Jon Stewart Nut Kicks Internet Creator Al Gore Over Climategate Scandal

Yeah Stewart is a tool but enough mentally vacuous nimrods in this country watch this clown and consider him to be the defacto source of their news of the day that we are obligated to look in on the stupidity every once in awhile.

While Stewart’s comedic effort is typically weak here, he does provide his followers with a couple of stabs at reality concerning the exploding climategate scandal.

While it’s unlikely, the remote possibility is there that he’ll scramble a few brain cells (not his own of course) of some of those knuckleheads who tune into his nonsense every day and they’ll go searching outside the lamestream media in an effort to find out what the hell is going on concerning this global warming scam and how it will affect their wallet if legislation designed to “address” the bogus issue isn’t stopped in its tracks right now.

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