New Low For Obama On The Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

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Troubling news for the poll obsessed Obama administration and his handlers.

For the first time since he moved into our White House, Obama’s numbers in the Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll have hit negative double figures. Only 29% of the nation’s voters strongly approve of his job performance while 40% strongly disagree giving him a stunning “approval index rating” of -11, a 41 point plunge in only six months. His approval index rating has been going steadily downhill since the beginning of July.

Obviously Republicans agree with very little, if anything, Obama represents but there is no way they alone are responsible for that 40% figure. In fact an increasing number of the segment of voters who put him into office in the first place, those so called “Independents,” are abandoning his good ship lollipop in droves.

The 29% that strongly approve of the disastrous mess Obama has made since becoming president must be the same group of people who could watch him strangle a little puppy to death in front of a kindergarten class on live TV and still think he is one hell of a terrific guy.

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What is amazing is the fact his poll numbers are dropping like a rock despite the desperate efforts of the left wing media and others who have a vested interest in propping him up and presenting a positive image of him and his policies in front of the American people.

Fortunately the voting public is beginning to cut through the propaganda and see what this guy is really all about and this is clearly reflected in the fact his approval numbers are now in rapid decline.

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