OSHA Investigates Ruger Firearm Plant–Wants 250K In Fines Imposed


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) wrapped up an investigation in May into the Sturm-Ruger Co. Inc. firearm manufacturing plant in Newport Connecticut, which began in November 2008, and came away with a recommendation of fines, for an alleged 60 health and safety violations, totaling some $255,150. Sturm-Ruger has 15 days to contest the allegations. Why the investigation of a single manufacturing plant took six months to conduct is a mystery to me but perhaps that is just the way the gears happen to turn in this line of work.

The health and safety of employees should be paramount for any company, no matter what product they manufacture, and the materials used in the firearms business can, by their very nature, be especially dangerous. That said many Second Amendment advocates are concerned this could be the beginning of a back door method the Obama administration, which is well stocked with documented anti Second Amendment people from Chicago and the Clinton presidential era, may be thinking of utilizing to begin to limit or shut down entirely the manufacture of firearms in this country.

Sturm-Ruger Co. Inc. (commonly referred to simply as Ruger) is the fourth largest firearm manufacturer in America, has been in business since 1949 and is the only firearm company in the country that manufactures products in the four market categories of pistols, revolvers, shotguns and rifles.

As far as the concern over the Obama administration and this investigation, yes it is said to have begun in November and technically George W. Bush was still the president but the fact of the matter is Obama had managed to come out on top over the pathetic John McCain early that particular month and the wheels of change began to turn very quickly afterwards. I’m not definitively saying Obama or any of his people were behind the launch of the investigation of the Ruger company but clearly Bush was by then a disinterested bystander simply counting down the days before he could get the hell out of Dodge. I see no vested interest he or his administration could possibly have had in beginning an investigation into this particular company.

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I have not joined the chorus of people claiming this is an Obama administration witch hunt on firearm manufacturers just yet but many companies do realize they are up against a no win situation when OSHA decides to pay a visit and go after every single little thing the inspectors can find and like any and every government agency out there these inspections can, have and will used for political purposes.

The regulatory burden on businesses in this country is beyond ridiculous with bureaucrats constantly coming up with new and completely random rules they force companies to comply with based on absolutely nothing more than someone pulling an idea, thought or number out of their ass and it then becomes law.

I don’t care what business it is, I don’t care where it is located and I don’t care how hard the owners, staff and employees struggle to comply with the eight gazillion laws on the books, every single company in this country is in a constant state of unintended non compliance and the system is purposely designed that way. When the government wants to bring you down, they can and will do so in a heartbeat. Naturally Second Amendment rights advocates will be watching closely for a pattern of OSHA investigations launched against other firearm or ammunition manufacturing facilities in the future.

From New Hampshire’s unionleader.com,

The Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) wants to fine Sturm Ruger & Co. Inc. $255,150 for 60 alleged safety and health standards violations at its Newport firearms manufacturing plant. The alleged violations were identified during inspections conducted between November 2008 and May 2009, the government said. OSHA is part of the U.S. Department of Labor.

Sturm Ruger general counsel Kevin Reid declined to comment on the matter, citing company policy.

Sturm Ruger casts metal parts for firearms and commercial customers.

Rosemarie Ohar, area director in OSHA’s Concord office, said, “Our inspections identified a large number of mechanical, respirator protection, electrical, lead, fire, explosive and other hazards that must be effectively and continuously addressed to protect the workers at this plant from potentially deadly or disabling injuries and illnesses now and in the future.”

Sturm Ruger has 15 days to contest the allegations.

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    i have a p94 ruger 40 cal. i love my pistol but the safe has never. i was in the woods with it on my side an a tree lim cought the hammer pull it back an it did not catch it was on safety an it went off in my leg

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