Armed Man Robs Store. Man Gets Shot. Man Sues Store Owner

Some stories just make you shake your head and wonder where in the hell did we go wrong in this country. Let me think, let me think. Oh I know, it was when lawyers and far left liberals started screwing everything up and this particular incident would appear to be a classic example of a lawyer who needs, no deserves, one of those famous Chuck Norris kicks to the back of the head.

Sponsors... article continues below...–The owner of Nick’s Party Stop on Cass Avenue in Clinton Township and several people connected to his store are being sued by a man who was shot while robbing the store.

The lawsuit, filed by Scott Thomas Zielinski from his cell in a Michigan prison, was assigned to Macomb County Circuit Judge David Viviano.

John Acho, owner of the store and one of the people sued, said his customers are mad that an armed robber is allowed to file a lawsuit after he threatened the store’s employees with a knife.

Zielinski is seeking in excess of $125,000 for injuries sustained when he was shot escaping from the owners of the store. They went after him because he held two of the employees at knifepoint and threatened to kill them, police said.

“He comes into my store wearing a mask and armed with a knife, threatens to kill my employees and steals cigarettes and $793 in cash,” said Acho. “And he is suing us because we ruined his life and he is going through pain and suffering.”

Zielinski, 22, was convicted of the November 2007 robbery. In a plea bargain, he was sentenced…..

Rumor on the street says this would be the lawyer who brought this lawsuit.

Andrew W. Mychalowych
37000 Grand River Ave
Farmington, MI 48335
(248) 442-0518

Not that anyone would or should give him a piece of their mind or anything along those lines.

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