Oklahoma Woman Shoots, Kills Home Intruder While On Phone With 911


news9.com–A woman shot and killed a man who was trying to break into her Lincoln County home early Friday morning, authorities said.

Sheriff Chuck Mangion said 57-year-old Donna Jackson called 911 around 12:30 a.m. to report that she was home alone and a man was trying to break in her patio door.

Jackson told the 911 dispatcher that the man was screaming and threatening to hurt her.

“They need to hurry. He’s going to break this thing open. When he does, I’ll have to kill him and I don’t want to kill him,” Jackson said during the 911 call.

For nearly 10 minutes the man continued banging at the door and yelling profanities, threatening the woman.

“I can hear him banging the doors and yelling at her. I was scared for her,” said Brenda Hart, a Lincoln County 911 dispatch who was on the phone with Jackson during the incident.

The man picked up a patio table and threw it through the glass door and entered the home. The woman then shot him in the chest, Mangion said….

This was obviously a very traumatic event for this woman who couldn’t possibly have known what 53 year old Billy Dean Riley’s intentions were when he blasted through her back door and entered her home at 12:30 in the morning and it was obvious there was no way the police were going to arrive in time to save her from certain assault or death at the hands of this man. As we can hear at the end of this audio clip Ms. Jackson was clearly in anguish after the housebreaker put her in the terrible situation of having to take his life in order to save her own.

While it’s normal for many to take the old “well the bastard got what he had coming to him and good for her” approach the fact of the matter is that while the vast majority of firearm owners own guns specifically for these types of circumstances they always hope they are never put in the position to have to shoot to kill in order to prevent a criminal from taking their life or the lives of loved ones.

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If you came up against this guy trying to force his way into your home in the middle of the night, would you fear that he may try and hurt you or take your life? I certainly would….

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5 Responses to Oklahoma Woman Shoots, Kills Home Intruder While On Phone With 911

  1. Vicki says:

    Tears come down my face as I hear this 911 call.This poor woman and hell this thing has put her through. Why do these people put others like her in this type of circumstances. This poor woman she will go through life with this in her heart. I PRAY that she knows God did forgive her evern BEFORE she pulled the trigger. I am so sorry for you

  2. Chris H. says:

    Bless her heart, she did the right thing. Nobody ever wants to actually kill an intruder, but when backed into a corner…. you have to be prepared to make that decision. She handled the situation perfectly.

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