Democrats May Rely On American Flag Desecration Video To Raise Money

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Clearly some folks think that mangling and hating on our American flag is the only way for them to acquire a bit of quick notoriety in their lives and perhaps even a seat next to Chris Matthews or Keith Olbermann during one of their bottom of the barrel rated shows but for the Democrat (I never use the word ‘Democratic’ when referring to this political group) National Committee to consider the video at the end of this article as one they may use in an upcoming fund raising campaign speaks volumes about the type and mentality of those who have taken over and corrupted the party that George Soros has owned lock stock and barrel for the last several years.

Before anyone tries the old this is all about the “First Amendment” nonsense keep in mind it was the Democrat nominee Barack Obama who tried to intimidate and silence critics in Missouri, a state John McCain barely carried, during the previous presidential campaign.

It was the Obama campaign who threatened legal action against radio and television stations after they aired NRA commercials in Pennsylvania.

It was the Obama campaign who sent out millions of emails to Obamabots encouraging them to harass a Chicago radio station when they had the audacity to schedule a guest who wrote a less than flattering book about the empty suit.

And of course it was the Obama administration who thought it would be a great idea to try and punk Fox News when that particular media outlet ignored the memo and decided against following in the footsteps of the herd of sheep over at the liberal network and cable propaganda errr….”news” shows.

For goodness sakes this gang of Chicago thugs in our White House even went after their ally the Associated Press today when they simply reported on the fuzzy math used by the administration concerning the number of jobs supposedly “created or saved” by that insane “stimulus” program!

They also went after today for having the nerve to point out the “Cash for Clunkers” program cost American taxpayers $24,000 freakin’ dollars PER CAR SOLD! Would this be a bad time to mention the stupid clunker program mainly benefited foreign car manufacturers?

And of course who can forget the “outrage” from the left over those very clever “Obama The Socialist Joker” posters some witty person came up with a few months ago? Boy, the liberals sure didn’t like that one did they?

Apparently it’s OK to screw with our nation’s flag in the name of the First Amendment but we sure as hell can’t touch Barack Hussein Obama when he tries to jerk this right-of-center country into straight up fascism now can we?

Sponsors... article continues below...–A Democratic fundraising video on President Obama’s political Web site shows an American flag mural being covered in graffiti and desecrated with slogans about health care reform.

As a heart monitor beeps ominously in the background, a graffiti artist paints over the Stars and Stripes with phrases criticizing opposition to the Democratic legislation, including “profit over life” and the crossed-out words “death panel.” The whole flag is eventually smeared with paint and blacked out.

One of 20 finalists in the Democratic National Committee’s “Health Reform Video Challenge,” the video shows the Los Angeles-based graffiti artist “Saber” at work, according to a copy of the video posted to YouTube.

The DNC is using the splattered Old Glory to pick up some change, asking for donations to air the winner of its contest. “[T]o put the winning ad on national television, we’ll need folks to chip in and help cover the cost of getting the ad on the air,” the DNC says on its Web site, which hosts its Organizing for America campaign program…….

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