Obama Administration Unleashes BATFE Agents On Border State Firearm Owners

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The NRA reports it has received several calls recently from members living in our southern border states and they all have the same ring to them. It seems BATFE agents are banging on doors and calling people on the phone who have purchased certain kinds of firearms of the type the deliberate liars in the Obama administration and their complicit counterparts within the Mexican government claim turn up most frequently during all those corrupt “law enforcement” activities south of the border.

These agents have been demanding entry into gun owner’s homes and requesting they give up information regarding their firearms including the serial numbers of all the guns they have in their possession.

Of course the BATFE, which is under the well known firearm hater U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice, would not be carrying out these knock and calls without the approval of the virulently anti Second Amendment Barack Obama.

Most people who don’t own guns no doubt assume that the personal information of firearm purchasers and owners is widely available to any and all government agencies that wish to get their hands on it. This is not supposed to be true and for good reason. If the government were to maintain a dynamic database of established firearm owners and new purchasers, complete with addresses and phone numbers, then the process of rounding these folks up, when an illegitimate tyrannical bunch of crooks invades our White House and overwhelms our halls of Congress, becomes an extremely easy task. When I think of this kind of scenario, somehow that infamous fascist, Adolf Hitler, comes quickly to mind. Oh yeah, and also all of those folks marching in the streets of Iran these days.

I understand plenty of Constitutionally ignorant people in this country can’t quite wrap their minds around the fact that the government of a theoretically free people should never want nor be allowed to maintain databases of lawful firearm owners. That said, trying to get through to many of these folks on this point can often be an exercise in absolute futility.

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From the National Rifle Association’s Institute For Legislative Action,

Friday, June 19, 2009

NRA-ILA has recently received several calls from NRA members in border states who have been visited or called by agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. In some cases, agents have asked to enter these people’s homes, and requested serial numbers of all firearms the members possess.

In each case, the agents were making inquiries based on the number of firearms these NRA members had recently bought, and in some cases the agents said they were asking because the members had bought types of guns that are frequently recovered in Mexico.

This kind of questioning may or may not be part of a legitimate criminal investigation. For example, when BATFE traces a gun seized after use in a crime, manufacturers’ and dealers’ records will normally lead to the first retail buyer of that gun, and investigators will have to interview the buyer to find out how the gun ended up in criminal hands. But in other cases, the questioning may simply be based on information in dealers’ records, with agents trying to “profile” potentially suspicious purchases.

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