Some Obama Hypocrisy When It Comes To Ramming Legislation Through Congress

OK for me but not for thee so sayeth the messiah unto his rapidly dwindling flock.

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Apparently Mr. Obama wasn’t all that keen about legislation getting rammed through Congress during the George W. Bush years with little to no deliberation or debate amongst our elected representatives.

He claimed in a November 2004 interview with left wing moonbat radio talk show host Randi Rhodes that budgets and legislation such as the Patriot Act were rushed through without members of Congress having any idea what was in the bills. He actually complained that Congressional members didn’t have time to read, deliberate or debate any of the legislation because they were supposedly “intimidated by the Bush administration.”

What’s odd about his comments is he wasn’t even in Congress at the time. He was sworn in as a U.S. Senator January 4, 2005 and prior to that he had been an Illinois state legislator from 1997-2004. I guess he has been yapping about stuff he knows nothing about for quite some time now hasn’t he?

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Of course now that Obama is occupying our White House and has an unstoppable majority in both houses of Congress ramrodding the far left agenda (which has been sitting there rotting on the shelf for years just waiting to get unleashed) through Congress without any deliberation or debate is just fine with him regardless of what the American people want.

With his political capitol starting to rapidly wane and an increasing number of Americans starting to see right through this fraud he and his uber liberal buddies in Congress are desperate to get this cap and tax and government takeover of our healthcare system signed into law because they know these disasters will be virtually impossible to reverse even when the Republicans retake control of Congress in 2010.

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