Obama's Biography Is A State Secret In Canada Too


It’s bad enough citizens of the United States have next to zero knowledge about the man who took up residence in our White House last January but if anyone thought they could sneak across our northern border and get some background information on the guy, forget it. The government of Canada is in on the gig too.

To be fair it would certainly make sense for a generally leftist foreign country, which has done everything it can to disarm their citizens and forced them into a mediocre government run healthcare system much like the one Obama is attempting to ram down the throats of unwilling Americans, to withhold information about our socialist head of state. While most governments know damn near everything about every one of their citizens and it really should be none of our business where our president was really born, who paid for his college education, what kind of grades he received at Occidental College, Columbia University (a hotbed of anti Americanism) and Harvard University (another institution of far left ideology.)

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(I reckon we better get a gander at this article before it mysteriously disappears from the web like just about everything else concerning Obama’s background…)

Obama’s bio a state secret in Canada

nationalpost.com–He’s the most high-profile politician in recent history, the winner of a bruising election campaign in which every aspect of his life — from his smoking habit to anti-American comments made by his pastor — came under relentless scrutiny. [Relentless scrutiny? Is this some kind of a joke? The lamestream media wouldn’t touch this stuff!]

But according to Canadian government officials, a biography of U.S. President Barack Obama provided to Prime Minister Stephen Harper shortly after Mr. Obama’s inauguration last January qualifies as a state secret.

Under the Access to Information Act, Canwest News Service requested all briefing materials provided to the prime minister ahead of Mr. Obama’s visit to Canada in February.

Mr. Obama’s whirlwind stop in Ottawa on Feb. 19 was his first visit to a foreign country after being inaugurated. After a series of icebreaking meetings, the prime minister and the president pledged to co-operate on everything from the financial crisis to clean energy and Afghanistan. But the trip will perhaps best be remembered for the rock-star treatment accorded to Mr. Obama, who charmed the public by declaring his love for Canada and picking up a Beavertail dessert on an impromptu stop in the national capital’s Byward Market.

The 77 pages of heavily censored documents released to Canwest include memos to Mr. Harper from his foreign-policy adviser, a letter from Canada’s former ambassador to the United States, Michael Wilson, as well as talking points to prepare Mr. Harper for the meeting. It also includes biographies of the president and officials who accompanied the president on the trip to Canada, including National Security Advisor James Jones, National Economic Council director Lawrence Summers, Obama’s chief of staff Rahm Emanuel and White House press secretary Robert Gibbs.

In blacking out the biographies of the president and his entourage, officials cited a section of the act that allows the government to refuse records whose disclosure could be “injurious to the conduct of international affairs, the defence of Canada or any states allied or associated with Canada.”

I wonder why it could be “injurious to the conduct of international affairs, the defence of Canada or any states allied or associated with Canada” if that government were to release the background information of Barack Hussein Obama in their possession? Just askin’….

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