Massachusetts Liberals Get Panties In A Wad Over American Flag Hanging In Gym

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For most Americans the sight of our nation’s flag gives us a sense of pride, is an inspiration and reminds us of the sacrifices so many have given to protect our country, our Constitution, our freedoms and our way of life for over 230 years.

For many on the left our flag is “offensive” and is nothing more than a symbol of an evil and wicked country in their perverted eyes.

Thousands of these people who hate our flag are working in our White House, hundreds of government offices and in our nation’s public schools.

Apparently a few of them also like to work out at Gravity Fitness in Marblehead Massachusetts.–The owner of Gravity Fitness in Marblehead says gym members have complained about the American flag hanging inside the gym.

The Fitness club’s owner, 23 year-old Mark Shea, hung the 12 foot long flag from the gym rafters on Friday and had over a dozen complaints by Monday.

Some have complained that the flag blocks gym televisions, while some members have gone as far as to say that the flag is offensive.

One members was quoted to say “It’s like putting a Jesus cross in my face”…….

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Hat tip to owner Mark Shea for sticking to his principles and telling those who are offended by our flag to go pound sand.

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5 Responses to Massachusetts Liberals Get Panties In A Wad Over American Flag Hanging In Gym

  1. Scott Gray says:

    Get this to Mr. Shea, While I do not exercise as I should and I cannot commute from Alabama to MA, I will be happy to pay one full membership of any that want theirs refunded.

  2. Leo J says:

    I admire Mr Shea for taking a stand for what he believes. One must remember this is HIS business and the members are free to leave. While this may cause a temporary hardship for Mr Shea , I hope he remembers that his values supercede the almighty dollar. How sad it is that some of those who benefit from the American way of life seem to think trashing the country that gave them the opportunity to have that freedom is the “in” thing to do.
    Thank you Mr Shea and remember; “He who stands for nothing, will fall for anything”

  3. Melinda M says:

    More power to Mark Shea for standing up for his rights to display our American flag. It’s admirable that he didn’t let the threats of some of his customers cause him to take it down. Let them find another club if they don’t like how Mark chooses to decorate his business. I admire Mark for not letting money (membership withdrawal) dictate his actions.

  4. Carissa A. says:

    God Bless Mark Shea and God Bless the United States. It enrages me that some people are so ignorant. If the America flag offends you, then the millions of Americans who serve in the Armed Forces, and the Constitution must too. GO LIVE SOMEWHERE ELSE you ungrateful, unpatriotic as*holes!

  5. God Bless America

    God Bless Mark Shea!

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