Jack Booted Swastika Carrying AARP Mob Takes Over Meeting And Starts Talking About Freedom

Saying the left wingers running AARP aren’t fully behind this Obamacare boondoggle is like trying to claim B. Hussein Obama is a centrist politician looking out for what’s best for America. Both scenarios are total fabrications.

The chubby little snit who began the meeting is quite typical of your garden variety snooty liberal who just can’t stand it when someone challenges what they have to say. Who the hell does this woman think she is talking to, a bunch of third graders? Little wonder these folks shoved her junk right back in her face and then started talking about canceling their memberships.

Remember the liberals and their “Dissent is Patriotic” campaign when George W. Bush was president?

Well what’s good for the goose is sure as hell just as good for the gander.

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