Jon Stewart Slaps Obama Over Use Of Teleprompters In Sixth Grade Classroom

While many in the conservative blogosphere jumped all over this occasion to hammer Obama for using teleprompters while yapping with sixth grade kids in their classroom, reality tells us that he and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan had actually sat down with the students and their teacher at Graham Road Elementary School in Falls Church, Virginia before the infamous TOTUS session making the rounds all over the internet. That said, how freakin lame dragging the presidential podium, the carpeted presidential seal and the omnipresent teleprompters into a classroom to babble on about how much taxpayer money he plans to blow on his “Race To The Top” program for school children that we know won’t receive anywhere near the amount of media scrutiny and derision that George W. Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” gameplan did.

And the video that got everyone all worked up into a frenzy?

…we’re going to raise the bar for all students and take bigger steps towards closing the achievement gap that denies so many students, especially black and latino students, a fair shot at their dreams…

Tell me again which political party really keeps black and latino kids from “realizing their dreams” in this country?

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