Oakland CA Bus Ride Fight Has Unexpected Outcome

“….beat his white ass!!”

Well maybe not.

Seems a 67 year old caucasian senior citizen and a young black man where sitting across from one another while riding on a bus Tuesday afternoon in sunny Oakland CA when they struck up a conversation. It didn’t take long for the chat to head south as a series of verbal insults began to fly back and forth between them.

The caucasian gentleman got up and removed himself from the situation by relocating to the front of the bus as he should have but the rough and tumble “chatter” between the two of them continued.

The young black man, egged on by what sounds like a young black female videotaping this encounter, made the mistake of leaving his seat at the rear of the bus and strolled towards the front where the caucasian man was sitting.

Unfortunately for one party the verbal fisticuffs would quickly transform into a physical face rearrangement.

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Barky, roll that cuss word filled tape complete with racial epitaphs hurled towards an old white guy…

Whoa! I’m betting that this very well may be the last poke the young black man takes at anyone with a head full of gray hair!

Seems like the elderly gentleman was a little amped up after the festivities…

Eventually the police showed up and took the young man to the hospital to get his face fixed and the wild eyed senior citizen to “that other kind of hospital” where Keith Olbermann, Bill Maher, Michael Moore, Janeane Garofalo, Rosie O’Donnell and the rest of the left wing lunatics outta be locked up.

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9 Responses to Oakland CA Bus Ride Fight Has Unexpected Outcome

    • NoReply says:

      The blacks in Oakland and in SF that call themselves niggers are in for a rude awaking! The “whites” are not going to take their shit verbal abuse assaults and physical abuse anymore! May this be a MAJOR wake up call to those CRIMINALS! I am a non violent person but I am fed up with the gang wanna be hoodies to the MAX!

  1. Joe says:

    Don’t forget to add Glen Beck, Bill O’reilley, Ann Coulter, Dick Morris, and the rest of the right wing lunatics who otta be locked up.

  2. just a regular guy says:

    Yeah Joe, actually it’s GLENN and O’REILLY.

    Beck is a loony Libertarian who rails against “right wingers” nearly every day. Try watching his show once in awhile and you’ll see.

    O’Reilly’s man crush on Obama is almost as bad as the one Chrissy Matthews has and like Beck rips into “right wingers” nearly every night too. Try watching his show once in awhile and you’ll see.

    These two guys are a large part of the reason so many Independents and Democrats tune into Fox NEWS every day helping make it the largest most trusted news source on cable.

    Coulter could mop the floor with any left winger out there, is good looking in a funky kinda way and she’s funnier than hell with a razor sharp wit. Ahhh humorous, something no angry bitter left winger could every hope to be.

    Dick Morris was a committed Democrat and Bill Clinton’s butt buddy for years and as we know has since fallen out of favor with the serial adulterer. Sure he has seen the light but could hardly be called a “right winger.”


  3. Michelle says:

    Haha, dumbass… Perhaps the idiot black guy can learn to handle disagreements some other way, since fighting obviously doesn’t work for him. Try getting an education!! This is a disturbing videotape, but at least the elderly man tried to walk away.

  4. JON says:

    Having been a public transit operator in a major city, I have countless times witnessed some low-life jitterbug spouting his foul-mouthed “rhetoric” & picking on/attacking only those he perceives to weaker or meeker in order to demonstrate his “badness”. It is refreshing to finally see someone stand up & beat his mouth shut. Notice…NO-ONE came to his aid & NO-ONE rushed to call an ambulance, not the person who “egged” him on or the person who bragged about recording the incident. The sad thing is that the only person (if any) to come under scrutiny of the law is probably the 67 year old man. And so it goes……..

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  6. FED-UP says:

    God, I love street justice!

    • 2big2fale says:

      Recently Pwned Thug – b-b-bring a amblamce.

      Humorous Onlooker – Ooo. He leakin’.

      The Scales of Justice – True dat!

      Me – ROFLMAO

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