White Sox Ballgame More Important To Obama Than Murder Of Border Patrol Agent

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Never one to miss an opportunity to take some credit for something he had nothing to do with or whine about how Republicans and many Democrats are holding up his massive redistribution of wealth in this country, Obama made sure to call White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle right after he tossed a perfect game last Thursday against Tampa Bay.

President Barack Obama learned via e-mail about Mark Buehrle’s perfect game Thursday afternoon and called to congratulate the White Sox pitcher from his limousine en route to the Cleveland airport.

When the call came in, Buehrle cut his postgame news conference short and ducked into the office of Sox Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf.

Obama called the gem an “unbelievable achievement” and joked that maybe it happened because he wore his White Sox jacket while throwing out the first pitch at last week’s All-Star Game.

It makes sense that Obama would be a self described big time Sox fan after living all of those years on the south side of Chicago except a die hard White Sox fan would never make the goober of calling Comiskey Park…ummm Comi-n-skey Field now would they?

Another example of what happens when the TOTUS is taking a break I suppose or he’s just laying out a steaming pile of Bravo Sierra about being a fan of the White Sox but unlike George Stephanopoulos, Bob Costas, who would surely know Obama really screwed up, didn’t bother correcting him.

Another silly issue among many that the lamestream media ignores when it comes to their messiah? Hell yeah it is but those of us who aren’t so far up Obama’s ass we would break our necks when he makes a hard right into the Oval Office have grown beyond weary of the fawning slobbering left wing media making this guy out to be some kind of flawless god who is incapable of ever making a mistake.

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So while he is busy calling up a millionaire baseball player to congratulate him for throwing a perfect game and a police sergeant to apologize for calling him stupid I wonder when he is going to get around to calling Rosie Rosas, the wife of Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas who was murdered about 9:00 last Thursday evening while chasing after a group of suspected illegal aliens? So far there hasn’t been a peep about this situation from Obama who sure seems to feel it’s necessary to opine about everything else that happens around the country whether he has all the facts or not.

At least one suspect in the shooting death of a U.S. Border Patrol agent may have been seriously injured and could be seeking medical treatment on either side of the U.S.-Mexico border, authorities said Friday.

At an afternoon news conference, Keith Slotter, special agent in charge of the FBI in San Diego, said hospitals and other medical facilities are being checked for anyone suspicious seeking treatment.

Agent Robert Rosas was shot and killed near Campo about 9:15 p.m. Thursday while tracking a group of people presumed to have crossed into the country illegally.

He suffered multiple gunshot wounds, Slotter said.

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Another American allegedly killed by another illegal alien but efforts to stem the tide of people crossing into our country illegally has been stymied by appointed officials at the highest levels of the federal government. You know, like Homeland Security Secretary (DHS) Janet Napolitano who recently announced changes to federal rules on how police agencies handle the overwhelming and costly problem of illegal immigration.

The DHS and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) folks are now requiring law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S. to re-sign agreements on how the issue of dealing with illegal immigration will be addressed under the Obama regime. According to a statement released by the DHS after the rule changes, “Only those agencies with newly signed agreements will be permitted to continue enforcing immigration law.”

Napolitano has tweaked these new federal rules regarding law enforcement officers detaining illegal immigrants so as to, as she says, focus on arresting only those charged with violent and serious crimes and to force police to think twice before picking up illegal aliens for so called “minor offenses.” Keep in mind this is the same woman who doesn’t think crossing the border into our country illegally by itself is a criminal offense.

“To address concerns that individuals may be arrested for minor offenses as a guise to initiate removal proceedings, the new agreement explains that participating local law enforcement agencies are required to pursue all criminal charges that originally caused the offender to be taken into custody,” the DHS statement said.

Yeah, let’s wait until they commit a SERIOUS CRIME, like these illegal aliens, before we think “about initiating removal proceedings.” Great game plan Napolitano, that’s really looking out for the citizens of this country.

While it has now been reported that three suspects have been arrested for the murder of Border Patrol Agent Rosas, as of Saturday 7:30pm CST I cannot find any statement from Obama addressing this heinous crime. Maybe he’s just too busy planning his big vacation next month.

Three suspects were arrested Friday in connection with the fatal shooting of a Border Patrol agent while on duty in a remote area near Campo, according to broadcast reports. Hours after federal authorities made their pledge to capture 30-year-old Robert Rosas Jr.’s killers, several news outlets reported that three suspects, two men and one woman, in his slaying had been arrested at a San Jose hospital. Border Patrol and FBI officials were not immediately available Friday night to confirm or deny those accounts.

R.I.P Officer Rosas. Your family should be proud of their hero who truly gave his life in defense of our country.

Update 7-26:

Mexican police arrest four men in connection with the murder of Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas:

Police in Mexico have announced the arrests of four men in connection to the killing of a U.S. Border Patrol agent as their counterparts in the United States search hospitals for suspects possibly wounded in the first such shooting in more than a decade.

The men detained in Mexico are allegedly part of an immigrant smuggling ring, and 21 people were found with them when police detained them and seized four guns near Tecate, Mexico, said Elias Alvarez Hernandez, coordinator of federal police in Baja California state.

During a news conference Saturday, Mexico police did not say what evidence they had against the four, whom they identified as Jose Quintero Ruiz, 43, and his brother Jose Eugenio Quintero Ruiz, 49, and taxi drivers Jose Alfredo Camacho, 34 and Antonio Valladares, 57.

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