Mr. Obama, Stop It With The Bowing. Really Just STOP IT!

Honestly, all this silly bowing stuff has just got to stop Mr. Obama. It’s getting really embarrassing for all us real Americans out here.

Wait. What’s that you say? Your plan is to embarrass this country every time you turn around? Well if that’s the case, it’s about the only thing you happen to be doing well these days.–President Obama may be in for another bowing brouhaha. Obama appears to greet the mayor of Tampa, Pam Iorio, with a bow in a picture taken last week by an Associated Press photographer. The meeting between Obama and Mayor Iorio took place at MacDill Air Force Base, in Tampa.

Right-leaning media outlets quickly pounced on Bam’s bend.

“The mayor of Tampa isn’t a Third World potentate, totalitarian dictator, or terrorist leader so I can’t understand why Obama would be in full-bow mode,” a post on the conservative blog Red State read. “Is bowing now the standard way the President greets people these days?”…read the rest here>>>

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