Whack Job Shoots Guard Inside Holocaust Museum In Washington DC

An 89 year old man entered the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. early this afternoon and opened fire on a guard, killing him. The shooter, identified as James W. Von Brunn, was seriously wounded when guards immediately returned fire and is now hospitalized. The only people shot were the one guard who died, Stephen T. Johns, and the suspect.

News reports identify Brunn as a white supremacist (over and over and over again) pointing out his website contains strong anti semitic and racist writings. (Please NOTE: Brunn’s website is being altered by someone as this article is being written so some of the links may no longer work on the site in the very near future)

According to the biography page on his website, Brunn claims to hold a journalism degree from an unnamed mid-Western university where he says he also played football.

He goes on to state he was a PT- Boat Captain during WWll receiving a commendation and four battle stars.

Brunn says he has worked as an advertising executive and film producer in New York City. He also claims to be a member of Mensa.

Continuing on with the biography page, in 1981 Brunn says he “attempted to place the treasonous Federal Reserve Board of Governors under legal, non-violent, citizens arrest.” Oddly he was arrested outside the room where the board was meeting with a handgun, shotgun and knife in his possession. So much for non violence. He was tried, found guilty of undetermined charges and sentenced in Washington D.C. to eleven years in prison eventually serving six and a half. This conviction would have precluded Brunn from ever legally possessing a firearm for the rest of his life, a legality he certainly didn’t concern himself with as pointed out by his actions today.

He goes on to say he is presently an artist living on Maryland’s eastern shore.

News reports have said Brunn’s former wife left him because of his overt racism and hatred for Jews.

From the nydailynews.com,

The ex-wife of the racist who stormed the U.S. Holocaust Museum described him as an abusive alcoholic whose hatred against Jews and blacks “ate him alive like a cancer.”

“It’s all he would talk about,” the ex-wife said of James von Brunn, 89, who was wounded in a firefight with museum guards.

“When I questioned him, he would get very angry and abusive.”

The woman, who asked that her name not be used, said when she learned von Brunn allegedly acted on his anti-Semitic impulses, she thought about something he used to say when they were married.

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Naturally the moonbats came crawling out of the woodwork declaring “right wing extremists” are not only responsible for the shooting today but also for the death of George Tiller the multimillionaire late term abortion provider at the end of May. Predictably these same tools universally fail to bring up the murder of Army Pvt. William Andrew Long and the wounding of a fellow soldier by a Muslim convert in Little Rock AK right after Tiller was killed. The murderer admitted his grand plan included many more attacks had he gotten away with this one. The leftists slap the blinders on in this case pretending it is just an isolated incident and it was only an American soldier who was killed anyway so why should they care.

Brunn had obviously planned on going out in a blaze of “glory” when he decided to unilaterally walk into the Holocaust museum this afternoon, with an illegally possessed firearm, and start shooting. This jerk was obviously off his rocker, has been for decades, and his being shot today has decidedly put an end to any more nonsense from this piece of human debris what with the head wounds he has suffered. I doubt he will make it through the week let alone to trial. What a shame.

Unfortunately for now Brunn barely lives and a good man gave his life to protect the tourists and his fellow employees inside that building today.

R.I.P Stephen T. Johns, your family should indeed be proud of your sacrifice today.

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