Bank Of America Manager Feels U.S. Flags On Bank Property May Offend Some Customers. Removes Them (Updated 9-23)

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How in the world could a branch manager of a South Carolina Bank Of America think that having small U.S. flags placed on the front lawn of the building prior to a funeral procession for one of our fallen Marines killed in Afghanistan would offend some of the customers? Who could possibly take offense that the flag of our country would be placed in front of a Bank Of America?

Do Louis Farrakhan, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, “Reverend” Jeramiah Wright, Michael Moore or some other America hating dirtbag have a vacation home in the area or something? Oh wait, most of those people live in Øbama’s Chicago area neighborhood now don’t they?

Sponsors... article continues below...— Just days before a fallen Marine is to be buried, a controversy erupted in Gaffney following the return of his body to the Upstate.

On Wednesday, Lance Cpl. Chris Fowlkes’ body was returned to his hometown of Gaffney. Hundreds of people turned out as a living memorial to his sacrifice in Afghanistan.

The next day, the Floyd Baker Boulevard branch of Bank of America took heat after a woman said the bank had not allowed her to post American flags in the Marine’s honor.

Brenda Earls said she set out to plant flags along the route of the motorcade on Tuesday. She said she planted one set of flags in front of Bank of America and moved on.

Earls said she came back to plant a second round when she noticed the first round was gone. That’s when she said the branch manager came outside and told her the flags were against the bank’s policy.

“She says, ‘You cannot put any flags on our property. We are a financial institution and we cannot have flags,'” Earls said. “I said, “American flags?’ and she said, ‘Any kind of flags, because it might offend some of our customers.'”

Earls took her story to a local newspaper. A few talk radio hosts read it, and within two days, outrage erupted in Cherokee County…..

Updated: 9-23

Co. Council Closes Account Over Bank Flag Flap— The controversy about the placement of American flags to honor a fallen Marine from Gaffney could cost Bank of America some local government deposit money, and perhaps much more.

Monday night, the Cherokee County Council voted 5 to 1 to withdraw county money from any accounts held by Bank of America.

Councilman Quay Little said that totals more than $500,000, but that number could skyrocket. If all county officials close their accounts, Bank of America would lose more than $1.5 million in customer funds, Little said…..

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4 Responses to Bank Of America Manager Feels U.S. Flags On Bank Property May Offend Some Customers. Removes Them (Updated 9-23)

  1. BrianFrank says:

    Finally went National!! Bank of America removes American Flags Honoring fallen Marine in Gaffney SC REMOVE YOUR MONEY

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  3. Russ Wojciechowski says:

    I’m closing my account. This is discussing when Americans can’t even honor our fallen heroes in your country without someone saying were offending someone. I myself think the government is much to kind to the liberals of other countries. We as Americans need to stand-up like our fathers and mothers did in WW II and say this is America and we are the strongest and most desirable country to live in. And we honor these who have fought for this country. Bank of American should be forced to remove America from there name and return all tax payers money that was used to keep them in business.

    Mr. Russell Wojciechowski

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