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A Tribute To All Our Military Veterans Past, Present And Future

A grateful thank you from a very appreciative nation to all of our veterans, past, present and future for all your sacrifices in keeping this country safe from those who hate our Constitution, our freedoms and the AMERICAN way of life. God Bless our troops!

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Military Spouse Of The Year Honor Awarded To Marine Wife

Congratulations to former Marine, and hard working mother and wife, Mrs.Tanya Queiro for receiving the honor of the 2009 military Spouse of the Year. While a large part of our society sits around every day wondering what the government can do for them this family shows what it means to work hard and take care […]

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The National Guard Stands Down On "Invasion" Of Iowa Town But Military Urban Warfare Exercises in La., Va. Go On As Planned

The Army National Guard had plans to invade tiny Arcadia Iowa under the pretense of training the members for deployment in an urban environment. The plan called for literally taking over the small town searching citizen’s homes and vehicles under the guise of tracking down a suspected “arms dealer.” However the operation has now been “scaled back” and no longer involves an “invasion” of the town after overwhelming protests….

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