Obama's Planted New Hampshire Audience On The Inside–Some REAL Americans On The Outside

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Barack Obama held a little healthcare townhall meeting Tuesday in Portsmouth New Hampshire and during the entire event there was nary a dissenting voice from the rapt and fawning crowd. How weird especially after weeks of Congressional Democrats getting their ears pinned back by some seriously pissed off American citizens in just about every corner of our fine country.

So how did things manage to stay so calm inside the venue during Obama’s cozy little lovefest with the citizenry? Gee I don’t know, maybe because the place was jammed full of people who were bused in from elsewhere by Obama’s Organizing for America “astroturf group” to lend him a friendly helping hand in his quest to push through this government takeover of our healthcare system. All captured by the lamestream medias’ video cameras of course.

Naturally anyone who even thought about asking a tough question would have been drowned out by the shouting and boos of the signed sealed and delivered Obots (who made up the majority of attendees) and would certainly have been fully investigated by every government agency in existence well before the hootin’ and hollerin’ began to subside. Ask Joe the plumber how that particular program works. Funny how that threat alone will convince so many citizens that keeping their mouths shut might be the best gameplan for now these days.

Contrary to claims from the White House that this would not be a staged event it turns out the festivities sure looked, smelled, sounded and waddled like that proverbial duck indeed if you know what I mean. What, you’re shocked that the Obama administration would pull your leg about this? Nah, me neither.

So while tender affection, blown kisses and sultry winks were being exchanged inside the building between Obama and his dreamy eyed supporters what was going on outside with real American patriots that the previously mentioned left wing media chose to ignore?

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