College Professor Asks: How Long Until Obama Gets Booted?

Tom Sears, a professor of accounting at Hartwick College in Oneonta New York, really cut loose on Barack Hussein Obama in an editorial written today for the central New York based Daily Star newspaper.

Sears pulls no punches and calls Obama out on everything from his lack of experience for the most important position on the planet and his constantly denigrating this country in front of the world to the firing of inspector general Gerald Walpin in order to help out a big political supporter and trying to ram this health care boondoggle down the throats of Americans for generations to come.

Oh I know the leftists will scream “big deal,” who cares about some college professor from some tiny little college no one has ever heard of taking Obama to the woodshed.

To that I will say, Sears is simply expressing what millions of people in this country are thinking when it comes to Barack Obama…..his job performance comes in at right about ZERO.

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From the website,

How long till Obama is booted?

“impeachment” starts being bantered about?

The list of reasons to expel Obama keeps getting longer and stronger, and this is only five months into his reign.

Everyone knows about his inexperience. His rhetorical abilities made people overlook this weakness. Even his eligibility to have become president is becoming an issue.

He places personal and party ideologies over what is best for America. I thought when appointing justices, it was supposed to be “the best person for the job” and “justice is blind.” Affirmative-action policies and “empathy” aren’t part of the requirements for appointment.

He fits the definition of being a narcissist perfectly. This makes him extremely dangerous for the country. He only cares about what is best for him, not the country.

He is ashamed of our country (as was his wife until Barack won his party’s nomination) even though it has given him immense amounts of opportunity. He constantly feels the need to apologize for our country’s history of perceived repressiveness.

Sorry, Barack, we are the greatest country in the history of the world. No country has done more for other countries where there has been suppression of human rights, and Americans are unmatched in raising money and supplies for others when natural disasters hit.

You have been hanging around the Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers too long.

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