When Seconds Count The Police Are Usually Minutes Away

The police can’t be everywhere and they have absolutely no legal obligation or requirement to protect you in the event of an attack anyway. Your self preservation is up to you and you alone.

Imagine sitting inside your apartment and someone starts banging on your door. You take a peek through the peep hole and don’t recognize the people on the other side and they look scary as hell anyway. You remain quiet, hoping they will just go away. Suddenly they start kicking at the door and eventually bust their way through rushing into your domicile yelling and threatening to cause you some serious physical injury….or worse.

Doesn’t this scenario sound like those stupid Brinks (now Broadband) Security television commercials? You know the ones where the homeowners are trembling in fear after a rough looking character (notice how it’s always some white guy?) kicks in their door and looks at them menacingly until they are always scared off by the loud alarm.

The frightened residents then scamper off to a bedroom or bathroom slamming the flimsy door behind them and pick up the conveniently handy phone that instantly begins ringing. They then commence wasting valuable time answering silly questions by the middleman alarm company employee who promises to get around to calling the local police for their now paralyzed-with-fear customer. Logic would dictate a direct call for assistance to the police by the petrified homeowner would be much quicker but I digress. Anyone possessing even a modicum of common sense knows that if someone breaks into their house with the serious intent of harming or killing them, all of this fooling around with the alarm company isn’t going to save them from being attacked.

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One ten year old Louisiana boy and his eight year old sister found themselves in just such a position last Tuesday when a couple of thugs broke into their apartment while their mother was out of the house working. Granted, it’s not an ideal situation to leave young kids home alone but sometimes people have to do the best they can given their circumstances.

When the crooks came bursting into their home these kids did what all those people in the alarm company commercials do, they retreated to their mother’s bedroom, closed the door and attempted to hide in a closet. Since their situation was real life the bad guys didn’t run away, in fact they came right into the apartment and made a beeline for that closed bedroom door.

So, what happened next?

Read all about it right here.

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