Websites Scramble To Alter And Scrub Info Concerning Hospital Where Obama Was Allegedly Born

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Hooo-weeee did World Net get em up and scrambling or what?

As more and more time passes and as more and more information is uncovered it becomes less and less likely that Barack Hussein Obama Jr. was born in the state of Hawaii as he and his minions and fanatical supporters say he was and World Net has been one of the very few media outlets striving to get to the bottom of this very important issue.

First, some quick history.

Back in August 1961 if one was born in a Honolulu Hawaii hospital the grand event would have had to have taken place at either The Queen’s Medical Center or the Kapi’olani Medical Center.

With only two hospitals available in Honolulu in 1961 it should be simple enough to track down which one a U.S. president was born in and indeed Obama had allegedly stated via an official looking letter posted on the hospital’s website that he first saw the light of day in a delivery room at the Kapi’olani Medical Center.

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Congressman Neil Abercrombie, D-Hawaii even read, albeit not very accurately, this “letter” during the hospital’s centennial celebration dinner last January and part of that reading is contained in this video:

Interestingly enough the “letter” from Obama, which had been displayed for months on the hospital website, has now been REMOVED from this page of the site as of today 7-9-09

Note the URL of the page is:

http ://

with the word “obama” at the end. No doubt this will be quickly corrected as soon as the hospital webmaster figures out he left something behind after removing the “letter.”

Gee you would think the hospital where a sitting president was born would be proud as a brand new baby’s daddy that they are a part of history but nope, not a peep connecting Obama to the Kapi’olani Medical Center can be found anywhere on their site or around the hospital itself as far as I have been able to determine.

Golly, why all the secrecy over which one of the two Honolulu hospitals this particular president was allegedly born especially in light of the upcoming census where the federal government, under threat of heavy fines, will command many households in the country to answer some (this is the long form sent to I believe one out of every six households in the country–in PDF) extremely personal and probing questions about their lives whether they like it or not. Hell, even the short form everybody else is compelled to complete is considered by many to be far too intrusive for their comfort.

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Several sources seem to have, or had until it had been altered or scrubbed, the supposedly “incorrect” hospital information posted on their sites such as, the Rainbow Edition News Letter published by the Education Laboratory School in Hawaii, a very detailed Obama historical timeline blog entry on the campaign website, the Library of Congress and United Press International-UPI.

Since WND posted this article last Tuesday, the Kapi’olani Medical Center has scrubbed the letter from its site without comment, the husband and wife team who run out of their CA home, the Library of Congress and UPI all quickly changed the information on their site to reflect what Obama allegedly wrote in the letter to Kapi’olani obviously not knowing the hospital would just as quickly pull the thing off their site.

What the purveyors of these various websites did not realize is WND was sharp enough to acquire screen shots of their sites, which had stated Obama was born at Queen’s Medical Center, prior to publishing their original article to the web. WND claimed that within 90 minutes of posting their first article covering this subject had changed their site to reflect Obama was born at Kapi’olani. UPI did the same thing with a story they published in November 2008, swapping out “Queen’s” for “Kapi’olani” with no explanation for the change. Additionally William Addams Reitwiesner, genealogist at the Library of Congress, has now performed the same type of editorial surgery on that website. Of course we’ll never know just how many other websites have followed suit and altered/scrubbed previously posted information on their sites.

In just the last few hours this story has now taken another odd twist with WND posting a new article in which they appear to have determined that the “letter” allegedly written by Obama to the Kapi’olani Medical Center wasn’t even a real letter to begin with.

In the ongoing quest to determine the exact birthplace of Barack Obama, the president’s alleged personal effort to put the matter to rest is raising some interesting new questions.

The latest concerns focus on a letter purportedly sent by Obama to Honolulu’s Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women and Children in which the commander in chief outright declares his birth at the facility. (SNIP)

Regarding what is portrayed to be the letter itself, what is displayed online is not a photo or scanned image of an actual letter sent by regular mail.

It is a pieced-together likeness of a letter using HTML code that routinely builds websites.

Viewers can check this by several methods, including going to the original webpage, highlighting the “letter” there with a cursor, and noting the White House letterhead as well as Barack Obama’s signature are both individual images. [Since the medical center has removed the letter it is obviously impossible to follow through with these steps however WND does have screen shots that accompany their article linked below…ed]

Please read the rest of this article and check out the screen shots here>>>

With the mad scramble by so many websites to alter or scrub information since WND broke this story last Tuesday even a good percentage of die hard Obama lovers have got to wonder just what the hell is going on with their guy. I’m well aware we have a fair number of dirtbags living in this country who hate what America stands for and her Constitution and those clowns can never be reached. That said, the rest of the generally decent hard working people who voted for Obama, with the naive thought he would bring a different way of doing things to Washington DC, have begun to realize they were deceived by a smooth talking mouthpiece who is beholden to a group of despicable cretins most folks have never heard of, not to what is best for this country, and the mood of the people is reflected in today’s Rasmussen presidential approval index of -8, a huge three point drop from just yesterday, clearly Obama’s worst showing to date.

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