Black High School Teacher Chokes White Student–Media Yawns


I wonder what would happen if a video was released showing a white high school teacher holding a black or Hispanic kid down with both hands around his neck? Yes, that would be a rhetorical question, the left wing media would be foaming at the mouth in their anticipation of causing an uproar around the country with their over the top coverage of the incident.

All hell broke loose last Friday inside an algebra l classroom at Forrest High School in Jacksonville Florida. It seems a student, Clyde Wilson, hit a teacher, identified by the school district as Michael Brown, in the head with a ruler. Though the kid claimed the ruler to the head incident was an accident Brown went ballistic, going after Wilson in the back of the classroom eventually pinning him down on a table while choking him with both hands. Wilson can be seen struggling to try and get away but he stands little chance against the obviously much stronger teacher.

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We know that a video, in many cases, won’t or can’t always tell the whole story and we also know high school kids can be a real pain in the ass when it comes to discipline problems in the classroom.

Most educators go into the business with a pretty clear idea of what they are going to be up against depending on the grade range they plan on working with. Third graders will probably be a much easier crowd to keep under control than say, a classroom full of high school sophomores and I can’t imagine someone coming out of college with a teaching credential not realizing this dynamic. If one hires on as a high school teacher one should expect to quickly grow a rather thick skin in order to get through days full of encounters with teenagers who know absolutely everything there is to know about life and nobody can tell them otherwise. That’s just the nature of the beast.

For a teacher to respond to an incident in the manner that Mr. Brown chose is completely unacceptable under virtually every circumstance I can think of short of direct physical assault from a student. If a kid decides to go after a teacher then it’s game on and the teacher has every right to do what it takes to defend themselves.

We’ll see how this turns out but there is little doubt in my mind that if the ethnicities in this confrontation were reversed there would be no question the teacher would be looking at serious criminal charges, the loss of his job and career, a lawsuit brought by the family and an Obama administration Department of Justice civil rights investigation.

In the case of Mr. Brown, he’ll probably be transferred to another school with a little note in his personnel file urging school administrators to keep those pesky flying rulers out of his classrooms.

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3 Responses to Black High School Teacher Chokes White Student–Media Yawns

  1. truthbetold says:

    It’s sad that people have to rush to the idea of who is of what race. The fact is that the student hit the teacher; the teacher, clearlly in control of his emotions and subduing tactics, used a choke hold in self-defense to subdue the student. This is indicative by the deliberate positioning of his left arm and his left leg which gave him a steady physical control over the threat (student). In the video, it is clear that the teacher immobilized the student (and himself), so that while the student had time to calm down and time to realize that he would not succeed in controlling or beating up the teacher, no one would be hurt in the meantime and so that the physical violence, that the student had displayed in striking the teacher in the first place, would not escalate into something else more dangerous.

    The teacher is obviously not going ballistic, he is not angrily moving around, or striking anyone as he could have; he is in complete control and is not moving his body.

    Whether the student or teacher were black, white, Asian, Hispanic, or whatever other race, it is safe to say that this teacher, who is obviously trained in subduing techniques, would have used trained self-defense techniques to defend himself in any other situation. Any teacher, regardless of his or her race or gender, has the right to subdue a student in self-defense, if possible. This prevents the student from seriously hurting his or herself, or from hurting the teacher, or from hurting other students in the class room.

    If he had meant to hurt the student, he would have. If the student had not have lost control of himself in the first place, the teacher would not have been forced to defend himself. In fact, I commend him for neutralizing the threat without hurting the student. That student could have inadvertently hurt other students.

    It’s absolutely ridiculous to suggest that a teacher does not have the right to neutralize a physical threat, especially on the basis of his or her race. Every citizen of the U. S. has the right to protect his or herself.

    Teachers defend themselves in lots of different situations. I’ve been told by a principal that she had to use a coffee mug to defend herself from a male student. They were both of different races; he attacked her and would not stop. She was right to defend herself. Why is this particular situation plastered all over the internet? I’d love to see what the people questioning it would do in the given circumstances. Loose control of your class room? It’s is your responsibility, as a teacher, to maintain control of your class room, in order to maintain a safe environment for all students in it. And that is what this teacher did.

  2. truthbetold says:

    Furthermore, the fact that at the end of the video, the teacher asks the student, “Now, are you through?” is evidence that he was waiting for the student to calm down before releasing him from the hold.

    The fact that the student responded, “yes,” is evidence that he was not only not choked out (contrary to what his father stated on the video), but also not really actually even choked. When someone is being choked, they normally can’t say anything, because they’re being choked, thus no air is passing through, thus no sound is coming out.

    It doesn’t take a genius to figure all of this out. I know that most of you picked up on all of this, but I just wanted to point it out to the drama queens out there that wanted to ignore the obvious signs of b. s.

  3. Maffmatick says:

    This has nothing to do with race. It’s just a bad ass kid (look at the mischievous grin while being interviewed) hitting a teacher and acting like a fool in school. The teacher obviously wasn’t choking him, he was able to speak and he only had “light bruising” on his neck. If it were a black kid and a white teacher you’d have seen it the teacher’s way.

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