CA Attorney General Candidate Assisted Illegal Aliens Avoid Jail—Deportations

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The insanity continues in that once grand state of California as it has now been revealed ultra liberal and big Barack Obama supporter San Francisco District Attorney, Kamala Harris, ran a program out of her office called Back on Track which allowed illegal aliens to escape jail sentences and or deportation even after committing felony crimes against the people of California.

Harris has committed herself as a (like I need to say this) Democrat candidate for state Attorney General and a central part of her campaign has been bragging about what a terrific program Back on Track has become under her tutelage. The problem is she has always failed to mention the fact that illegal aliens were allowed into this program which trains participants for jobs that illegal aliens could never legally hold even if they manage to work their way through the year long process. In the meantime these convicted criminals are allowed to remain out of jail, in this country, on their own and if they complete the program they then have their criminal record expunged! Are you kidding me?

Her dirty little secret was finally revealed when the Los Angeles Times began an investigation into the case of one particular illegal alien who had nearly killed a San Francisco woman, Amanda Kiefer, after he snatched her purse, quickly jumped into a vehicle driven by an accomplice who then tried to run her over. She wound up on the hood of the vehicle after the driver sped towards her. He then jammed on the brakes expelling Kiefer from the hood onto the ground where she banged her head fracturing her skull.

It seems this illegal alien had been arrested twice, for the drug sales and for another purse snatching, in the months preceding the attack on the then 29 year old woman that left her scared enough of what was going on in that city to pack her bags and get the hell out of California. Unbelievably this guy was actually SELECTED by Harris’ office to go through the Back on Track program specifically because of these arrests. Considering one can count the number of conservatives living anywhere near San Francisco on one hand I’m going to go out on a limb and say that even the liberal Kiefer had to wonder why this illegal alien was allowed to remain free so he could nearly take her life instead of being locked up or shipped back to the country he came from after his previous arrests and convictions.

Oh wait, she did have something to say about it,

“If they’ve committed crimes and they’re not citizens, then why are they here?” Kiefer asked. “Why haven’t they been deported?”

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From today’s Los Angeles Times,

The assault on Amanda Kiefer at dusk in San Francisco’s posh Pacific Heights was extraordinary enough for its cruelty.

A stranger, later identified as Alexander Izaguirre, snatched her purse and hopped into an SUV, police say. The driver sped forward to run Kiefer down. Terrified, she leaped onto the hood and saw Izaguirre and the driver laughing. The driver slammed on the brakes, propelling Kiefer to the pavement. Her skull fractured. Blood oozed from her ear.

Only after the July 2008 attack did Kiefer learn of the crime’s political ramifications. Izaguirre, police told her, was an illegal immigrant who had pleaded guilty four months earlier to a drug felony for selling cocaine in the seedy Tenderloin area.

He had avoided prison when he was picked for a jobs program run by San Francisco Dist. Atty. Kamala Harris, now a candidate for California’s top law enforcement post. In effect, Harris’ office had been allowing Izaguirre and other illegal immigrants to stay out of prison by training them for jobs they cannot legally hold.

The program, Back on Track, is a centerpiece of Harris’ campaign for state attorney general. Until questioned by The Times about the Izaguirre case, Harris, a Democrat, had never publicly acknowledged that the program included illegal immigrants. In interviews last week, she and her office offered inconsistent explanations.

Izaguirre’s trial this fall for the Kiefer attack — his arrest forced him out of the program and into jail — will put Harris in the middle of the controversy over San Francisco’s lax policies toward illegal immigrants.

The city has a history of shielding some illegal immigrant criminals from deportation. The assault on Kiefer occurred just a month after a triple homicide in San Francisco that put Mayor Gavin Newsom on the spot over the city’s repeated release of Edwin Ramos, the illegal immigrant accused of the slayings.

Izaguirre’s assault arrest, by contrast, drew almost no public attention.

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San Francisco was designated a sanctuary city for illegal aliens (notice how the reporter says San Francisco will be a sanctuary city for “immigrants” conveniently leaving out the “illegal” part) by mayor Gavin Newsome so it is little wonder why the arrest of just about any illegal aliens would draw very little public response considering the city government and the left wing media simply ignore the problem of crime committed by those in this country illegally and living in that area.

The people of California have got to put a stop to the nonsense that comes out of that state because the idiocy slowly leaks out, gets grabbed up by so many of the other left wing nutjobs in surrounding state governments, then steamrolls across the entire nation.

Enough already! Put an end to the madness all you California folks and make damn sure this woman doesn’t get anywhere near that Attorney General job ya hear?

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