Obama Sends Gitmo Prisoners To Bermuda Without Consulting London

From the classless act of sending the bust of Winston Churchill back home the minute he hit the Oval Office to offering the lamest of gifts to one eyed Prime Minister Gordon Brown, it seems Barack Obama is adamant to show the world that while he will bend over backwards (in the case of Saudi Arabia forwards) to appease the countries who hate America he looks at Great Britain with nothing but disdain.

The latest episode in the string of backhands to our closest ally is certainly the most serious.

The Obama administration had secretly arranged with the Bermuda government to accept four Chinese Muslim Uighurs, who have been held at Guantanamo Bay for years, instead of returning them to their homeland even though China has demanded there repatriation. The issue would be that Bermuda is an overseas territory of the U.K. so to simply dump these guys into this country, men who had at one time been held on suspicion of being terrorists, without asking, consulting or even informing Great Britain is an amazing slap in the face to our friends and ally and an embarrassing breach of protocol on the part of the Obama administration.

It seems to me I recall the liberals constantly crying what an arrogant S.O.B. George W. Bush was when it came to the way he “treated” the rest of the world but imagine if some country, which had been holding several men accused of being terrorists for years, suddenly and without notice flew them into Puerto Rico and released them. Does anyone think the U.S. government would act like it was no big deal? Does anyone think the left wing media wouldn’t have ripped Bush another new one if he had tried to pull a stunt like this?

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From the bbc online news,

US ‘kept Guantanamo deal from UK’

A senior US official has told the BBC Washington decided not to tell London ahead of time about a deal to resettle four Guantanamo detainees in Bermuda. A diplomatic row blew up over Bermuda’s decision to accept the four Chinese Muslim Uighurs on a US request. Bermuda is a British overseas territory but the US official said Washington had acted secretly to ensure success. Meanwhile the US said on Friday three Saudis at Guantanamo Bay had been transferred back to Saudi Arabia. The transfers are part of US President Barack Obama’s strategy to close down the Guantanamo detention centre before next January.


The unnamed senior official also told the BBC that Washington was attempting to shield the UK from Chinese anger. Beijing has demanded the return to China of all 17 Uighurs held by US forces but Washington says they could face persecution in China. Most of the Guantanamo detainees have not been convicted of any crime and yet the US fears they may face persecution or torture if they are repatriated. Meanwhile many Americans regard them with hostility. [Many Americans? Well I certainly have no “hostility” towards these guys in fact instead of spending millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars to send them to tropical paradises to live, places I can’t even afford to visit, just send them back to where they came from and be done with it…ed]

It was revealed earlier in the week that the tiny Pacific island of Palau had agreed to take some of the 17 Chinese Uighurs at the camp. But the four remaining, it later emerged, had been accepted by the Bermuda government. They arrived in Bermuda on Thursday. Pressed on whether the US had told the British government, an unnamed state department official was quoted as saying: “We did talk to them before the Uighurs got on the plane.”

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