News Media Gets PwNed After Running With Phony Climate Change Story

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Anyone with the ability to rub a couple of brain cells together realizes that this climate change fraud is nothing more than an involuntary money grab taken from working productive people around the globe then given to third world countries and their corrupt governments so the leftists can assuage their never ending guilt and angst over all the poor folks of color in say, Africa, who just never seem to get a fair shake in life.

Of course those folks over at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce realize this climate change hoax was deliberately designed as a job killing machine in order slow down the economies of “wealthy” countries and reduce “consumerism” and consumption so as to save the environment for the elitists who really run the planet to gorge on for centuries to come and they want no part of this garbage. Anybody who follows what’s happening around this country should know where the Chamber stands on this issue (they want true scientific PROOF that human activity is causing changing climate patterns not just a bunch of hot air spewing from the mouth of Lord Climate Change Al Gore) but the cnbc crowd was just so excited that the business group had finally “seen the light” and had come around to the “good side” they didn’t bother checking with anybody over at the COC to see if the “press release” was legit before they ran a “breaking news alert.”

Naturally the liberal media is in on the phony climate change gig and they’ll do anything they think will help push the agenda forward just as cnbc has done here:

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Ooops, looks like we got a little too giddy a little too soon there didn’t we kids?

Oh you bet there have been some “defections” from the USCOC but one has to wonder just what kind of deals they may have made with the Obama administration in order to get them to do so? Or perhaps these defections were encouraged by say, a promise not to do some serious IRS or SEC investigations if they went along with the program? Who knows for sure but what we do know is all the Chicago marxist thugs who have relocated to Washington DC will stop at nothing to ram their radical agenda down the throats of unwilling Americans.

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