Tuesday April 28th

Message in a bottle found in wall at infamous German World War II death camp.

Workers demolishing the wall of a building that once belonged to the former Nazi German Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp have found a message in a bottle written by prisoners 65 years ago, Auschwitz museum officials said. “We know two of the Auschwitz prisoners who signed the message survived the camp, but their later fate isn’t known,” Auschwitz-Birkenau museum historian Jerzy Mensfelt told AFP in a telephone interview. “If they are alive, they would be in their 80s now. Perhaps the publicity surrounding this discovery will lead to more information,” he said.

Time to move? Check out the most and least costliest places to live and where all the high paying jobs are hanging out.

With unemployment rates soaring, the days when you could be assured of finding a job in your preferred location are long gone. In these times of economic uncertainty, you may be forced to relocate, either to chase a new employment opportunity, or to reduce your living expenses.

Freak out over this flu thing if you must but past experience would tell you it’s a waste of time and energy.

In April 2003, the world seemed on the brink of a killer pandemic. After simmering for months in Guangdong, China, the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) virus had exploded in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Canada, the U.S. and 14 other countries. It had a seriously scary fatality rate of 10%. But as quickly as it came, it just as quickly faded away. The virus turned out not to be as contagious as feared.

Liberals’ panties in a wad over Fox network decision to stick with usual programming instead of dropping everything and carrying another primetime teleprompter speech from Obama. Will broadcast ‘Lie to Me’ during the speech. Perfect.

This is sure to fire up liberals who believe Fox is nothing more than a Republican mouthpiece. Fox announced this afternoon that it will not air President Obama’s news conference on Wednesday night, marking his 100th day in office and the third primetime Q&A session of his administration.

[Notice that Fox NEWS will carry the yawner. And how come we never hear msnbc, abc, nbc, cbs and cnn are nothing more than Democrat mouthpieces because that is exactly what they are…ed]

Napolitano, former governor of AZ when Phoenix became the number two city in the world for kidnappings most of which are related to Mexican drug gangs, says closing the border not the solution to containing flu virus.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano defended the government’s response at a press conference Monday afternoon as reporters asked her about the risk of asymptomatic swine flu carriers entering the country. Napolitano said the strategy of identifying and isolating those who seem ill and try to cross into the United States was adequate given the circumstances, as a reporter asked if closure of the border had been considered. “We’re already doing passive surveillance at the border,” Napolitano said.

[Meanwhile European Union Health Commissioner Andorra Vassiliou warned people to avoid travelling to areas where a health threat is posed by swine flu. “I would try to avoid non-essential travel to the areas which are reported to be in the center of the cluster,” she said…..ed]

Scooter Libby goes to prison for faulty recollection of minor events surrounding an obscure backbencher CIA “agent.” Meanwhile Nancy Pelosi lies through her teeth about briefings concerning interrogation techniques and all we hear are crickets.

Scooter Libby went to prison for the “outing” of a desk-jockey CIA agent. He forgot conversations. Pelosi forgets briefings. And the outing of our entire intelligence apparatus by Democrats is OK. Remember the thrilling days of yesteryear and the alleged outing of the already known CIA officer Valerie Plame? We were told then that the Vanity Fair cover girl’s 15 minutes of fame jeopardized our national security even if everybody already knew who she was.

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Five and a half years of federal prison time for former Orange County CA sheriff.

Former Orange County Sheriff Michael S. Carona was sentenced this afternoon to 66 months in federal prison and fined $125,000 in a high-profile corruption case. The corruption case cast a long shadow over the state’s second-largest sheriff’s department and shattered the career of a man many believed had the personality and political chops to carry him to Sacramento, or even Washington.

Obama to give speech at Notre Dame and it will cost the university over eight million dollars in donations.

The effort of some Notre Dame alumni to discourage donors from supporting the university because of its commencement invitation to Barack Obama is bearing some fruit. The alumni leading the effort just sent out this release:
DEARBORN, MI (April 27, 2009)—Organizers of ReplaceJenkins.com, an online effort urging alumni and donors to the University of Notre Dame to withhold donations, announced Monday that they have personally confirmed over $8.2 million in withheld donations as a part of their national outreach effort. The website ReplaceJenkins.com has received over 900 pledges from alumni and donors promising to withhold future donations.

Harry Reid claims Obama told him something special after giving one of his speeches. No, he didn’t declare he is the world’s best teleprompter reader as many would think.

Everyone knows President Barack Obama can deliver a great speech, including the president himself, according to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. (snip) Reid, D-Nev., writes: “‘That speech was phenomenal, Barack,’ I told him. And I will never forget his response. Without the barest hint of braggadocio or conceit, and with what I would describe as deep humility, he said quietly: ‘I have a gift, Harry.'”

Britain continues to slide down the curb into the gutter. Children as young as 11 will now be forced to learn all about gay sex and gay partnerships in school.

Pupils as young as 11 will be taught about homosexuality and civil partnerships in compulsory sex education classes. All secondary schools – including faith schools – will have to teach children about same-sex relationships as well as traditional families. Previously, heads could decide to opt out of teaching the controversial subject.

California is dead broke but the children of illegal aliens cost Los Angeles county 44 million dollars in welfare/food stamps last month.

Figures from the Department of Public Social Services show that children of illegal aliens in Los Angeles County collected more than $21 million in welfare and more than $22 million in food stamps in March 2009 — an increase of $1 million from the previous month, according to a news release from Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich. Annually the cost of illegal immigration to Los Angeles County taxpayers exceeds one billion dollars, which includes $220 million for public safety, $400 million for healthcare, and $500 million in welfare and food stamps allocations, according to the news release.

Ever sat around and wondered where the best restroom in the country was located? Ponder no longer folks, it’s right here.

The Hermitage Hotel has afternoon tea in the grand lobby. Down-filled duvets (that’s a fancy word for comforters). A presidential suite with 2,000 square feet. And a really nice toilet. So nice, in fact, that it’s been voted (drum roll please) America’s best restroom. Flush in the middle of downtown Nashville, the luxury hotel and its ground-floor men’s bathroom are definitely the head (so to speak) of the class.

Senator Arlen Specter, the liberal RINO, to switch parties and will run in the 2010 election as a Democrat. No doubt McCain will soon follow suit.

Veteran GOP Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania intends to switch political parties and run in the Democratic primary in 2010, FOX News has confirmed. “I deeply regret that I will be disappointing many friends and supporters,” Specter said in prepared remarks to be delivered at a news conference on Tuesday.

[For those who are unaware, Specter is getting his butt kicked in polling data indicating he would lose the Republican primary in 2010 and that is why he will switch parties instead of just fading away as a loser….ed]

Quote of the day.

You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

-Abraham Lincoln

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