U.S. Jews Latest Group To Seriously Question Their Support Of Barack Obama

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It appears the U.S. Jewish community, like many other groups of people in this country, have begun to wake up to the fact that the product they ordered when they voted for Barack Obama on November 4, 2008 is a completely different animal than the one that popped out of the package the UPS guy dropped off on January 21, 2009.

Certainly the angst towards Obama exhibited by Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, could not have been assuaged with recent comments offered by the president’s former pastor of 20 years, Jeremiah Wright, who derogatorily proclaimed it was those Jews who were controlling the president when it came to world affairs and were responsible for preventing him from having any opportunity to speak with Obama since his inauguration.

Obama’s stated policies in various speeches since he took up residence in our White House has led the Jewish folks, who voted overwhelmingly for him, to begin to wonder if he has their best interests in mind after all. Recall that Obama immediately promised $900 MILLION in ‘aid’ to the Palestinians, who have elected the terrorist organization Hamas as their leadership party, after the hostilities ceased earlier this year between militants in the Palestinian territory and Israel. Soon after the fighting ended Obama refused to sell Israel Apache attack helicopters over fears they would be used to “threaten” the Palestinians in the future however Obama had no problem providing Egypt with these very same amazing weapons systems when they were requested by that country.

Additionally Obama has recently demanded Israel stop building settlements in the West Bank, a demand that resulted in the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu telling him to go pound sand. Obama has also come out strongly for Israel to pull back on many demands on the Palestinians in his effort to hammer out a two state solution that many see as favoring the Muslims and weakening the the safety and security of the state of Israel.

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From the haaretz.com site,

Hoenlein: U.S. Jewish leaders deeply troubled by Obama

There is growing concern among the American Jewish community over Obama’s Mideast initiatives, this according to the executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, Malcolm Hoenlein.

“President Obama’s strongest supporters among Jewish leaders are deeply troubled by his recent Middle East initiatives, and some are questioning what he really believes,” Hoenlein, said in an interview published Monday.

Reacting to Obama’s Cairo speech, Hoenlein said “I have no problem with addressing the Muslim world… But the question is, what is the message they get?”

“There was no reference to the 3,000 years of Jewish connection to this land,” Hoenlein says. “And that is again one of the propaganda lines that the Arabs have used: that the Jews are interlopers, that the two temples never existed, that there was never any Jewish history in the land of Israel.”

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No problem with Obama addressing the “Muslim world” Mr. Hoenlein?

Amir Taheri writing for the telegraph.co.uk news site says,

Mr Obama ignored the fact that what he calls the “Muslim world” consists of 57 countries with Muslim majorities and a further 60 countries – including America and Europe – where Muslims represent substantial minorities. Trying to press a fifth of humanity into a single “ghetto” based on their religion is an exercise worthy of ideologues, not the leader of a major democracy.

Mr Obama may not know it, but his “Muslim world” is experiencing a civil war of ideas, in which movements for freedom and human rights are fighting despotic, fanatical and terrorist groups that use Islam as a fascist ideology. The President refused to acknowledge the existence of the two camps, let alone take sides. It was not surprising that the Muslim Brotherhood lauds him for “acknowledging the justice of our case” – nor that his speech was boycotted by the Egyptian democratic movement “Kifayah!” (“Enough!”), which said it could not endorse “a policy of support for despots in the name of fostering stability”.

In other words, the President may find that by trying to turn everyone into a friend, he has merely added to his list of enemies.

In closing I find it rather amusing that the U.S. Jewish community, a group that was just as bamboozled as millions of other people into supporting Obama, is just now becoming seriously concerned about the guy they helped gain access to the most powerful position in the world. Hey people…his middle name is H-U-S-S-E-I-N for crying out loud! What in the world did you sheeple expect?

What was that Obama said the other day? Oh yeah he insisted that fighting “negative stereotypes of Islam” was “one of my duties as President of the United States”. Really, since when? Where the hell did that nonsense come from Mr. Obama…..hmmmm?

Now tell me again how all that hopey~changey stuff is workin’ for you Obama supporters these days would ya. We’re patiently waiting to hear from all the rest of you disenchanted folks.

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