The United Nations Launches An Investigation Into U. S. Housing Issues

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No, seriously! The U.N., no doubt at the invitation of the White House, is going to send some wacky looking hag, one Raquel Rolink, traipsing around our country so she can “investigate” the alleged inadequate availability of free housing for those who feel they have a God given right to be provided a place to live by our government, why we have homeless people especially in liberal strongholds like San Fransisco, New York and Detroit and how the Democrats, through Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, the Congressional Black Caucus, the Community Investment Act, Fannie Mae, and the thugs at ACORN, gave us our current foreclosure mess.

Ok let’s be as accurate as possible here. She will be cruising around America, on our dime since American taxpayers fund the U.N. almost exclusively, “discovering” and writing reports about what a mean and heartless country we have and the solution to everything will be higher taxes on the productive folks so the money can be handed over to the poor and underprivileged who never received a break from the mean and nasty United States of America, essentially endorsing Obama’s spreadin’ the wealth game plan.

This is just the beginning as Obama will surely encourage more of these “investigations” from the corrupt left wing U.N., which pretty much can’t do anything right, in order to desensitize the American people to these intrusions upon our sovereignty as he attempts to lead us down the one world government road.

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