Oklahoma State Trooper's Dash Cam Video Proves He Was In The Wrong


A May 24 2009 altercation between Oklahoma Highway Patrol officers and a paramedic was captured on video with a cell phone owned by the son of the woman being transported to the hospital, and the dash camera of one of the patrol cars.

It all started when the state trooper Daniel Martin was responding Code 3 (lights and siren) at high speed to a call for assistance from another law enforcement agency. Martin was on a narrow two lane winding road when he quickly came upon an ambulance which was traveling Code 1 (routine travel mode). The driver of the ambulance went around a parked car then pulled to the right to allow the officer to pass. Martin then gets on the radio and tells the ambulance driver that he needs to check his rear view mirror once in awhile. This transmission was met with the driver of the ambulance holding up his hands like “what the heck are you talking about?”

Soon after arriving at the location where assistance had been requested Martin was told things were under control and his help was not needed.

The officer then turned around and noticed the ambulance, having passed the location where assistance was requested, was up the road a bit and went after it. He pulled the ambulance over and quickly engaged the driver, berating him for not immediately pulling over when Martin was initially behind him with lights flashing and siren blaring and for “flipping him off.” A paramedic, Maurice White Jr., jumps out of the ambulance and explains there was a patient in the back and they could carry on the discussion at the hospital. Martin tells White, who is in charge of the ambulance, to shut up and get his ass back inside because his issue was with the driver.

Then all hell breaks loose.

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Keep in mind while all of this pushing and shoving and yelling and arm twisting and choking is going on, a woman is in the back of the ambulance hoping to get to the hospital. What would have happened had she had suffered a serious life threatening condition or even died laying back there while her chief medical provider at that moment was being choked and pinned up against the ambulance by these state troopers?

In this just released dash camera video it is clear that the ambulance crew did the best they could to get out of Martin’s way as soon as they safely could when he came flying up behind them. There was a car parked on the side of the road that they had to pass before they could move to the right shoulder and there is no way in the world the officer could not have seen that.

Excoriating the driver for not watching his mirrors and noticing him coming up behind them at a high rate of speed was ridiculous. Professional drivers routinely check their mirrors about every fifteen to thirty seconds and as can be seen in the dash cam video Martin was on top of the ambulance in nearly a blink of the eye. Not to mention on these narrow winding two lane roads drivers don’t have the luxury of sitting on their rearview mirrors like they do on the wide open freeway. In addition anyone who has driven a vehicle without a windshield mounted rearview mirror and must depend on the door mounted units knows that you cannot see a car that quickly comes up from behind then camps out on the rear bumper.

Martin, who was put on administrative leave June 1 pending the outcome of an investigation, was tracked down by Fox News reporter Brian Wilson and gave a very short interview. Interestingly Wilson reports, well hints, that Martin’s wife was in the car with him at the time this incident took place. Wilson also said that Martin, when he got to the hospital that day, claimed he may have been a bit out of control due to the fact that he has just recently returned from military duty in Iraq.

Officer Martin was clearly out of control during this incident regardless of his excuse of recently returning from Iraq. Law enforcement and military duty are two completely different animals and this is precisely why we don’t have military personnel carrying out law enforcement duties in this country….well not yet that is. Things are moving pretty quickly in Washington D.C. these days and certainly not in the right direction.

Though Max Cook, the Okfuskee/Creek County District Attorney, has decided he won’t bring any charges against Martin, for now, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol should take a very hard look at whether they wish to have an officer displaying this kind of behavior representing the state in the capacity of a law enforcement officer.

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2 Responses to Oklahoma State Trooper's Dash Cam Video Proves He Was In The Wrong

  1. Littlfeather108 says:

    This trooper should be so ashamed!! He needs anger management!! The paramedic is responsible for his EMT driver and he tried his best to take care of the situation. Unfortunately though, the minute he left the back of his ambulance he did abandon his patient. I am not saying he had any malicious intent at all. The shame of it all is the fact that the trooper pulled them over to begin with. If the trooper had a problem with the ambulance he should have had his dispatcher get i touch with the ambulance service dispatcher and take care of the situation there. I wonder how this trooper would feel if it was someone he loved in the back of this ambulance. KARMA will prevail it always does. The entire incident is a disgrace to troopers all over but especially Oklahoma troopers.

  2. Ron Nolan says:

    How can you let a man like this represent the people of your state, he his out of control and cannot deal with a situation.
    Why did he not use common sense and follow the ambulance to the hospital, he denied the patient medical care.
    Yours Disgusted
    Ron Nolan

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