More ACORN Prostitution And Tax Advisement Videos

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Yesterday we saw a couple of workers in a Baltimore ACORN office giving advice to aspiring “pimp” James O’Keefe, a contributor, and his 20 year old sidekick one Ms. Hannah Giles, playing the part of a street walking hooker, on how to file phony tax forms, purchase a house to use as a makeshift brothel and how best to get underage girls into the country to be used as prostitutes.

The workers who were featured in the Baltimore videos have apparently been “fired” by ACORN but I’ll bet a large beer they have simply been moved to another one of the groups under the ACORN umbrella of fraudulent entities.

Today O’Keefe takes us on a trip up to Washington DC to pay a visit to another office of the corrupt ACORN organization. The results are just about the same as what took place in Baltimore lending credence to the allegations that this ACORN organization is indeed nothing more than a dirty filthy left wing criminal racket which has spread like a malignant cancer throughout our country.

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