Homosexual Lobby Wins–Carrie Prejean Fired As Miss California

The relentless homosexual lobby was not going to give up until Carrie Prejean was stripped of the Miss California crown and today they got their wish.

K2 Productions announced, with the blessing of Donald Trump, that Prejean would be fired from her position because “she wasn’t fulfilling her contractual obligations.” I think what they really mean is that she wouldn’t bend to the pressure of the producers of these stupid Miss California/Miss USA pageants to retract her stated opinion at the Miss USA pageant that she believes marriage is between one man and one woman, an opinion shared by the majority of the people in this country.

Once she uttered those words, and continued to stay on point during numerous television interviews no matter how hard the hosts tried to trip her up, her fate was pretty much sealed and I’m betting she knew it.

Here’s an example of a typical leftist CNN clown, the rotund retard Roland Martin, trying to get under her skin to no avail.

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Most young women would have folded up like a cheap K-Mart lawn chair if they had to go through what Prejean has had to deal with over the last several months but she hung tough and refused to take any crap from the gay lobby or all their loony left wing buddies who have been gunning for her ever since that fateful evening.

Fox News broke the story this afternoon,

Less than a month after being told by Donald Trump that she can keep her Miss California crown, Carrie Prejean was fired on Wednesday.

In a release first obtained by FOXNews.com, K2 Productions, the independent producers of the Miss California USA pageant, under license from Miss Universe, cited continued breach of contract issues as the reason for Prejean’s firing.

“This was a decision based solely on contract violations,” Keith Lewis, executive director of K2 Productions, said in the release. “After our press conference in New York we had hoped we would be able to forge a better working relationship.

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