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Navy Seals Face Court Martial After Ringleader Of Brutal Attack On Americans Gets Bloody Lip (Update 12-4-09)

Three Navy Seals, part of a team that captured the ringleader of those responsible for the brutal murder of four US Blackwater contractors in Fallujah Iraq in 2004, are facing court martial after the man complained to Iraqi authorities he suffered a “bloody lip” while in the custody of the Americans. A bloody lip. On […]

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Chris Matthews Thinks Navy Snipers Were Probably Just Lucky

Apparently Chris Matthews feels the Navy SEAL (or possibly Marine Scout) snipers were probably just lucky when they scored three simultaneous head shots on the pirates holding Captain Richard Phillips captive inside that enclosed lifeboat. Reports have stated the lifeboat was being towed behind the U.S.S. Bainbridge at a distance of approximately 90 feet when […]

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American Ship Captain Rescued, Several Pirates Killed At Least One Captured

Fox News has just reported the U.S. ship captain, Richard Phillips, who had been held for days by Somali pirates has been rescued. Phillips was able to escape the enclosed lifeboat he was being held in for a second time and members of the U.S. Navy SEALs, seizing the opportunity, quickly engaged in a brief […]

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