Obama Meets Chinese President, Saturday Night Live Style

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I’ve never been much of a fan of Comedy Central or Saturday Night Live, not necessarily because of their unabashed liberal leanings, it’s just that I don’t find stupid people all that stimulating, funny or entertaining. That said every once in a blue moon these shows do manage to squeeze out a little stab at humor that I find may be worthwhile and I’m willing to make the effort to piss away a few precious moments of my day just to LMFAO, especially on a Monday.

Ladies and gentlemen observe as our weak ass commander in chief meets up for a presser with Chinese president Hu Jintao to discuss the Obama administration’s obviously failed policies for dealing with America’s economic mess and our nearly one trillion dollar debt owed to the communist country. Please note that the “translator’s” voice in this video is quite appropriately annoying and grating.

“Will you kiss me? I like to be kissed while somebody is doing sex to me!!!”

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While God knows there have been mounds of material concerning Mr. Obama available for the writers and producers of Comedy Central and Saturday Night Live to work with since he became president, and they have been VERY reluctant to use it, one thing is for certain, if this kind of stuff keeps up and Obama loses the crowd that tunes into these inane shows for their “news”, he’s absolutely toast from here on out.


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8 Responses to Obama Meets Chinese President, Saturday Night Live Style

  1. Stephen says:

    SNL almost grew a full pair of balls!

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  4. Rocketman says:

    Saw this a couple of weeks ago and LMAO. They say that the funniest jokes have an element of truth in them and in this case there’s more truth than just an element.

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