Illinois Lieutenant Governor's Race Features A Fabulous Radio Ad For Democrat Rickey Hendon

The Committee to elect Rickey Hendon for Illinois’s next Lieutenant Governor, the second highest office in the land of Lincoln, has just released a powerful, hard hitting radio ad evidently designed to not only highlight the Democrat’s numerous accomplishments as an Illinois State Senator for the last 16 years but also to bring those who may be unfamiliar with the man on board and into the fold.

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Speaking of accomplishments, I made a beeline to Democrat Mr. Hendon’s official Illinois State General Assembly webpage and was absolutely blown away with the overwhelming amount of qualifying material for the job of Lieutenant Governor I happened to find there!

Actually the glaring lack of qualifications Mr. Hendon possesses for the job he is seeking reminds me of another equally unqualified for the job Illinois State Senator who now happens to live in our White House.

Years served: 1993 – Present

Committee assignments: Senate Committee of the Whole; Rules (Chairperson); Executive Appointments (Chairperson); Environment and Energy; Executive; Labor.

Biography: Born December 8, 1953, in Cleveland, Ohio. Attended Farragut High School, (Chicago) 1969-1970. Youngest African American male ever appointed to serve as Assistant Majority Leader in the Illinois State Senate. His softball team, The Fighting 5th, competed in the National ASA Tournament coming in 7th out of 40 teams in Iowa in 2006. The Fighting 5th played and won two championships as well.

Wait, WHAT? This man “attended” high school for what a year or so and brags about a being on a freakin softball team? Really, is this it? Is this all the guy has? Is this who the people of Illinois really want representing them in state government? Is Mr. Hendon, don’t get me wrong now folks because I’m sure is one peachy fella to hang out with, trying to take advantage of the fact that the current president, a fellow Illinoisan, is just as unqualified for the job as the one he is seeking?

By the way, how many times did you have to listen to this thing before you could understand what the hell was being said?

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2 Responses to Illinois Lieutenant Governor's Race Features A Fabulous Radio Ad For Democrat Rickey Hendon

  1. Palin 2012 says:

    You are nothing but an elitist. He is a shining example of a real American, not some pointy-headed intellectual elitist. He reminds me of Sarah Palin. I bet you think she’s “unqualified” because she kept changing colleges, and that she was the governor of a low-population state, right? Please. Spare me your elitism.

    Speaking of Ms. Palin, I think she’s much more qualified to be President than Obama. Why, she was the governor (until she quit b/c she couldn’t work with that nasty GOP legislature) of a state with almost 700,000 people! What the heck has Obama done anyway? All he did was represent a state with over 10 times the population of Alaska. Doesn’t mean a thing!

    • just a regular guy says:

      An elitist huh? Why, because I point out that a man is seeking the second highest office in Illinois and can’t even claim a high school diploma on his resume? Go ahead and check out ANY online employment site. You can’t find a $9 an hour forklift job that doesn’t request among other minimum requirements, a high school diploma. That’s just a simple fact.

      YOUR snarky “elitism” aside, Sarah Palin, on the other hand, has indeed graduated from high school AND college. She was the mayor of a town and the governor of the largest energy producing state in the union. A hell of a lot more impressive that a state senator who spent a lot of time voting “present” when he bothered to show up for work. In fact, before the left wing media descended on the state, after she was chosen to be the GOP vice presidential candidate, hoping to dig up all kinds of dirt to discredit her she enjoyed the highest approval ratings of damn near any politician in the land.

      The lamestream “news” and entertainment media hasn’t let up viciously assaulting her and her family since she came on the national scene yet her popularity continues to rise, unlike your guy Obama who’s poll numbers began to drop like a rock virtually from the moment he was handed the keys to our White House.

      As far as Palin stepping down from her job as governor, we all know why she did. That is as long as you are being honest about the situation which involved a series of little pissant harassment lawsuits, all of which were thrown out, orchestrated by your typical asshat left wing little punks exploiting the system in that state. A system that has now been corrected through legislation that hadn’t been necessary in the past.

      Obama was representing Illinois huh? I’d say these people ( would beg to differ that was the case as it seems he was more concerned with lining the pockets of his good buddy and convicted felon Tony Rezko, among many others. (

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