Wednesday May 27th

Five year old feral girl, supposedly brought up by dogs and cats, rescued from dilapidated home in Siberian city of Chita. Police have opened an investigation into her family members for child abuse. Gee ya think?

A feral girl who has spent her entire life shut up in a flat in the company of cats and dogs has been taken into care by police in Siberia. The child, 5, was unable to speak and acted like a dog when officers discovered her locked in a squalid, unheated flat in the city of Chita. “For five years, the girl was ’brought up’ by several dogs and cats and had never been outside,” police said in a statement.

Chinese woman suffering from severe headaches decides to go the hospital. Doctors discover she has an embedded bullet in her face that has been there for decades.

Huo Guoying complained to doctors about an on-going agonising headache and was taken into a local hospital for an X-ray. The images revealed a 3.3cm long bullet had become lodged in the side of her face next to her ear. When doctors showed the 65-year-old the pictures she told them she had no idea how the bullet could have got there.

Crooks listen up. Powerful cancer drug causes interesting side effects including loss of fingerprints.

When a cancer patient from Singapore traveled to the United States last year, he discovered an unusual side effect of his medication: missing fingerprints. The 62-year-old man was taking capecitabine, or Xeloda, to treat head and neck cancer. Upon arriving in the U.S., immigration officials asked him for his fingerprints. But the drug had caused so much redness and peeling to his fingers that the patient, identified only as Mr. S., had none.

Pennsylvania mother, 9 year old daughter missing after traffic collision. Her 911 call claimed they were abducted by two black men and were being held in trunk of car. This one smells to high heaven…ain’t buying it for a second.

Police say they’ve found the silver SUV of a Pennsylvania woman and her young daughter who were allegedly kidnapped in broad daylight and called 911 from the trunk of a car. There was still no sign of Bonnie Sweeten, 38, of Feasterville, Pa., or 9-year-old Julia Rakoczy Wednesday morning after the discovery of their vehicle in the Center City section of Philadelphia. A massive manhunt was under way.

Hospital offers new hires free boob jobs and other surgical procedures if they promise to stay on the job for at least three years.

A HOSPITAL is so desperate for new staff its offering out free BOOB JOBS in return for filled vacancies. Plastic surgeons in Prague will perform enhancing operations if qualified nurses and doctors put their names to a three year contract.

London police discover woman’s body that had been in a freezer for 20 years.

London police have discovered a woman’s corpse in a home freezer 20 years after her death and have been questioning her 83-year-old daughter, Britain’s Press Association reports. Police searched the home of Daulat Irani 10 days after a neighbour reported there might be a body in the garage, the agency said. Police believe the dead woman, Gulbai Freedoon Murzdan, died 20 years ago.

PETA lunatics up to some more of their ridiculous antics.

Two animal-rights activists are scheduled to shower nude in public today at noon in downtown Orlando in order to draw attention to vegetarianism, the group said today. The two women from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals will shower behind a banner at the corner of S. Orange Avenue and E. Church Street. The banner will read: “Clean Your Conscience: Go Vegetarian! 1 lb. of Meat = 6 Months of Showers.” The group has already had one shower event this week in Gainesville, and will have another in West Palm Beach later in the week, according to Ashley Byrne, a senior campaigner who works in PETA’s Norfolk, Va., headquarters. One of the two women participating in the Orlando event is from the Orlando area, and the other is from Tampa, she said.

Snooping through law enforcement databases for information on a man he suspected was fooling around with his wife costs police officer his career.

A crumbling marriage ultimately cost a Goodyear police veteran his badge. Richard Beck has relinquished his badge in the wake of accusations that he illegally accessed law-enforcement databases to look up information about a man he believed was having an affair with his estranged wife, and later lied about it. The agreement reached between Beck, 35, and the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board last week permanently strips him of his ability to work as a police officer in Arizona.

Would you spend a thousand bucks for an outdoor dog toilet? And I thought the $10 I spent on the last pooper scooper I bought was steep.

Necessity might be the mother of invention, but nastiness also played a big role in Curt Fournier’s creation. Fournier, 34, developed the Powerloo and formed GreenDog LLC with fiancee Victoria Januszewski. It’s an outdoor, handsfree flushable toilet for dog waste. The Powerloo sits just below ground level and taps into sewer lines. It’s designed to be an environmentally safe and convenient way to dispose of dog poop. Fournier, who said he spent two years on research, said it’s preferable to taking up space in a landfill or remaining on the ground. Federal environmental and disease experts said dog waste can infect humans or other animals, and contaminate water sources.

Seattle area marijuana grower gets popped by “law enforcement” twice. First by fake FBI agents, the second time by the real deal.

A Wallingford resident who operates a medical-marijuana-growing site for himself and other ill patients saw his crop of drugs raided twice Tuesday — once by police. Mark Spohn, 48, called police after four men dressed like FBI agents burst into his home around 11 a.m., according to his attorney Douglas Hiatt.

FBI to investigate Minnesota Metro Gang Strike Force law enforcement coalition.

The FBI is the latest agency now investigating the Metro Gang Strike Force, a law-enforcement coalition that has come under fire amid allegations of mishandling money and property, destroying documents and disconnecting computers. State Department of Public Safety Commissioner Michael Campion, along with making the request, also has asked the strike force’s advisory board to halt the unit’s daily operations to allow Campion’s department to implement more than two dozen recommendations made by the state Office of the Legislative Auditor.

Man does the right thing by not driving while drunk. He does the wrong thing by allowing his 12 year old son to attempt to drive him home.

Tampa Police have arrested a man they say sat drunk in the passenger seat of his SUV while he let his 12-year-old son drive. Authorities say the boy hit a pregnant woman’s car while making a turn. Both vehicles had minor damage Saturday. No injuries were reported, but the woman asked to be taken to a hospital as a precaution. She was eight months pregnant.

Study shows which vehicles happen to be driven by people who get ticketed for the most moving violations.

Is the car you drive on a list of models that get the most tickets? [Note to author, cars don’t “get tickets” the people behind the wheel do…ed] KMBC’s Maria Antonia took a look at a study of the makes and models that attract the most traffic tickets. The study was conducted by Quality Planning Corporation, which specializes in gathering information for the insurance industry – information that is often used to set policy prices.

Quote of the day.

Joe Biden has had his finger in every tawdry hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee in my memory. He has lowered the standard of debate. He has politicized the confirmation process. He has used his position to defame a number of nominees, including Bob Bork and Clarence Thomas, and there’s no road too low that he won’t travel.

-Mark R. Levin discusses how Biden treated conservative SCOTUS nominees in this article.

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