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Obama Wins! Stock Market Tanks!

11-06-08 The stock market took it’s biggest two day dive ever following a U.S. presidential election but we know the media will somehow spin this bad news away from Obama as they have ever since he became a nominee for the top job. It would defy logic to expect anyone to be concerned about his […]

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Obama Birth Certificate Issue Will Simply Not Go Away.

11-06-08 For some reason this issue with Obama’s birth certificate will not fade away. There seems to be a nagging belief by many that he is not a natural born citizen of this country and is therefore not qualified to be president. Critics of those that continue to hang onto this theory simply swat away […]

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The DNC Voter Intimidation Game Plan.

11-02-08 As the 2004 presidential election rapidly approached the day people across the country would cast their ballots the Democratic National Committee had a nifty game plan ready to go. Since neither John Kerry or John Edwards could be passed off, even remotely, as a minority candidate rolling out the bald faced race card would […]

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Dr. Chiyome Fukino Puts Obama Birth Certificate Issue To Rest.

11-01-08 Dr. Chiyome Fukimo, Director of Hawaii’s Department of Health, claims to have personally viewed Barack Obama’s birth certificate and states he was indeed born in Hawaii. Fukimo was appointed to the position by Republican Governor Linda Lingle in 2002. Hillary Clinton supporters began floating the possibility during the Democratic primary that Obama was not […]

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Helen Jones-Kelly And Her Cohorts Should Be Fired!

10-31-08 Helen Jones-Kelly, the director of Ohio’s Department of Jobs and Family, and anyone connected with the snoopergate scandal surrounding Joe the Plumber in Ohio, should be looking for new employment…. like yesterday. This Obama fan who has contributed the maximum to his campaign is one of the people behind what should be a clearly […]

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Barack Obama Effigy Hung From Tree In Kentucky.

10-29-08 Well it was bound to happen. It seems some idiot decided to hang an Obama effigy from a tree on the University of Kentucky campus. No doubt this was done in response to the clowns that strung up a Sarah Palin appearing mannequin from the roof of their house in West Hollyweird California. LEXINGTON […]

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Obama And The Phony Poll Numbers.

10-29-08 Having done my share of news and blog site surfing since the beginning of the year I can say that it has become blatantly obvious that Obama “plants” have been posting comments everywhere they can. They were pulling this crap in the Democratic primaries and they have continued right into the presidential campaign. Their […]

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Democrats For John McCain.

10-26-08 These people know the truth especially Hillary Clinton. It must suck for her and Bill to go around this country trying to (halfheartedly) promote the guy that was selected over her as the Democratic nominee this presidential election. As a life long conservative I will be the first to admit she would have smoked […]

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The Most Important Video You May Ever Watch.

10-26-08 This video, shot 24 years ago, is an alarming prophecy of the Communist infiltration of this country that many of us knew was happening. We were laughed at, belittled and told to remove our tin foil hats and join the “normal folks.” This convoluted presidential election has brought out some of the most bizarre […]

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