year old man suffers seizure and dies during his wedding reception.

Peggy Widmer Orkis of Lower Burrell became a bride and a widow on the same day. Shawn Orkis, her husband of barely eight hours, died Saturday after collapsing during their wedding reception at Hill Crest Country Club in Lower Burrell. “I never would have believed God would give me the best day and the worst day of my life at the same time,” Peggy Orkis said Sunday. She said her husband had reached down to remove her garter when he fell to the floor about 9 p.m.

FBI agents take senior citizen into custody on suspicion of bank robbery.

The FBI has identified the man wanted in yesterday’s Center City bank robbery as Jerry Lee Stanton, 59, of West Philadelphia. He was arrested by FBI agents today at around 10:30 a.m. on the 5000 block of Walnut Street. FBI agent Vicki Humphreys, a spokeswoman for the agency, said Stanton will be charged locally.

Baby in a big hurry to enter this world rolls right down mom’s pants leg as she stood at the bottom of the stairs at home.

A mother told of her shock today after she unexpectedly gave birth at home so quickly her baby daughter slid down her trouser leg. Katherine Allan, 23, was having regular contractions, but was told by the hospital they were still too far apart to require treatment. However moments later tiny Hannah made her surprise appearance at the bottom of the stairs as Katherine’s partner Alan Moore, 25, helped her walk.

Unlicensed daughter driving family car loses control and slams into mom breaking her legs.

A 17-year-old girl who was practicing how to drive in a cinema parking lot struck her mother and broke her legs, Springfield police said. Sgt. Thomas E. Long said the mother was sitting on a fence when she was struck with the 2001 Ford Windstar van Saturday morning.

Dog playing “fetch” in Germany returns WW 2 hand grenade to owner on last run.

A dog playing fetch in Germany has found and delivered to its owner a U.S. hand grenade from World War II. Police in the western town of Erkrath said Monday they were called by the dog’s 40-year-old owner who stopped walking her pooch when she recognized the “rusty” object it was carrying was a weapon.

California police chief’s son busted on robbery charge.

The son of the Dos Palos police chief is facing charges stemming from the alleged robbery of a 17-year-old at gunpoint in Merced. Nineteen-year-old Nicholas Mann was expected to be arraigned Wednesday.

Apple slashing prices on iPhone3G, Macbook computers.

Apple delivered several major announcements in rapid fire Monday, including iPhone and MacBook upgrades, significant price cuts and an in-depth look at its next-generation operating system. The most anticipated announcement was the iPhone 3GS smartphone, successor to Apple’s popular iPhone 3G. The “S” stands for speed, referring to the performance boost of the new iPhone — up to two times faster than its predecessor, according to Apple.

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