New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Wants Displaced Residents To Claim The City As Home On 2010 Census

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Remember how the left wingers got their panties all up in a wad last month when Republican Representative Michele Bachmann said that due to the participation of that seriously shady organization ACORN and the fact she felt the governments’ queries had become way too intrusive, her and her family would limit their responses on their 2010 census form to the number of people living under the roof of their house? Actually, after looking at most of the questions on the long form of the census questionnaire, and knowing the background of these ACORN creeps, many people just might come to the same conclusion as the good congresswoman.

Now I wonder what they’ll say about mayor Ray “Chocolate City” Nagin requesting all of those who have moved away from New Orleans due to the destruction wrought by Hurricane Katrina FOUR YEARS AGO to declare the city as their home base in the upcoming census even though they don’t live there and haven’t for quite some time?

Let’s see which one sounds more problematic, limiting one’s census response to a head count of everyone residing at a certain address versus encouraging people to truly break the law by deliberately lying about where they live so as to gin up the population numbers and therefore the amount of federal funds and U.S. House member seats allocated based on those figures for one part of the country while taking away much needed funding from the cities and towns where all of these people actually live. Tough choice huh?

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Of course, before he opened his gaffe prone mouth, Nagin didn’t stop to think these forms are mailed, and bar code connected, to a specific address not to individual residents, many of whom the government doesn’t know are residing in the country hence the need for the census in the first place, so there is no place to write in a different location.

Oh well, I guess you can’t blame this knucklehead for trying huh?

Aiming to maximize federal grant money and offer proof of his city’s recovery, Mayor Ray Nagin is urging Hurricane Katrina victims still living elsewhere — and longing to return — to record New Orleans as their home when the U.S. Census Bureau conducts its decennial head count next spring.

Problem is, that strategy doesn’t mesh with census rules, federal officials say.

In an e-mail response to questions about the much-anticipated count, Nagin spokesman James Ross said this week: “An area of major concern relates to New Orleanians working to return here. Many are repairing their homes, and others are trying to work out other life details.

“Mayor Nagin has called for all New Orleanians to list New Orleans as home if they plan to move back,” he said.

The unusual appeal flies in the face of a federal policy dating back more than two centuries that requires people to be counted, with few exceptions, at the address where they are “living or staying” on the official census day, which falls next year on April 1.

“The residency rule is what it’s been since 1790,” said Gabriel Sanchez, director of the Census Bureau’s regional office in Dallas, which oversees Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. “We need to count people where they live, not where they plan to live or where they want to live.”

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